I Wear Your Shirt


Katie here with my very first “Un-Digi” post. I’m really excited to be able to share some of my favorite finds and ideas that aren’t necessarily related to digital scrapbooking. It’s nice to have a little break each Sunday to get our minds refreshed and our creativity flowing again.

It is always fun to find a creative person who can turn a simple idea into something amazing. This guy sells his shirt space every day to promote companies and causes who are willing to pay anywhere from $1 – $365 for the privilege. Jason Sadler has been featured in the press all around the globe. He makes a pretty decent amount of change (approximately $66,795 in 2009) plus he will never want for a t-shirt again!


He said he would even be willing to wear a pink Care Bears shirt if that is what you want to send him!

He completely sold out in 2009, but 1 sponsor backed out and he decided to have 1 day off for the entire year. He is already booked through the end of August 2010. Pretty amazing since he has now doubled the price (still very reasonable) for twice the shirt wearing (two guys wearing shirts in different time zones).

It’s interesting to see what he wears each day.

You can follow Jason on his blog or on various other social media sites which are all linked on his blog as well.