2009 – The Year In Review

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Template by Emily Powers, papers by Amanda Heimann, stitching by Anna Aspnes.

I (Katie) love the end of the year! Really, I do. I enjoy all the news stories and top ten lists that recap the important events of the past year. These are such great resources to add relevant and interesting information to your scrapbook pages. Of course, I always do year end pages for my own family that highlight our own special photos and memories, but over the past few years I have enjoyed mining the Internet for information and images to tell the story of what it is like to live at this time in history. What seem like ordinary and everyday moments to us now will be of great interest (and maybe even humorous) to future generations!

How do you find this type of material to use in your own digital scrapbooking projects? And what about finding photos to illustrate them? I have a few favorite resources I’d like to share with you that have helped me put together pages like the one at the beginning of this post.

  • Work the Wiki- I love Wikipedia! While it’s not a perfect site, it’s hard to beat the free and very comprehensive resource that Wikipedia has become. I almost always start with a Wikipedia search when I need information on a vast topic. In this case I looked up 2009 and read through the main events chronicled in the article. I was also able to find several non-copyrighted public domain images to use on my layout. Wikimedia commons is another great place to check for photos and images that are free to use on projects. Some of the images are small in size and resolution, but still print out nicely when used in little spaces like a collage.
  • Mainstream Media – While you won’t be able to download and use photos from publications like TIME magazine or USA Today, you will find reliable and concise information to inspire your journaling. Every year major news publications and websites put out “Year in Review” articles and “Top Ten” type lists recapping trends and events. These are fabulous sources for scrapbooking material! Document the lists from these sites, or use them as a springboard for your own ideas. What were your top ten movies in 2009? What news stories had the most impact on your own life?
  • Create Your Own Content – I couldn’t find a good copyright-free image of Michael Jackson to download and use on a scrapbook layout, but I wanted to document the impact his death had on our culture this year. I remembered that I had purchased a commemorative TIME magazine issue about him and I simply took a photo of the cover to use in my collage. This is just fine to do for a personal use project like a scrapbook page, and the quality was much better than trying to use a web image. Taking photos of television screens, book or magazine covers, and products such as cookies or even an ipod, all help to illustrate the current trends you are scrapping about.
  • Dig a Little Deeper – It might take a few tries to find the pictures or articles you are looking for. Be creative in your approach. I found the Princess and the Frog image by going to the downloads area of the movie site on Disney.com. It is not a high resolution image,but in a small space on a personal page like this, it works just fine. The UP image was from Family Fun magazine’s downloadable bookmarks project.

Now that 2009 is coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to capture the main events on a digital scrapbook page. You and your loved ones will enjoy this time capsule of our world for many generations to come!