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I (Janet) am so glad that I get to come back and share with you all from time to time. THE DAILY DIGI is still a huge part of my heart and I am THRILLED to see all the amazing ways Steph is working to keep the site running and to improve it by leaps and bounds! I am also thankful that she wants me to show you some of the layouts that have inspired me lately. I love looking at all the amazing pages out there. Digital scrapbooking sure has evolved over the last five years since I started! Here are some layouts that have caught my eye recently (all images are linked to gallery and credits).

I adore this layout. The bright color up against a dark background just makes it pop! And what fantastic use of patterned paper! The design is well executed and totally eye pleasing.

This layout is another example of fabulous. The muted colors with the framing of red work together to draw you in to those sweet puppy dog eyes. And I love that there is a a good amount of journaling added into the layout.

The detail shots in this page are FABULOUS! I love the intimate look at the otherwise-overlooked part of the day. And she is totally right on — the little things in the every day are really what our life is made of.

Count ’em…yep, SEVEN PHOTOS in this layout AND there is a ton of journaling. It gets two thumbs up from me!

Perfection in every way…light, delicate, dainty…just like the tea cup in the photo!

Even if you aren’t doing PROJECT 365 and taking a photo every day, it doesn’t mean you can’t recap your month! I also love that she was honest in her journaling…sometimes, we just have months we would rather not repeat!

This layout keeps bringing me back. I loved the tight cropped photos, the pop of red stitching against the blue, generic cialis and the fabulous use of elements.

I immediately clicked on this layout when I saw it in the gallery because I knew it used Zoe Pearn’s new Alphabet Soup cards that I would love to plaster all over my girls room. I love how this layout uses the cards to describe the artist’s daughter. Fabulous!

Another fantastically designed layout! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the interview with her child and the great colors and font changes to journal it.

And last but not least, this truly amazing in every way…great design, fantastic colors, awesome journaling, and incredible element use.


Thanks for letting me come back to TDD and let me share! I love this place!

P.S. TDD wouldn’t be the same without Janet popping in at least once in a while! 🙂 We love her!

P.S.S The winner from Mari’s post yesterday is Elsina, who said: “Love her products. Right now I am doing a lot of P365 scraps, so I would love the Studio 365 February Grab Bag or the Remarks: The Collection journal bits. Thanks for the coupon!”

She is the winner of a $10 GC to Mari’s store! Congrat’s!!

In The Designer’s Studio wtih Mari Koegelenberg


I am so excited to have Mari here with us this month! She is a very talented digital designer, but she is also an amazing hybrid artist. Her hybrid projects are always top quality and so FUN! Here is a closer look at her contribution to THE DIGI FILES this month (there are also some hybrid/printable projects included in The Digi Files and pictured below):


You get this kit AND 6 other digital scrapbooking collections valued at a minimum of $5 EACH for only $5 in THE DIGI FILES!! That’s over $35 worth or product for only $5! I know that it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not at THE DAILY DIGI!! Here’s what our team did with this fun kit:


Layout by Steph: supplies “I Luv U” by Mari Koegelenberg, The Digi Files 12; fonts Susie’s Hand and Howie’s Stamps Lowfat.


Layout by Rachael: supplies, “I Luv U” TDF12; Aqua Paper (Sunshine kit) by Suzy Q Scraps; Template by Janet Philips; all included in TDF12


Layout by Karen, additional supplies: Janet Phillips template (Collection 35)


Layout by Amy W, additional supplies: font-pea donna


Layout by Jacki, additional supplies: template by Leora Sanford


Layout by Melissa, additional supplies: Font is DJB How Cute Am I



I’m Mari and I am from South Africa, but my husband was transferred to the USA for work in April 2008 and here we are living in sunny California.

My favorite subjects to scrap are my kids – Chrismari (5) and Christian (1). I am blessed to be able to spend each day with them.

Currently I am a designer at the Digichick and also a contributing editor at the Hybrid Chick and Digital Artist Magazine. You can find my designs HERE and view some of my Articles HERE. You can stay updated on news and events for MKC on the My Digital Art Studio Blog or visit my Journal for my everyday life and happenings.




The printables for these projects are included in Mari’s TDF12 contribution:








In Photoshop you can select your freeform path tool. Select the drop down menu and set the curve fit to it’s maximum of 10px. Use your pen to draw, you will see that the patch automatically smooths your curves making for smoother writing. Remember to select a sharp brush (hardness set at 100% and spacing at 1) and you can handwrite your own journaling!


