You can see examples of past DIGI FILES below…

The proceeds from THE DIGI FILES keep THE DAILY DIGI running…without the files, there would be no DAILY DIGI!!!

THE DIGI FILES is a collection of products by the guest contributors for the month for ONLY $5 total. The retail value of each contributor’s collection is at LEAST $4.99. The contributors do not pay to participate, they are chosen based on their quality designs.

Some of these designers you might know and love, others might be new-to-you. What a GREAT way to try these designers out and test drive their products with such a low risk to you! It might also be fun to stretch yourself as a scrapper and see what you can do with a designer’s products you aren’t used to working with (our team sure does love it).

At the beginning of the month, the files are similar to a grab bag, where you don’t know what’s inside. A lot of our readers LOVE the surprise of purchasing at the first of the month and unzipping the files to find out what is inside. But, if that isn’t your style, during the month we reveal designers’ contributions on their feature day. We also update the previews of what has been revealed so far on the THIS MONTH’S AMAZING SPONSORS tab at the top of the site. When the month is over, the designers are free to put their contributions in their own stores for full retail value. We only have the right to sell these collections during the month they are part of THE DIGI FILES, therefore, we cannot offer past issues of THE DIGI FILES…once they are gone…they are gone!

Here are some of the past issues of THE DIGI FILES (you can check the designers personal stores for these items: