In The Designer’s Studio With One Little Bird


I am really excited to welcome Peppermint of One Little Bird to THE DIGI FILES and THE DAILY DIGI this month. I discovered her soon after she opened her store and instantly fell in love with her products! She is a very talented designer and I am excited to share her products with you! Here’s a closer look at her contribution to THE DIGI FILES:


This is just ONE of the collections inside THE DIGI FILES #15 this month. Here are some gorgeous layouts created by our team with For The Birds:


Layout by Katie


Layout by Karen, additional supplies: One Little Bird Tranquil template; My Four Hens photo action; Pea Jokilyn font


Layout by Melissa, additional supplies: Fizzy Pop template, Font is DJB Renee Script


Layout by Kelley, additional supplies: Template by Crystal Livesay; Pea Hanzel and Gretel Font


Layout by Jacki



Hybrid project by Sunghee, she created the template based on the birdhouse element in the kit.



My name is Peppermint Granberg, although most of the time I get a lot of “No really, what’s your name?” or “Nuh uh, you’re making that up!” I’m a member of what I’m sure is a pretty small population of people who routinely have to show their driver’s license to people in order to get them to stop calling me a liar. My fiancé, Tom, and I live in west central Wisconsin with my 9 year old son and two thoroughly spoiled cats, Mo and Sisko. I’m the only female in the house! I work full-time for my family’s business distributing building materials to contractors – a job that will not land you a gig on Career Day, let me tell you, because it’s BO-ring and no one wants to hear about it. Then at night I come home and trip the night fantastic watching Reality TV and scrapbooking. And occasionally cooking dinner!








Innovative by One Little Bird, Font is Pea Devon from


I’m a big keyboard shortcut user – the less I need to use my mouse, the better! So I move all over Photoshop without touching my mouse. It has its drawbacks because it makes it really hard to teach someone how to use Photoshop sometimes because I’ve actually forgotten where things are. I have a lot of favorites, but I just learned about this one a few weeks ago.

I am an avid user of layer blend modes in every aspect of scrapbooking, photo processing and designing. It has pained me for a long time to have to use that little drop down in the layer palette. You can Alt+shift”+” and Alt+Shift+”-“ to toggle through the entire list, which isn’t a much better option (but eliminates the mouse) so that’s what I had been using. Then I found out that there are key associations for each one and it freaked my freak out! I tend to abuse the same ones over and over, so I only need to memorize a handful of them. (Note: you need to have the Move Tool (V) activated for these to work)

Overlay = Alt+Shift+O
Multiply = Alt+Shift+M
Linear Burn = Alt+Shift+L
Screen = Alt+Shift+S
Soft Light = Alt+Shift+F
Normal = Alt+Shift+N

Also for text alignment, another one that required me to travel up to the toolbar with my mouse, you just highlight your text within the text box and:

Left Align = CTRL+Shift+L
Center Align = CTRL+Shift+C
Right Align = CTRL+Shift+R

Also you can increase and decrease your text size in 2pt increments using CTRL+Shift+”>” and CTRL+Shift+”<” (If you add the Alt key to that formula, you can jump in 10pt increments)

It seems as though it would be a lot to remember, but the shortcuts become habit. When I first started using Photoshop I kept a cheat sheet around to remind me, but now I fly around and if Tom is looking over my shoulder he’s lost within 15 seconds. Things are just flying and changing everywhere!


I tried paper scrapping shortly after my son was born and have a few pages in his album, nothing too impressive. I’m not a good paper scrapper, and if you don’t believe me I’ll show you my album. I started scrapbooking digitally in 2005 when 2Peas first opened their Digital community. Digital scrapbooking was right up my alley because I didn’t have to pack up a bunch of supplies whenever I quit working for the night. And there was no commitment; I could move things around as much as I wanted. I did stop scrapping in 2006 when my personal life got really busy. I didn’t pick it back up again until January 2008 when I tried (and failed at) Project 365. Mine was more like Project 22 and then I ran out of ideas for photos. For scrapbooking, though, I knew I should try to get on a couple of creative teams because if I made commitments to designers I wouldn’t abandon the hobby again. Know thyself!

