We have made a lot of changes to the site over the past couple of months and I wanted to take a few minutes to point some of them out that you might have missed! Here they are, in no particular order:


First, we are soooo excited about our new Flickr group!! I had not ever done anything with Flickr when Katie approached me about creating a group. She did a post about how to register, join, and add some layouts to our group over the weekend. The group is open to any products, any store, and any designer. Just keep the layouts family friendly!

I have had so much fun looking at layouts from our readers! We have a seriously talented group of scrappers checking in with us everyday!! I am working on some ways to share some of the layouts posted in that group! 🙂

We have threaded comments and Gravatars

From the very beginning of this blog, we have been answering your questions left in comments via email. Sometimes though, it is helpful for everyone to have that information! So, now we can just post a reply to your comment like Katie did in one of the comments from her Flickr post:


We also can view Gravatars now in the comments. Signing up for a Gravatar is very easy (enter your email, verify, set up a password, upload, select, go) and then your avatar will be available across any blog or site where Gravatars are enabled.


New Team Inspiration Category


One of the things our readers said they wanted in the survey we did last fall was a way to view our team layouts from THE DIGI FILES in one place that was easy to find! Well, I think we have made this one pretty easy! Just click on that Team Inspiration category and it will take you to that part of the site. You will see in the upper right corner of that page a button to subscribe to the RSS feed this category! Now, whenever we update this category with new layouts, it will come right to your reader or inbox too!


Note: I have added all of the past contributors for 2010 to our Team Inspiration category. I had a minor glitch when posting them though, so they are not necessarily in chronological order, but will be going forward.

New Newsletter

Did you see our last newsletter? The email was really not anything special…just some text and a link to the actual newsletter on the site. I received so much positive feedback about it though that we will be following that format from now on. Not only that, but now you can subscribe to our newsletters via RSS feed as well!! So, now, you can get them in your inbox via the ‘old fashioned’ email registration form OR you can subscribe to the RSS feed and get them in your reader! Whatever works for you, works for us! You can check out a sample from a couple of weeks ago, as well as subscribe to the feed, by going to the Newsletter section of the site.

Go Ahead! Search!

We upgraded our search feature on the site, so hopefully, you will be able to find what you are looking for more quickly! If you type something in and don’t find it, check your spelling. You may also need to broaden the topic a little more to get better results.

New Diggs

Did you see THE DIGI FILES’ new digs? We launched TDF15 with new packaging…sometimes a fresh outfit is nice! 😉


I think that’s all of the new features for now, but we always have something fun and exciting in the works behind the scenes! We are also always open to suggestions and feedback from our readers, customers, and designers…this is YOUR HOME too!!