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I found Wetfish Designs for the first time through Twitter. She had been retweeting TDD and I stopped by her blog, where she had some freebies. I downloaded the free mini-kit and was blown away by the quality on her extractions!! I especially loved her pre-clustered elements she includes in her kits, for the clustering challenged, like myself! 🙂 We are happy to have Cyndi with us this month!! Here is a look at her contribution:


It is hard to believe how much you will get in THE DIGI FILES for ONLY $5.00!!! You can see previews on our This Month’s Amazing Sponsors page.

Here’s what our team created with this kit:


Layout by Katie: Manger by Wetfish Designs from The Digi Files 10; Font, LD Abe Lincoln; Template by Janet Phillips


Layout by Karen: font Miama


Layout by Amy W: font is Pea So Lovely


Layout by Stephanie: font is Traveling Typewriter, template from Collection 28 by Janet (in final grab bag)


ALittleAboutLowRespsd copy

I’m Cyndi Wetmiller of Wetfish Designs and live in Central Pennsylvania and am Wife to Eric, Mommy to Sam (4) and Henry (3), also Mommy to Gyro (german shepherd), Ernie (black lab), Sophie (fat cat #1) and Homer (fat cat #2)

Born and raised in Pittsburgh. Don’t even mess with my Steelers or Penquins. With Baseball I must defer to the Red Sox. What can I say, Boston is my favorite city and I love any team that has a Green Monster. I am a Pitt fan, not a Penn State fan (Even though my inlaws are PSU fans and I have to go the occassional tailgate. One day I’ll be brave enough to wear my Pitt sweatshirt and hat to one of these tailgates!)

Prior to moving away from Pittsburgh, starting a family and starting my design career, I went to and then worked for the University of Pittsburgh. I was a grant writer and organizer of service-learning programs in K-12 schools and helped with the University of Pittburgh’s Student Volunteer Outreach. I started “Jumpstart Pittsburgh” an AmeriCorps program that engages college students in assisting Head Start students with literacy.

People always ask me where I get my design name from. Prior to getting married my maiden name was “Fish.” Everyone thought that was too good of a name to give up, especially since I was a competitive swimmer. So jokingly someone suggetsed I take the “wet” from Wetmiller and just take it on the front of my name and be Cyndi Wetfish. So when I started my photography business that was an easy name for me to gravitate towards. And it is a fun name!

Main Store at Divine Digital (where Cyndi is part owner)


DSW Boutique





I had been on several CT teams and purchased a tons of digi scrap stuff and realized, “hey, I can do this.” I was always changing elements to fit my layout needs and started just playing around, teaching myself. I am professional photographer so I was familiar with Photoshop so it didn’t take long before I was cranking out my own designs. Divine Digital is who I owe my success to, if one would say I have any, since they took me under their wings when I was brand new and never had sold a thing!


In 2006, after my son Henry was born.


I’d like to say both but I design more than I scrap. Every year for Christmas we give custom made photobooks (this year I am trying White House Custom Color since they do all my professional printing) to the grandparents. That is the time of year I focus on scrapping and I have so much fun since I haven’t done it since the year before.


Every morning from 9:30 to 12:00, when my boys are in preschool. is when I work. That is the only set time I have without “mommy interruptions” to get anything done. I have several coffee houses that I like with wireless and I rotate depending on my mood. My favorite is the Cherry Alley Cafe beause they play the best music and have the best art work on the walls! Some places inspire me more than others. And once the boys are in bed I will try and answer emails and finish up anything I didn’t get done that morning.


“From Whom All Blessings Flow” because this kit was designed for Thanksgiving and that is my favorite holiday. I do a Thanksgiving kit every year and this year I wanted to do a kit that had roots in one of my mother’s family’s Thanksgiving traditons– singing the Doxology before dinner.



All my vintage stuff, period. I can’t keep up with it. I need to get better at extracting and find more time to scan so I can produce more of it. I have bags and bags of vintage goodies in my office waiting to be scanned and extracted. While other people work on a photo a day for their 365 project, mine involves extracting something new every day. Eventually I will get better and not have to purchase extracton services or buy CU stuff that I need!