I opened my shop at CatScrap in January of this year, so just a month and a half ago really. I was hesitant to try it because most designers say they don’t get to scrap anymore and I *really* enjoy scrapbooking. Plus I work full-time and I was pretty sure I was fooling myself thinking I could find more time in any one of my days. But what’s life without challenges, right? I’m hoping I’ll always find a way to balance it all out, but I really do enjoy designing products and it’s the same sort of creative outlet for me as scrapbooking. CatScrap was already my home away from home, so it’s a very laid back, comfortable and relaxing place to sell my products. All the pieces fit nicely together to make it a smooth transition for me. I’m a work in progress.


The Internet. Haha. I won’t even pretend I find inspiration in other places because they’re too inconsistent to count. I’m always jotting down little notes on things I saw on the internet, or saving color palette ideas to a folder on my hard drive. Wedding blogs, especially, will keep me enthralled for hours. Everything is so beautiful and the color palettes are genius! I also have a lot of home decorating blogs and random paper craft blogs in my Google Reader. Even the so-called “junk mail” that I receive from online retailers can set my wheels spinning. The Internet is a wonderful thing.


I work, scrap and design on a Toshiba laptop, and I put this thing through a lot! It comes back and forth to the office with me every single day, and I’ve sworn I’ll only buy Toshibas from now on because it has far outperformed my wildest expectations with the amount of abuse it takes. It’s nothing too outrageous, it’s a Dual Core 1.67Ghz with 4GB of RAM in it (originally 2GB of RAM, we upgraded it about a year ago). It’s on its second keyboard, I replaced it myself even. I actually wore through about five of the keys – I told you I abuse it! I have a 250GB hard drive in the machine and I keep a 500GB Seagate FreeAgent portable drive on it pretty much around the clock. I keep all my scrapbooking supplies, designs, music and photos on the external drive.

I use Photoshop CS4, Lightroom 2 and Illustrator CS3 – and I organize all my supplies in ACDSee 10.

My camera is all old-school, it’s a Nikon D50 which they don’t make anymore. I keep a 50mm/f1.8 lens on it almost exclusively and an SB-600 speedlight. That’s my ‘every day’ camera around the house. Some people hate their speedlights, but I love mine.

My graphic tablet is also old school, it’s a WACOM Graphire3, the predecessor to all the fun funky ones they make now. It’s also always in my computer bag.

I probably lug 30lbs worth of computer bag back and forth to work every day. LOL You’d think I’d be in better shape, but no!


Has to be Innovative. I had so much fun creating it, I’m in love with my little robot and the pennant alpha.





Here are some of my favorite One Little Bird digital scrapbooking products:






And some inspiration layouts to get your mojo flowing (layouts without credits are linked to originals):


Layout by Katie, supplies: Paradise Found by One Little Bird, Template by Janet Phillips (modified), photo by istock, font is CK elusive.






Thanks so much to Peppermint for being with us this month in THE DIGI FILES and sharing your talents, tips, and life with us!

Go have a look in One Little Bird’s store and come back and tell her what you like, we will randomly select a winner from those comments to win $10 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST and must include a product name to qualify)!

As a THANK YOU to our readers, Peppermint has this coupon for us:


Digital Scrapbook Organization – 3 ways

I (Katie) have been a digital scrapbooker for almost 5 years now and I quickly learned once I started collecting supplies on my computer that I would need to have a good organization system in place. I tried several different methods before I settled on a folder based approach back in 2007.

I love the system that I use, but I also realize that there are many other ways to effectively organize digital scrapbook supplies so I thought it would be fun to show you 3 different ways to organize so you can find the approach that works best for you!


I’m a very visual person, so for me it is nice to have folders set up with preview images. When I open each folder I can quickly glance at what I have stored inside without having to open each individual sub-folder. I store my entire system on an external hard drive to keep my laptop working at top speed. When I’m working on a project (such as all the digi files for the month) I make a copy of that file for my laptop and work from that copy so I don’t have to always have my EHD with me.

