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One of my favorite parts of my job is that I get to know and work with so many amazingly talented designers. Christina is one of those designers that I didn’t know about until she sent in an application a few months ago. She definitely has a bright, fun, and youthful style and we are excited to have her be part of THE DIGI FILES this month!

Here is a look at her contribution:


Can you believe that you get THIS and everything else previewed here (plus a few more reveals to come) for ONLY $5.00!?!?!? I can’t believe it either!! It’s the reason we are able to do what we do here at The Daily Digi!

Here is what our team did with this fun kit:


Layout by Katie, additional supplies: Template by Audrey Neal, font is LD elementary picture is of my nephew and my father-in-law’s amazing train collection.


Layout by Karen, additional supplies: Janet Phillips template, Fontologie Printing Primer font


Layout by Jacki, additional supplies: Template #3 from All About Me Zig Zag Scraps Collab (TDF10) by Dunia


Layout by Steph, additional supplies: template from Janet’s final grab bag, fonts Haphazard (title) and Printing Primer by Fontologie


ALittleAboutLowRespsd copy

I am Christina Anderson aka Wimpychompers. I got that nickname thanks to a Girls camp when I was 12, at the campfire they were “giving everyone” nicknames. My friend was Wimpy (ahem… it fit) and I was Chompers due to them being tired of the game and I was chewing gum, something I never did. I needed a name for email several years ago and made that up, it kind of stuck!

I have been married to my sweet heart for 9 years; we met on a blind date. We live in California and he teaches High School Math. I am a Stay-at-home-mom to three beautiful children (two boys and a girl) ages 5, 4 and 2. My oldest son was born prematurely with a cleft in the soft pallet. He does have some complications from this, nothing too major but challenging none the less. They all make me laugh and I love my kids so much!




I saw a tag and was really eager to find out how it was done. I did tagging for a while and even was writing tutorials for PSP taggers. One day I was looking for a kit to use for a tutorial and found I could actually do scrapbooking with these supplies I was accumulating. I made a few layouts, was offered a spot on a CT team, and got hooked. I soon wanted to try my hand at designing and it took off from there, I haven’t regretted it since and love scrapbooking digitally!


A year and a half.


Both. I started as a traditional scrapper as a teenager but with kids that was getting too messy, digital was a fabulous idea and I love it! Definitely not going back!


20 or more depending on the week.


My Little Annie collab with Polka Dot Plum Designs, this one was a special one for me because Raggedy Anne was a special doll of my mom’s childhood.



Hope- this was a request from a CT girl and it was a big hit!



1) My husband

2) My children

3) My church

4) My family

5) A good talk with a close friend

6) Photography

7) Smell of a baby

8) A good computer

9) Shopping

10) Hugs and kisses


1) Cleaning my house

2) A computer that crashes

3) People with no manners

4) Doctors who refuse to help my son

5) Gossip

6) Whining

7) Refusing to potty train (grr)

8) Waking up early

9) Pessimists

10) Batteries…. They are evil!


Here are some of my favorite WimpyChompers products:





Here are some layouts for inspiration (layouts without credits are linked to originals):


Layout by Jacki “I’ll Save You” by Wimpy Chompers, Collection 24 Template #3 by Janet Phillips


Layout by Karen: Wimpy Chompers “Halloween Fright: kit; Font is Darcy Baldwin and Lauren Reid Gimme Space; Julie Billingsley template


Layout by Rachael: I’ll Save You by Wimpy Chompers Creations,
Template by Yin Designs




Thanks so much for being with us this month Christina and sharing your talents with us!! 🙂 To show her appreciate to our readers, Christina has a coupon to share 🙂 :

25% off your next order from WimpyChompers