This Isn’t Goodbye


It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a year since THE DAILY DIGI went live. It was such a dream of my heart. I wanted to share the best information and inspiration I could. I love scrapbooking for so many reasons and I wanted to pass that love on to other people. It has been an amazing year and I am so excited with all that has been accomplished. I have learned so much, grown so much, and thankfully, scrapped so much!

One of the best things I have learned is that dreams really do come true. If you put enough heart and soul into something…it will fly. However, I also learned that there is a time for everything. And as I mentioned before, right now I have to put my dreams of running a site aside so I can fulfill a more important dream — raising my four precious little children. However, I know that someday I will be able to dream big dreams again and I am excited to see how they will take off.

Today is my last “official” post as owner of THE DAILY DIGI. What a bittersweet moment for me! Bitter because I poured my heart (and time!) into this site and I am sad to hand it over to someone else. The moment is sweet, though, because I know it is right. I know that I don’t have the time to make this site what I want it to be AND I know that Steph is fully capable of taking my original vision and soaring with it. THE DAILY DIGI will continue and I know for a fact it will continue to be an important part of the digi community.

Even though today is my last post as owner of TDD, this definitely isn’t goodbye! I will remain on the team here at TDD and I will still be sharing some posts and inspiration on a regular basis. And you might even see me as a sponsor sometime 😉 Steph has been so gracious to offer me the opportunity to do what I want, when I can. And I am excited for that! I already know that I will be here monthly sharing my “truly inspirational” posts with layouts that inspire me. So keep scrapping…I might pick yours!

Before I say goodbye (which really isn’t a goodbye!) I wanted to say a few very important THANK YOUs.


Without you, there would be no THE DAILY DIGI. If you didn’t read every day, comment, give us ideas, ask us questions, and be inspired by our posts there would have been no purpose…no heart. So for our fans, I am so thankful that you helped keep our motivation up and our ideas flowing.


Without you, THE DAILY DIGI just would not be possible. From the beginning, I wanted to have a site that was advertising free. I didn’t want blinkies and banners and sale ads taking away from the inspiration we were trying to dish up. The sale of THE DIGI FILES goes directly into keeping the site running. Thank you for your financial support of the site.


On the same note, without our sponsoring designers THE DIGI FILES would not be possible. Thank you to all the designers who gave product and helped support our site. We have been inspired beyond belief. I know that I have over a hundred pages scrapped with all your amazing designs.


When we decided to start an artist team I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure what it would like for a site like ours. However, my fears were unfounded and it has been an awesome privilege to work with some amazingly talented scrappers.

And finally, THANK YOU TO STEPH…

Thank you for so much…for the many, many hours chatting in gmail chat, both digi- and un-digi related. Thanks for taking care of things I didn’t know how to do (or didn’t want to do!) Thank you for believing in my dream and wanting to be a part of it. Thank you for encouraging me when I was down and supporting me when I was confused. Thank you for the many hours you have put into the site, mostly behind the scenes. Thank you for your willingness to carry my dream into the 2010 and beyond. Thank you for being understanding of my decision and supporting my future. Thank you most of all for being my friend. I am excited to see you fly this year!


And for those of you who are looking for my templates, I am so excited to finally announce that you can now find my templates at SWEET SHOPPE DESIGNS! I’m excited to be a great store with other great designers. Even more, I am excited to still have a little place in the digi world while still having lots of time to be the homeschooling, crafty, coffee drinking mama that I am.