Some of My Favorite Pages

I (Janet) have mentioned a number of times that I don’t scrap in order. I can definitely see some benefits of doing it that way, but it is just a process that will never work for me. Comments like, “I finished scrapping 2008” leave me with all sorts of mixed feelings of guilt and sadness. Guilt that I will probably never be done scrapping 2008 and sadness because if I ever did finish scrapping 2008 (or any other year), I wouldn’t get to relive those memories in my creative process. The other problem, for me, is that scrapping in order and considering a certain month or year “done” is that it would keep me from some of my very favorite pages.

I love…no, LOVE LOVE LOVE pages that aren’t necessarily in the “here and now.” I just adore layouts where photos and memories of different times and/or different people and places are brought together to create an entirely different kind of story. I love looking at a page and instantly multiple memories flood together and I am left with a new impression of the photos in front of me. Often it is a case of photos being able to speak the words we cannot.

In the layout above, I collected a photo of my son for every month of his first year of life. I could have just put a 12 month photo on the page and just written about the way he had grown, the way he was generic cialis online a happy and chubby baby, the way he adored his big sister, the way he played with water any chance he got. Yes, I could have written those things. Instead, though, I took the time to gather photos from various times and now I am able to literally see him growing up from a tiny seven pound newborn to a chubby, messy-faced birthday boy. I look at this group of pictures and my heart melts.

Here are some other recent examples where I have used this oh-so-favorite scrapping style:

I love showing this layout to people because I always make them guess which child this is before they read the journaling. People are always surprised when they learn that the four photos are all of different kids. I have one photo for each of my children on the day that they first went swimming. I love that in one page I was able to bring in four separate days that happened over a span of five years, and tell one complete story.


This layout tool me a long time but it was totally worth it as I put together 21 photos of my daughter from over the last seven years. I can look at this layout and see my beautiful girl grow up before my eyes!


I did the same thing in this layout, except on a smaller scale. Here I took 25 photos of my youngest from 2009 and pulled them together in one cohesive page. The result? Seeing how much my girl changed in just one year!

And finally, here is a layout that you have seen before but that emphasizes the same technique. This page covers three and a half years of my life as I have had the amazing opportunity to meet some of my digi friends in real life. I have scrapped very few of these photos on their own, but together they tell a BIG part of my story and my love of all things (and people) scrappy!

So how about you? What pages do you have where you bridged a gap in time or place and told a whole new story? I would love to see them!