I have always loved creating, painting, drawing, needle crafts and even woodwork! clip_image001[6] In August 2004 I stumbled upon my happy medium – Digital Scrapbooking. It was not long before I started designing and creating Digital Scrapbooking Elements.

Fast forward a few years later and a fateful visit to my local scrapbook store where I met Belinda. She introduced me to Traditional Scrapbooking and all of the wonderful ways you can incorporate Digital Scrapbooking with Paper, I was hooked!


I get inspiration from so many sources but I love colors! Color sets the mood and theme for me.


I have a entry level Acer Desktop which we upgraded with 5 GB of RAM and a 500GB External Hard Drive. I use Photoshop CS3 Extended, ACD See Photo Manager 2009 for my Designing and I am saving up for Illustrator (which I totally love!). I also use MOZY to back up my files! VERY Important!

I have a Nikon D40 with a 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens. I also use a Wacom Bamboo Tablet for everyday and design work. Also as a Hybrid Scrapper a good printer is important! I have a Epson Stylus NX415 with a single ink system. No more wasting cartridges.


My Bestseller is my 2010 Calendar Template:



My Favourite product so far is the Golden Harvest Collaboration with Danielle Engebretson (which has several coordinating printable products you can purchase separately).




Here are some of my favorite Mari products:






clip_image001[8] Here’s some inspiration created using Mari’s products (layouts without credits are linked to originals):


Layout by Katie, supplies: Mari Koegelenberg Studio 365 February Grab bag. Template by Janet Phillips


Layout by Karen, supplies: Mari Koegelenberg Snow Much Fun bundle, Metal Bits, Stamped Alpha 4; Natalie Braxton string





Mari, THANKS so much for being here to share your talents with us, we really appreciate it!

Go have a look in Mari’s store and come back and tell her what you like, we will randomly select a winner from those comments to win a $10 GC to Mari’s store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST and must include a product name to qualify)!

As a THANK YOU to all of our readers, Mari had this coupon for us to go shopping with! 🙂

Candy Art


We love to show you “eye candy” (layouts and fun digi kits) here at The Daily Digi, but for today’s UN-digi post, I (Katie) am going to literally show you some real candy made into works of art!

From the Jelly Belly Art Gallery and created with Jelly Belly jelly beans! They have several rooms in their virtual art museum to visit online.

Jelly Belly art

Would you believe that this Mona Lisa is made entirely of chocolate?

Candy artist Craig Kanarick uses color and candy to create his masterpieces.

candy art

One of my favorite things about spring is when the Peeps are in bloom. 😉 I really enjoy following the Washington Post Peeps diorama contest each year. There are so many creative entries! Here’s the winner from 2009:


Here’s the winning entry from 2008:


This was a semi-finalist in 2007 (the first year of the contest):


Food presentation in Japan is an art form, so it was no surprise to find that these intricate and beautiful confections known as Wagashi are Japanese.

Sugar can be quite a tool in the hands of an artist. I love this Sugar Sand Art!

Can you believe this sculpture is made entirely of sugar? Beautiful!

These decorated sugar cubes are like miniature works of art as well.

Feeling the need for a little sugar? Here are some sweet little creative projects that are easy and fun to do:

These are my kind of art projects because you can eat the supplies!


PDFs to Download


There are so many acronyms in the online world and even more in our digital scrapbooking community, so it can be a bit confusing at times. What’s a PDF you ask? PDF stands for Portable Document Format and the great thing about them is that they are easy to download using the free acrobat reader software available from Adobe.

Why use a pdf format file? What if I (Katie) want to type up a document to share with my family members in Microsoft word but some of them have Corel Word Perfect, and others use a Mac system? If I save the document as a pdf file, then anyone can download it and read it. Also, because the information is highly compressed, it is possible to share large files quickly. There are many ways to create a pdf file, but most programs today have this function built right in. I can save a document in Microsoft word as a pdf just by selecting “save as pdf”. Easy!

You may wonder what this all has to do with digital scrapbooking? Plenty! It is helpful to understand how to open, save, and print pdf files because most online classes in the digital scrapbooking and photography communities use pdf formats for the handouts. All of the commands you need are right on the tool bar of the pdf window so it is easy to print the pdfs if you want to keep them for a reference. Once you download a pdf to your computer, you can access it anytime without having to go online. It’s like having a blog post, magazine article, or idea book right on your hard drive!

There are a lot of free pdfs out there to download that will give you wonderful scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking tips and ideas.Here are a few that I found that are sure to provide inspiration.

