It’s Our Birthday and the Gifts Are for You All Month Long


supplies by Stephanie2 at The Daily Digi

It hardly seems real that today is our FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! 365 days, 388 posts, 78 awesome sponsors, 10 Digi Files, and 1 awesome collaboration kit by all of our past sponsors (this summer). Countless ideas, moments of inspiration, and tips to help us all preserve our memories! We so appreciate all of our readers, our customers, and our sponsors who have all contributed to this being possible!

We will be celebrating our birthday all month long here at The Daily Digi! Here are some of the fun things we have planned:


Confetti by Elise’s Pieces

First off, we of course, have a super issue of THE DIGI FILES this month! Here is a list of our AWESOME contributors to TDF11:

Digital Design Essentials (Gina Cabrera)
Michelle Underwood
Something Blue Studios
Traci Reed
Paislee Press
Vinnie Pearce
Sweet Shoppe Designs

Layered quick pages by The Daily Digi Artists

When I first discovered digital scrapbooking stores and communities (2004), one of the designers I purchased from frequently was Michelle Underwood. One of the things she did that I LOVED was she had semi-layered quick pages! Each paper was on it’s own layer and then all of the elements were merged on a layer. I loved the flexibility it allowed. I have often wondered why more designers haven’t done this. I decided this past September that I wanted to include some layered quick pages in our birthday edition of THE DIGI FILES! Our team put together some fabulous 8×8 quick pages that we will be revealing through the month and they are all included in THE DIGI FILES (11 layered quick pages in all).

These quick pages are COMPLETELY layered! Each element, paper, and even a clipping mask for your photos, are on their very own layer. So, if you want your photo above that ribbon, no problem, switch the layers around! Need a different shape or size for your photo, no problem, you can adjust it! I am so excited to share these with you! One thing to note is that the layers do not have drop shadows included. We figured you could easily add your own (since shadows can be a very personal thing) and if you want some help, our team highly recommends Kristin’s layer styles! 😉



We have some GREAT sponsors that are donating some awesome products this month as well. We will be randomly drawing from ALL of the names of those customers who purchase THE DIGI FILES 11. When TDF11 is taken down from our shelves at the end of the month, we will randomly draw winners for the following products:

Roll and Tumble Press



You know how much I LOVE letterpress!! Roll and Tumble Press has these wonderful letterpress posters for us, there will be one winner for each poster.

About Roll and Tumble:

“Charming painter turned letterpress printer + Art school dropout turned tattoo artist bond over a love of music, quirky collections and dusty junk shops. One, big, drafty house, three rescue dogs, and a chance meeting with a true old time printer…………Roll & Tumble Press is born. We print using traditional letterpress methods…..using all original illustrations, hand cut into wood or linoleum, pair these with all hand set antique wood or metal type, hand mix our inks and hand crank each one on a vintage press. Letterpress Printed By Hand!”

Modern June

bday banner

What kind of a birthday party would be complete without a birthday banner? One lucky winner will win TWO banners (so you have enough pendents to spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

I LOVE these chalk oilcloth banners by Modern June and must say that I am very envious of whomever wins these! Cute colorful oilcloth on the back and chalk oilcloth on the front, so you can change the expression based on the event you are celebrating. Watch for these banners to make an appearance in the February issue of one of my favorite magazines, Country Living.

Curly Birdie


I thought these little Mary Jane’s were sooo CUTE and would be a great gift for a little girl’s actual birth day…lol.

“I am the Momma of three lovely girls 5 and under. My girls keep me filled with joy and very busy too. I crochet in between laundry loads, dishes and kids! But it all works out pretty well. I enjoy using a lot of color in anything I create.” You can find her blog here and on Twitter here.

One winner can select the style and size of shoe of their choice.

Past Contributors


ONE lucky winner will receive ALL of the following products from our past contributors to THE DIGI FILES:

$10 GC to Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs

$10 GC to Designs by Leora

$10 GC to Sweet Shoppe Designs

$10 GC to Taylor Made

$10 GC to Shabby Miss Jenn Designs

$10 GC to Wimpy Chompers

4 templates packs of your choice from Yin Designs

$10 GC to Wetfish Designs

$10 GC to Danielle Engebretson

$10 GC to Pamela Donnis

$10 GC to Jacque Larsen

$10 GC to The Hybrid Kid

Isn’t that AMAZING!?!?



gift by Elise’s Pieces

Finally, EVERYDAY during the month of January, we will have a random GIFTaway for a $10 gift certificate to a contributor’s store. How will we choose the winners? It will be different everyday, it might be from random comments in a post (or previous post), from customers that are registered in the store, or from customers that have purchased THE DIGI FILES to that point in the month. You will never know (although if you read us often, you might catch on to a little bit of a pattern once in a while 😉 ). Watch the bottom of our posts each day to see the winner’s announced. We will also have some fun GIFTaways featured in posts that everyone will be able to grab! There will be GIFTS for everyone! We hope you have fun celebrating with us all month long! 🙂


P.S. I am always a little surprised when I turn on the new Digi Files for the month that there seem to be people waiting for it to be live and buy it immediately, so I thought it would be fun to randomly draw a winner from the purchasers of THE DIGI FILES 11 up to this point. Our first GIFTaway of our daily gifts goes to Lisa N who won a $10 gift certificate to Something Blue Studios. Lisa, your certificate is in your inbox! 🙂