My system is probably most useful for the digital scrapbooker that has a BIG collection of supplies from a wide variety of sources. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I have more than 142 GB of digital scrapbooking goodies (not photos or anything else) stored on my EHD – and that’s after I cleaned off tons of older files I wasn’t using! I may or may not have a bit of an addiction. lol! 🙂


click to enlarge


Here’s a list of my folder categories:

The numbers in front of each file are to keep them in a certain order since windows likes to organize the folders in numerical and alphabetical order automatically. I wanted the first folders to be related to the months of the year (holidays) so I numbered them that way. I decided to put Birthdays at the beginning of the year.

  • 1 Birthday
  • 1 Winter
  • 2 Valentines and Hearts
  • 3 St. Pats
  • 4 Easter (even though sometimes Easter is in the 3rd month)
  • 6 Summer and Beach (June is the first month of summer)
  • 6 Travel and Camping (This just seemed to fit next to the summer and beach file)
  • 7 Independence Day
  • 8 School/Art/Music (August is back to school month for us)
  • 9 Fall
  • 10 Halloween
  • 11 Thanksgiving
  • 12 Xmas

Next I have files of individual elements. I put a 13 in front of all of these so they stay in alphabetical order based on subject; alphas, buttons, frames, etc. So continuing on with my list of files:

  • 13 alphabets/numbers/dates
  • 13 buttons and brads
  • 13 flowers
  • 13 frames
  • 13 journaling/quotes/tags
  • 13 misc. elements (the ones that just don’t fit anywhere else)
  • 13 overlays and masks
  • 13 ribbons/trims and bows
  • 13 shapes and borders
  • 13 staples and fasteners
  • 13 stitches

My paper and kit files all have a 14 in front of them to keep them nicely in place behind the element files.

  • 14 misc. kits – (for all the kits that didn’t fit into other categories and yes, it’s a big file, but that’s ok!)
  • 14 paper prints and packs
  • 14 paper solids

And a few more misc. categories

  • 15 templates more on this file below *
  • 16 albums, calendars, and quick pages
  • 17 actions (even after you load them, it’s helpful to have a place for the instructions)
  • 18 CU (commercial use stuff from my designing days)
  • 19 TDD – The Daily Digi I keep all the past Digi Files in here rather than separate them out. They could also be filed under 14 Misc. Kits, but I like quick access to TDD stuff since I’m part of the team here.

*A further explanation of my template folder:

This is probably the area that took me the longest to organize but it is the one that has had the biggest payoff for me! If you read my Power Scrapping Secrets article you will see how having templates sorted by number of pictures they hold can save you oodles of time. I will give you a peek into my template folder so you can see what I’m talking about.

click to enlarge


I have filed all of my templates by the amount of photos they are designed for. I realize that some templates might fit in more than one file depending on how you use them but I just tried to stay basic with my filing system. No need to over-think this and you can easily browse through a few folders in just minutes. I can’t tell you how useful this system has been. Even if you think the rest of my digi organization is bunk, I bet you will find this part useful.

These folders are not pretty when organized this way, but they are very functional! When I go to create a page that needs to have 3 photos on it, I just open up that folder and start browsing. Even if I don’t use a template, it at least gets my creativity working.


I don’t use subfolders here and all I keep is the preview of the template and the actual template file right next to. Sometimes I have to rename them to get them to stay next to each other in the file. Every once in a while I have to make a jpeg image so I have a preview of the template so if you are a template designer – PLEASE include a preview of each template! My very favorite templates are in TIFF format because you only need that one file to serve as a preview and the actual template. This really isn’t as complicated as it sounds – basically, I just like to see what each template looks like at one glance through the folder it relates to.

If you are interested in how I organize my digital photos you might want to check out this blog post.

As I download digital scrapbooking goodies, I unzip them to be sure I have everything included in the purchase (a good idea in case you need to contact the store because of a mistake). Then I leave all my downloaded kits in that same folder for about a week, or until I have a little bit of time to file them in the right folders. When I have some time I just move them all the appropriate places. It doesn’t take long and it’s a task I can do while I’m talking on the phone or even watching television.


