What YOU’VE Been Wondering


When we did our survey in November, one of the things a few of you mentioned was that you don’t feel like you know me very well. I do tend to be a more private person, for good or bad. Soooo, I am here today to let you ask ME some questions. The things you have been wondering about me, about scrapping, about the site…go ahead and ask (remember this is a FAMILY site…lol). You can post a question in the comments here or email me, if you would prefer. Just put “I’ve Been Wondering” in the subject line of your email, so I don’t miss it! I’ll be doing a post later this month with the answers. I will be stepping out of my comfort zone here, but just like Janet when she did this a while back, I reserve the right to NOT answer as well…lol! 😉


P.S. Today’s GIFTaway goes to hesmema randomly chosen by random.org from the comments on yesterday’s post. Hesmema has wona $10 gift certificate to Digital Design Essentials, the GC is already in your inbox! 🙂 THANKS to everyone who took time to wish us a HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday, it was wonderful to read!!