Have fun downloading!


P.S. If you are planning to teach a class on digital scrapbooking, you might want to check out this post where you can email Steph for a helpful pdf file.

Love Is In the Air

The digi stores are bursting with love right now in preparation for Valentine’s Day on February 14th. We wanted to share some our favorite digi finds with you to help you with your own love inspired creative projects!

All images are linked…Happy shopping and scrapping!

Love Word Art


Sweet Tarts







Sigh… I LOVE them all!


P.S. Don’t forget to download our free Valentine gift for you!

P.S.S. The random winner from the comments in CD’s feature post yesterday is Vicki who said this:”Wow…what a treat just looking at her designs. I totally love how each one is packaged just a bit differently! I had never seen her designs and ohhh…I will be going back to look more! Love the Circle Werx and the Love Song Alpha!”

Vicki won a $10 GC to CD’s store! THANKS Vicki and everyone else that took time to tell CD what you love!

In The Designer’s Studio With CD Muckosky


I am so excited to have CD here with us this month and I know you are too (based on the requests from our reader surveys)! I have been a huge fan of CD’s for a long time and was thrilled when she started selling her designs. Her signature doodled, hand-colored, and hand-painted style is easily loved and recognized. Here’s a closer look at CD’s contribution to THE DIGI FILES this month:

CD_SweetLovePreview Here’s what our team did with these goodies:


Layout by Steph, supplies: heart, divider, sweeter doodle from Sweet Love included in TDF12; paper, Au Natural; alpha (recolored) Happy Dance, by CD Muckosky.


Layout by Janet, supplies: Sweet Love by CD Muckosky for THE DIGI FILES 12; FREE SPIRIT ALPHA by CD Muckosky; Paper by Michelle Coleman from WITH LOVE; Stitching by Michelle Coleman from LIGHTER SHADES OF PALE; fonts are CK Ali’s Writing and Typewriter Scribbled


Layout by Katie, supplies: template by Janet Phillips; Papers by Michelle Coleman, Seeing Stars


Layout by Ana, supplies: Sweet Love, CD Muckosky (TDF 12); Dreams Take Flight (papers), CD Muckosky; Bitty Stitchies 2, Lauren Reid; Template pack 15, Kaye Winiecki; Font, DJB It’s Meeegan, Darcy Baldwin


Layout by Rachael, supplies: Sweet Love by CD, Part of TDF12; Lollypop Paper Pack by Dana Zarling at LDD; Template Set No. 12 by Mushy at LDD


Project by Steph, digital supplies: Sweet Love by CD (TDF 12); other supplies: ink for inked edges on tag, cellophane bag, ribbon and candy.



I’m CD Muckosky (CD is short for Christie-Dawn…I get asked all of the time) 🙂 I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; married to my high school sweetheart- Cam, and we have 3 little girls- Emilea 11, Tiara 8, and Kaiella 5…they keep us laughing and make everyday a fantastic adventure!

My Store Link

My Blog

My flickr

My Tweets



CD_how can it be



The best tip I can give is to encourage you not to limit yourself…So often we admire each other’s work and say “WOW I wish I could do that!” The thing is, you can! But only if you get in there and try new things, believing that YOU CAN.

Whether it be designing , scrapping, or photography…I have found that just being open to reach farther than I think I can go, and spending my creative time trying new things and learning along the way, has been the best thing for my artistic growth.

Go For IT, be bigger than you thought you could be!!!


I have Loved making any kind of art I could get my hands on and collecting photos and memory bits all of my life, so naturally I started scrapbooking with paper about 4 years ago. I was super slow and the things I made were not very attractive at all LOL! When I saw how much of a mess I was making I decided to try digital pages just so that I could hit save and walk away without the wild Art spread every time. I Loved it right away, loved the freedom to splash down paint and then change my mind, to use odd sized photos in a single click…Loved everything about digi scrapping…mad mad Love.

In the Fall of 2006 I was named Creating Keepsakes’ first “Scrapbooker of the Year” and given a 2 year exclusive contract with the magazine that included a monthly column called “CD’s Playground”. Because most of our readers at the time were paper scrapbookers, I always encouraged ways to try a hybrid mix, although I found myself getting more comfortable once again with my Art mess in order to share my fun techniques in the column. Although I made a lot of my own scrap products and sometimes offered bits as free downloads and fonts for CK, my contract didn’t allow me the time or freedom to explore “designing” beyond that.

