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Over the next couple of months you will see some changes around here. Some will be really big and noticeable, others will be more subtle. Today is a smaller change. We have been doing the monthly “More With Four” challenge since the first Digi Files went live almost a year ago. We are changing the name to “From The Files” and instead of four products there will be ONE product from EACH collection in THE DIGI FILES that month (even the hybrid project by Mel this month :)). The rules are mostly the same:

  • use all of the supplies listed somehow on your layout
  • do not use any other supplies
  • you may use any fonts or templates you want (this may change from month to month depending on our contributors)
  • post the layout somewhere (gallery, blog) where we have access to view it
  • come here and add your information in the McLinky tool below (the link to the layout and your email address in case you win)
  • do all of this before midnight on December 20, 2009 🙂

Here are the supplies straight from the files this month:


Here is what our team did and some explanations on some of their tricks:


Layout by Karen: I did a few things with this… I changed the color of Nancy’s paper a few times. I cut the frame down to hold a single photo. I also cropped Mel’s paper block to a smaller strip and extracted the button from the Wetfish flower…


Layout by Katie: I duplicated the frame 2 more times and merged the layers to form the background mat for my photo. I also erased the word “date” and just made it say “Today” since I didn’t know the date of this old photo from 1982. Additional credits: Template by Kelly Mize Font is CK footnote.


Layout by Jacki: I extracted stripes from the plaid paper and button from the flower. Made a new layer on the flower and recolored it and gave it a little opacity. Recolored Nancie’s paper a couple times. Font is Typewriter.


Layout by NeeNee: Font is Pea Dana Anne

Isn’t it amazing to see all of the fun things that can be done with the same supplies? Now, it’s your turn! We can’t wait to see what YOU do!!


We have been busy on Facebook and Twitter giving away gift certificates to our sponsors stores. Congratulations to the people that won a $10 GC (they have already received their gifts) 🙂

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