A Very Different Un-Digi Happy Valentine’s Day

We have had fun the past couple of weeks preparing for Valentine’s Day with you, linking to digital scrapbooking supplies and freebies from around digiland! Since today is Valentine’s Day, we want to be sure and wish all of our readers, customers, and designers a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY and say THANKS for ‘sharing the love’ for digital scrapbooking with us each day!!!

But, as I thought about what I wanted to post on an Un-Digi Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t help but think of those that are mourning the loss of a Valentine for one reason or another. Whether that Valentine is a parent, a child, a spouse, or a friend, I can’t imagine that this holiday is easy. Maybe you know someone who is grieving a loss right now and that brings the question, “What can you do to help those that grieve a significant loss?” I found a GREAT resource for this information last year and I wanted to share!

TEAR SOUP is a great story that helps those and the people around them that are trying to heal. There are also some great tips for those that have a friend that is making tear soup (a.k.a. grieving) or if a child is the one making tear soup.

Tear Soup is not just for people that are grieving the loss of a loved one, but people that might be grieving anything (a job loss, a loss of health, to name a couple). I love that one of the things they focus on when making tear soup is the MEMORIES…because THAT is why we do what we do…..the memories!!!

Make it a memorable day!!