In The Designer’s Studio With Nit Wit by Mary Fran


Mary Fran is a designer that I remember discovering back when I very first started digital scrapbooking! She is a wonderfully talented designer, scrapper, and hybrid artist. She is also VERY, VERY funny (if you can’t tell from her photo). I LOVE that she loves fabric and is a collector, but doesn’t do anything with said fabric, because I do that too!

Here is a closer look at her contribution to THE DIGI FILES this month:


Here’s some inspiration created using “Perfect Pair”:


Layout by Karen, additional supplies: Kristen Rice template; Cathy Zielske word art.


Layout by Jacki


Layout by NeeNee, additional supplies: DJB_Brittany by Darcy Baldwin


Layout by Steph


Layout by Mary Fran


Hybrid card by Mary Fran



Just who does this nitwit think she is? Well I’ll tell ya…. My name is Mary Fran. I was born in a cabbage patch under a harvest moon and mentored by tree fairies throughout my formative years. 20 years ago I stumbled upon the Little General barking out orders beneath a rock in the forest. We quickly became inseparable and together have gathered into our clan various fur-riddled contemporaries to help us in our quest for our happily ever after! As you are probably reading between the lines here…. You can tell that I am not one who is comfortable talking about myself like this so please bear with me as this has got to be done! hahaha





(Also see the layout and hybrid card above.)



A tip, hey? Well let me think? One of the best tips I can pass along would be to save, save, save. Now this can mean many things to many people…. Does she mean “save for a rainy day”? Does she mean “Save the world”? Does she mean “save yourselves the trouble of vacuuming dog fur and just watch the tumbleweeds go by”? Well yes some of those things are applicable but when it comes to anything on the computer I have learned the hard way to hit the “save” button plenty ‘o times when I’m working on something. How frustrating to see that insulting little blurb pop up about “such and such program has experienced an error and needs to shut down” and kablooie there goes all the work you’ve done for the last few hours. Ugh. Learn from a nitwit with a dent in her forehead from pounding it against the keyboard….. save, people, SAVE! Hahahaha

Now since I’m blathering anyway I thought I give you fine readers a bonus tip…. how’s that grab ya, folks?

Well now let me think…. Okay I got one. Here’s a good one for ya! Always be sure to check your glasses before cleaning your monitor. Heaven knows how much time I would have saved if I had followed my own advice here. Hahaha Many a time I was scrubbing away at my monitor to remove the speckles accumulated on there when it dawned on me that “oh no… those blotches are actually on my glasses”! hahahaha Finally saved myself the trouble and got my eyes done. Not the wrinkles…. the lasik eye surgery, I mean! The wrinkles are still there but I just see them much more clearly now! Hahahaha Life’s like that, hey? Ya gotta take the bad with the good! hahahaha


Well I have always been a creative soul trapped in a slightly odd little body who was never happier than when I was creating something of some sort or another. Whether it was gluing weeds to sticks or painting my newlywed husband’s speakers with country blue spray paint, I have always felt the need to “play” with the things around me. I began scrapping my memories years and years and years and, it pains me to say, years ago when I was a kid. I would spend hours cutting out magazine pictures to put in my albums and decorate up my photos. This love gradually led me to digital scrapbooking where I was in awe of the talent out there! In AWE, I tell you! I was an avid scrapbooker who was thrilled to be documenting the Little General and our lives together and couldn’t make enough pages! Then one Saturday when the Little General was busy finishing the basement and wouldn’t play with me I decided to play around and make a kit of my own. I even made a label and called it “Nitwit Collections” as in a collection made by me, the nitwit! Hahahahaha I put the sad little thing on my blog and the response was so positive from crazy people actually wanting to have it that off I went. All these years later and I still love designing as much as I did when I started. Almost love it as much as spray painting those speakers of Little General’s! hahahaha Oh but that was satisfying!


Hmmmm???? So very many things inspire me to create. Sometimes it is a color combination that I see anywhere…. could be the speckles on my dog, the dust bunnies under the bed, or even an ad on a passing bus. hahahha I would say the majority of time it is a little critter of some sort that is bouncing around in this peabrain of mine and refuses to let go until I put mouse to pixels, so to speak. I simply just have to draw the little thing and then create a kit around it. There’s a lot of critters bouncing around in the cobwebs in my brain, folks! hahahahahhaa


Well I started out on my “Etch-a-Sketch” but always had troubles with accidently turning the little knob and losing all my work so when the Little General had a dickens of a time trying to hook it up to the printer I decided it was time to try out one of these new fangled devices…. The computer and photoshop CS! Hahahahaha

I work on a huge, and I do mean HUGE, monitor (please refer to my blathering about my glasses from earlier). It is spadorkin’ as they say in certain circles (okay not lots of circles but the one I hang out in). I can see everything there and open up a hunnerd and six things in photoshop so I can make tons and tons of choices. I like me choices, folks!

The camera I use the most is a Panasonic Lumix thingy. It’s great. It takes pretty good quality photos on the auto setting. Now this will make camera buffs everywhere titter at me but the truth is I take a good deal of photos of my beloved fur-riddled buddies as well as the Little General and these critters never seem to stay still long enough for me to adjust anything to capture their souls! Hahaha I like a camera that I can snag off the counter filled with crumbs and snap away happily knowing that at least I more than likely caught a good image of their tails (the dogs, not LG’s as he’s had his removed shortly after we were married) as they run by. Good planning on my part, hey?

As far as fancy schmancy gadgets for creating??? I don’t have any. It’s just me and my trusty little mouse. I do have a tablet. Felt I simply NEEDED the thing quite a few years back but I just didn’t have the patience to learn it properly so there it sits beside my huge monitor mocking me with its layer of dust and insolent smile. Oh be quiet tablet or it’ll be the garage sale pile for you.


Oh how can I choose between my kits? Sure there are a couple that come to mind but how can I say their names out loud and run the chance of making the others feel bad? I had the same problem with my stuffed animals as a kid (although mum’s the word but Grover was my joy) and I have it now with my dogs (although there is a certain blonde that just melts my heart). Imagine what trouble I’d have if I had lots of husbands too… although I assure the Little General he would be right up there with my favourites. Haha


My Bear Necessities Fat Quarter Bundle kit. Those little bears have done well by me I have to say but I secretly, and please don’t tell them this as it will hurt their feelings I’m sure, do not want to look at them anymore. Hahahaha I have looked at their placid little faces for way too long now and I will be glad to see the last of them! Hahahaha They may be going the way of the tablet if they’re not quiet too. Hahabestsellingkit


Here are some of my favorite products by Mary Fran







Here’s some inspirational layouts using Mary Fran’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







Go have a look in Mary Fran’s Store and come back and tell her what you like, we will randomly select a winner from those comments to win $10 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST and must include a product name to qualify)!

As a thank you to our readers, Mary Fran has created this coupon to share with all of us!