In Ali Edwards’ Scrapbooking With Your Computer series she shared her own organizing system that is also folder-based. (She also has some step by step instructions on how to download and unzip files and even has something fun for you to download!) I asked Ali if I could show you her system here and she was happy to share it with all of us. 🙂

Ali uses a MAC and her folder system is not too different than my own, but she displays hers in a list format instead of a folder view. She also keeps her folder system on an External Hard Drive and backs it up to another drive as well.

Click to enlarge


Here’s the list of her folder categories:

Brads, Etc
Embellishments (includes subfolders: Butterflies, Circles, Clocks/Time, Dates, Element Combination Packs, Hearts, Metals (no words), Ribbons/Strips, Stars, Tags, Words)
Journal Templates
Layered Templates
Negative Sleeves
Photo or Frame Clusters

For a full explanation of her system, be sure to read her blog post because she does a great job of keeping it simple and to the point.

Ali is still fairly new to digital scrapbooking and probably doesn’t scrap with such a wide variety of designers like I do, so her more simplified approach is probably more than adequate for her needs. Her system is best suited for someone with a smaller stash or one who prefers a minimalist approach.


I (Steph) tried many different approaches to organizing until I found one that worked for me. I tried similar systems to both Katie’s and Ali’s, but they didn’t work for me. I think that’s one important things to know, not every system works for everyone! You may need to try a few different things until you find one that works for you.

One thing I realized early on, was that when I wanted a certain product, I could often remember WHO designed it (that’s why putting my kits in files by theme didn’t work for me, nor did breaking up the kits by product type). I also found that I usually always start a layout with photos and/or a story THEN come the supplies. When I start adding supplies to a layout, I am usually looking for certain colors that will coordinate with the photos that I am about to scrap. Those things are what helped me figure out a way to organize that works well for me.

I keep everything (scrap supplies or not) on an EHD. On my EHD I have different folders for: Actions, Fonts, Styles, commercial use, and Scrabook Downloads. My Scrapbook Downloads folder is where pretty much everything goes (all kits, papers, elements, etc.). Inside that folder, I have folders by designer name, because when I am looking for a specific product, that is what usually comes to mind first…the person that created it (there have been a few instances when I put things in a store folder, but that was before I started my “New Downloads” folder…more on that in a minute). Here’s what that looks like (this is not my entire collection….shhhhh don’t tell):


Anything I buy that is created by that designer goes in their folder with their name on it. If it is a collab., then I usually just pick one designer’s folder to throw it in.

When I download new products, they go into my “New Downloads” folder. Once everything is downloaded, I use UnZipThemAll to unzip all of the zips at once. Then, I keep the products in there until I have time to go through my steps of organization. Here’s what that folder looks like right now:



When I am ready to download, I simply go into each folder, right click on the preview, copy it and then go to my {Digital Supplies Previews} folder and past them there (this is why I love designers that include BOTH a FOLDER preview AND a preview with their name and the kit name on it). I also copy all of these kits to my network drive, so I know they are there as well (two in house copies and an online back up as well).

This is easiest to do if you have TWO windows open, one in the New Downloads Folder and one in the Preview folder. You can see from the above image that I also have a {Hawaiian Theme} folder. I have a Hawaii vacation album that I have been working on FOREVER, so I also put previews that are tropical related OR have colors I know I can use, in that folder. This is what part of my {Hawaiian Theme} folder looks like:


Here you can see part of my other previews folder:


This makes it really easy to just scroll through my previews looking for the colors that will work with my photos! It also makes it easier to SEE what I have! When I find what I want to use, the designer and kit name are included in the preview (sometimes I do have to rename after pasting).

There are many different organizing options, the trick is to find what works for you, your personality, and your scrapping style.


It might surprise some of you to see that all 3 digital scrapbooking systems I’ve shown you here don’t involve any tagging. When Steph and I were discussing this in preparation for today’s post, we both made the comment that we would just rather spend the time it would take to tag our supplies for other things like scrapping. I believe that tagging photos is worthwhile (so you can find pictures of a certain family member), but for me it just isn’t worth the time investment to worry about it for my supplies.