1. My husband and kids. Like American Express, I don’t leave home without them! Or if I do, I’m sad.

2. Inspiring People–you know, people who have something to say and say it with meaning and inspiration. I want to have coffee with those people!

3. Music–can’t design without it. My favorite musicians right now are Matthew Maher, Aaron Shust, Steve Earle, John Mayer, Chris Tomlin, Neil Diamond, Caedmon’s Call, Bethany Dillon, Sara Groves, music from “Glee!,” Grateful Dead, Lyle Lovett, Matt Nathanson, Peter Yorn, Bebo Norman, Jars of Clay, Jason Gray and so many others I could keep typing forever. I just LOVE music!

4. My SEBO vacuum. Can’t live without it. Don’t believe the Dyson is the best until you try the SEBO! Still ticking after 10 years of dog and cat hair and all the junk my kids leave on my rugs!

5. My Keurig coffee maker. I don’t know how I lived without one before this! It is my friend in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep and start designing. They need to work on making one that isn’t as noisy though…wakes up the kids!

6. Diet Coke, NOT Diet Pepsi. And if available, Diet Coke with LIme.

7. Funnel Cake fries. They make them at this diner I frequent because they have wireless and I could just each them all day.

8. TV: I don’t watch a lot, but when I do it is Fox News, Glee, Curb Your Enthusiasm. The Office, 30 Rock, Gray’s Anatomy, LOST, Army Wives and Two and 1/2 Men. I DVR so much stuff I know I’ll never watch, too!

9. My iPhone. I don’t know how to use practically all of its features, but I tweet with it, FB with it, play Wurdle way too much while watching tv or in the doctor’s office and it is handy for playground pics since I don’t like to carry my professional camera equipment into danger zones like the playground!

10. My Canon camera and all that goes with it. It makes me a new person every time I pick it up. It fills me with purpose and creativity. I view all of my life it seems as if from behind the viewfinder of my camera. I am known for yelling “STOP THE CAR” (my husband hates it when I do that) when I see a great shot and my husband won’t go on hikes with me anymore because I dawdle too much taking pictures (DO YOU HAVE TO TAKE ANOTHER PICTURE OF A LEAF). Other than being a wife and mother and designer, God made me to be a photographer. And I am blessed to be able to do that every day.


1. People talking on cell phones so loudly you can hear their conversation.

2. Adobe not providing customer support for versions of their products that are not the latest. I bought it, I still use it & I cannot afford an upgrade. Pay for support? Nope.

3. Potty training. Kids should just be born knowing how to do these potty things. Enough said.

4. Apple creating a new download for iTunes every week. Enough said.

5. People who think that because they have a camera like mine or better than mine it makes them a photographer when they haven’t a clue how to use their equipment. Someday people will understand it is the person behind the camera, just as much or more than the equipment that makes the photograph a good one.

6. Places that provide wireless but will not let you plug your computer into an outlet. Yes, such places exist. Why provide wireless without electricity? Enough said…

7. People who are on Twitter that I follow that NEVER tweet.

8. Politics. Let’s just not go there…

9. Emptying the dishwasher. If someone invented a dishwasher that not only cleaned the dishes but put them away the world would be a better place. There would be peace in so many households.

10. Men/Boys that don’t either lift the toilet seat or put it down when they are done. I don’t like sitting in someone’s pee and I don’t like having to constantly be yelling “PUT DOWN THE SEAT” every time I hear a flush in my bathroom. Enough said…


Here are some of my favorite Wetfish Designs products:






And some amazing layouts from the galleries for your enjoyment (images are linked to originals with credits):






Cyndi, thanks so much for being with us this month and sharing all of your talents with us!!

Cyndi has a whole bunch of gifts for our readers today!! Merry Christmas indeed! First, she has a set of six quickpages on her blog for you as a gift!:


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