As soon as the two year contract was up I began working on some digi collections and my friend Michelle invited me to join her store. I LOVE the new adventure that designing offers me. As much as I do enjoy travelling the world to teach about my passion for creating, I also reeeeally Love that designing offers me the ability to share my creativity from right here at home with my family.


I am inspired by the world around me…a cool bit of packaging at the grocery store, a funky building, or the recycled bits that find their way into my little creativity basket are about all I need to get going and then I just let it unfold as I play!


I Have an HP Desktop PC with an nice Big apple cinema display screen, It has an extra couple of terabyte drives for plenty of memory space, and I think that it has about 6 gigs of ram…I love this machine, it’s screamin’ fast even with all of the hundred tabs I usually have open. Oh and I have a confession to make…I only restart every couple of months…sigh…I know; BAD.

Then, for travel and the other bits I need it for, I have a macbook pro 19″ laptop…I know, I am the crazy girl who is both a mac and a PC but that’s just how I roll!!!

I use Photoshop CS4 EVERY day; it’s one of my BFFs, I also use Bridge, Camera Raw, and Illustrator for all of my “digifying” needs. Most of my product design is done with a good old fasioned set of watercolor paints, some pencil crayons and my favorite black pen though…I am always tinkering with something.

My camera is a Canon 40D, and right now my most used lenses are my 50mm fixed lens, my 10-20mm wide angle, and my 28-135mm everyday happy lens.

I Do have a Wacom Graphire 4 tablet, It is so much more sensitive than a regular mouse and gives me way better precision for designing. Love It.


Gosh, that’s a hard question…they are like my babies, each one has a bit of my heart in there… how can I pick?!

I guess I would have to say that I still Love my early waltercolored canvas packs Enchanted Garden and In the Meadow Mega.


meadow copy clip_image001[15]

My Alphabets seem to be the best seller in my shop.



Here are a few of my favorite products by CD:






Here’s some inspiration using CD’s products (layouts without credits are linked to originals):


Layout by Ana, supplies: CD Muckosky: Dreams Take Flight, Divided Frames, Bubble Magic, Free Spirit Alpha. Other: Bitty Stitchies, Lauren Reid. Font: DJB It’s Meeegan, Darcy Baldwin


Layout by Jacki, supplies: Dreams Take Flight by CD Muckosky (LDD), JellyBean Toes alpha by CD (LDD), Collection 26 template by Janet Phillips





THANKS so much, CD, for being with us this month and sharing your talents and insights, we really appreciate it!! 🙂

Go have a look in CD’s store and come back and tell her what you like, we will randomly select a winner from those comments to win a $10 GC to CD’s store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST and must include a product name to qualify)!

As a THANK YOU to our readers CD has this coupon for us:


code: CD-spotlight

Love Notes


We LOVE our readers here at The Daily Digi, so we thought we thought it would be fun to share a Valentine inspired gift with you today! This free download will only be available through February 14th so hurry and grab it before it’s gone!

This layered template is sized at 2.5 inches by 3 inches which is the standard size for Artist Trading Cards. I (Katie) thought they would also be the perfect size to make Valentine’s Cards and Love Notes with, so I am excited to share a few fun ideas with you!

I often had to buy 2 boxes of little valentine cards for each of my children to give their classmates, and then I would end up with a few extra ones to discard. If I had been a digital scrapbooker back in those days I could have easily customized my own cards using a template like this one and printed out as many as I needed. If you want to print your own cards, you might enjoy this post how to party with digital scrapbook supplies for some tips on paper and printing.

Beyond printing needs, the nice thing about making your own little Valentines is that they are much more meaningful to give away. You can customize this template using the included papers, or any fun digital kit you want to get more use out of.

I made a few sweet “Love Notes” for my own children.

TDD_love notes atc_previewexample

Additional credits: Darcy Baldwin Tracy Script font

web boy

I like to call these “Love Notes” because they really are like miniature love letters to my children telling them something special that I cherish about them. I love the idea of printing up sweet notes like this throughout the year. No need to limit sharing love to Valentine’s Day only!

This is also a fun way to be creative with your photos.

web heart

Additional credits: Fontologie Haphazard Font

I love taking pictures of (and eating!) yummy cookies and it was very easy to turn this photo into a unique valentine card.

The great thing about using a photo is that you can create your own theme. Take a picture of your child’s favorite toy and turn it into something special!

web lego

Additional credits: Fontologie Haphazard Font

TDD_love notes LPS

Additional credits: Shabby Princess Sweetie Pie kit

Once Valentine’s Day is over, use this template to create Love Notes or gift tags throughout the year. I think you will be amazed at how much you can do with this nifty little template!