My own collection of digital supplies is probably one of the biggest out there (not to brag lol 🙂 it’s just that I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m a HUGE junkie!) and I honestly don’t spend more than a few minutes looking through my stash before I find what I was looking for – or something even better. My files are organized and I can easily see what I have to work with. (See Steph’s P.S. below)

Finally, I want to emphasize that there is no “right’ or “wrong” way to organize your supplies. Spend some time thinking what your digital scrapbooking process is and what kind of workflow you prefer. It’s important to set up a system that is easy to maintain so you don’t have to spend all your creative time filing supplies. The goal is to find what you are looking and get to the fun part of creating!


P.S. It’s Steph again and I just wanted to add a note that I had a conference call with the folks at ACDSee yesterday and they assure me that tagging doesn’t take that long (I remain a little skeptical though). I bought and downloaded their software and you can rest assured that IF it is fast and works well for organization, you will hear about it from me. Honestly, having my digi supplies all organized and tagged in a program like ACDSee is a dream, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it. I will keep you posted!

We would love you to share your method of organizing that works best for you!

Songbird Avenue and Light The Night


Last month, we introduced you to Songbird Avenue and the wonderful charity work they are involved in. We want to do our part to support them and will be featuring their new collaborations and charities each month her at THE DAILY DIGI! Songbird Ave. has done some amazing things and we are so excited to be a little part of that!

This month Songbird teamed up with Kellie Mize with proceeds going to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Here’s what Songbird says about it:

“The mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS): Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. LLS has dedicated itself to being one of the top-rated voluntary health agencies in terms of dollars that directly fund our mission.”

Included in this kit are: 24 patterned papers, 2 fabric flowers, 1 hanging star, painted circles, painted dot border, photo overlay,1 star, scattered stars, 2 decorative borders, 2 decorative frames, flourish photo overlay, 3 layered paper flowers, 4 coordinating labels, “perfect light” word art, “light the night” word art, 3 photo painted frame, 2 scattered star page borders, 4 glittered swirls, 2 rhinestone buttons, 1 book page frame, 1 sunburst stamp, 1 glitter dot alpha (a-z, A-Z, ?!) and two 12×12 inch PSD, 300 DPI layered templates.

Here’s some inspiration from our teams for you:


Layout by Jacki


Layout by Katie


Layout by Claire


Layout by Lynette


Layout by Samantha

So many great layouts that can be scrapped, be sure to grab this kit at Songbird Avenue and help a good cause!

The Digi Files #15 Is Now Live!


You might be wondering how we went from TDF12 to TDF15. Well, the last several months as I have gone back through things and tried to remember which month a certain Digi Files was on sale, I have to look it up because the numbers don’t match how long we have been live. Soooo, I decided to play a little catch up this month!

For those that are newer to the site, THE DIGI FILES are a collection of products by our contributors for the month. The contributors do not PAY at all to be part of THE DIGI FILES, they are chosen for their quality designs.

Some of these designers you might know and love, others might be new to you, but what a GREAT way to try them out and test drive their products with such a low risk to you! It might also be FUN to stretch yourself as a scrapper and see what you can do with a designer’s products you aren’t used to working with (our team sure does love it).

For only $5, this month you will get SIX huge collections and ONE set of actions that will create layouts FOR YOU!! The contributions have a minimum retail value of $5 EACH.

The proceeds from THE DIGI FILES keep THE DAILY DIGI running…without the files, there would be no DAILY DIGI! We appreciate you showing your love for the site by purchasing the files!

We will reveal the each designer’s contributions during their feature day and as we do that, we will update our awesome designers page with previews.

This month’s contributors are:

One Little Bird Designs
Wendyzine Scraps
Heather Roselli
Krystal Hartley
Meredith Fenwick
Danielle Young

We will also, once again, have SEVEN people that will be randomly selected from those that purchase THE DIGI FILES during March that will each win $10 worth of product to TWO of our contributor’s stores! 🙂 It’s going to be a GREAT month! You won’t want to miss a thing!!

P.S. The following customers were randomly chosen from those that purchased TDF12. Each of them have won $10 worth of product from TWO contributor’s to TDF12. Watch your email, your codes will be coming later today:

Diane G, Terri H, Elizabeth S, Marieta H, Donna M, Sarah H, Catherine O