For even more fun, you might enjoy creating your very own Artist Trading Cards. Here are a few links to give you ideas:



Songbird Avenue Inc.

Each month here at The Daily Digi, we will be sharing with you the new releases at Songbird Avenue Inc. Songbird has a mission statement that we believe in and want to do our part to support:

Songbird Avenue, Inc. is a digital scrapbooking-based online boutique whose proceeds are donated to various charities each month in an effort to give compassionately to those in need.

Here’s a little about Songbird:

Songbird Avenue is a result of the combined efforts of Jan Crowley and Meredith Fenwick. Both designers with long-standing reputations in the digital community, these two women decided that they wanted to focus their efforts on a digital store devoted to charity. They started planning and dreaming and in May of 2007, Songbird Avenue was born. With an amazing debut and a incredibly warm reception by the community, they have been inspired to continue on the path of giving and Songbird Avenue is now a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All proceeds from the sale of digital goods on the site every month, minus the PayPal fees, are donated directly to the qualified charity of the guest designer’s choice. Songbird Avenue has given to many charities including Autism Speaks, the American Diabetes Association, the Fisher Center for Alzheimer Research, Toys for Tots and Make a Wish Foundation to name a few. Over $40,000 has been raised and donated to these causes by Songbird Avenue.


Here’s some information about February’s collection at Songbird Avenue:

On January 12th, the earthquake that rocked the island nation of Haiti resonated throughout the world through news organizations and the internet. Many people wondered what they can do to help, many people have contributed to charities and raised funds through whatever means they had at their disposal. Songbird Avenue, as a site devoted to charitable giving, has asked past guest designers to come together with us to create a beautiful piece of art to benefit Doctors Without Borders, just one of so many organizations committed to helping the people of Haiti. Over 56 designers came together to create this colorful digital scrapbooking kit, including over 100 papers, over 200 embellishments, 6 templates and 8 alpha sets. For only $8, you can purchase the kit to use to scrap your cherished memories and send help to a country and organization that needs it.






After you purchase the Port au Prince kit (or donate to any charity of your choice), be sure to email me and let me know so I can send you a link to download the Valentine cupcake wrappers.

TDF#12 Is Here and Giftaway Winners


It’s the first of the month and you know what that means…a new version of THE DIGI FILES is in the store! THE DIGI FILES is what allow us to bring you such incredible content every single day, free of advertising!! Without the proceeds from THE DIGI FILES, there would be no Daily Digi, so thanks for showing your support!!

We have an awesome lineup for you this month, some very familiar faces and probably some new ones too! Our contributor’s products will retail for a minimum of $5 each once their appearance in THE DIGI FILES has concluded. Here is the list of this month’s contributors:

CD Muckosky
Mari Koegelenberg
Sir Scrapalot Designs (our first guy, YAY!)
Janet Phillips – templates
Cheeky Monkey Designs
Suzy Q Scraps

Are you excited!? I know I am!! Each contributor’s products in THE DIGI FILES is amazing and we will be unveiling them right here through the month. You can also check to see close ups of everything as it is revealed, on the awesome designers page!


The gifts won’t stop just because the party did…

We had so much fun in January doing the GIFTaways that we are going to be keeping it up the rest of the year, but on a smaller scale (not everyday). We will be giving away gift certificates from our contributors at random times during the month. The winners of these gift certificates will be randomly selected (by my new BFF, from comments and from those that have purchased THE DIGI FILES to that point in the month. 🙂

At the end of the month, there will also be SEVEN people selected from those who purchase THE DIGI FILES, that will win TWO $10 gift certificates to our contributors’ stores!! There will be LOTS of chances to win and we hope to be sharing the love with many, many readers and customers through out the coming year!!


Now, for our winners!!!! (check your inboxes, all winners have been notified!)

Our first winner won the Smile letterpress poster: Jacque R.

Our next winner won the Brilliant letterpress poster: Rachel R.

Now we have the Modern June Party Banners: Erin-Joi

And the Curly Birdie Mary Janes: Helen P.

And FINALLY…..the winner of $120 worth of GC’s from our past sponsors is……

Salina L.!!!

CONGRATULATIONS everyone and huge THANKS to all of our contributors, readers, commenters, and customers for making this a fabulous FIRST birthday with, hopefully, many more to come!!