“Cutting Out” Titles


One of my favorite easy-to-do scrapping tricks is to “cut out” a title. I love how it adds a little “umph” to a page as well as giving it that handmade “paper” scrapbooking look. It’s simple to do…here’s how I did it on the page above.


I adored the alpha that came with the All About Me kit by Zig Zag Scraps (part of THE DIGI FILES 10). I have a thing for stamped alphas! However, on this page, I thought that the alpha was lacking a little something. I wanted it to “pop” a bit more. So, I decided to add some paper behind the alpha (to give the appearance that the alpha was stamped onto paper and then the paper cut out).

1. I selected my alpha layer (CONTROL CLICK on the thumbnail in the layers palette for an easy selection of the entire layer; COMMAND CLICK on a Mac)



2. Once my layer was selected, I created a new layer beneath my alpha layer (CONTROL + Clicking on New layer icon will give you a new layer underneath rather than above)

3. With the “marching ants” still on/the alpha layer selected, I went to SELECT > MODIFY > EXPAND.


4. I entered an amount for how much I wanted to expand the selection. For this alpha, a 65 pixel expansion looked about right.


5. Without deselecting (turning off the marching ants), I selected the new layer I created. Then I went to EDIT > FILL SELECTION. I chose white, but the color doesn’t matter if you plan to cover it with paper.


6. I then deselected (CONTROL D; COMMAND D on Mac). I then had a “paper” background for my title. I wanted a more realistic look, so I used another piece of paper from the kit and used a clipping mask to cover the new layer with paper.


7. I added a drop shadow to the layer and I was done!



mohonk_web1Credits: All About Me by Zig Zag Scraps for THE DIGI FILES 10; stitching by Syrin, paper tears by Steph Krush; font is Typewriter Scribbled


Here are some other pages I have used this technique for

baby_webCredits: Shabby Sugar and Chasing Rainbow kits by Zoe Pearn at Sweet Shoppe Designs; stitching by Syrin; swirl and metal brad by Shabby Princess; Shmootzy Alpha 4 by Nancie Rowe Janitz; fonts are Typewriter Scribbled and CK Cursive
tshirt_forwebCredits: Happy Go Lucky by Shabby Princess; stamped date by Amber Clegg; Shmootzy Alpha 4 by Nancie Rowe Janitz
mothers-dayCredits: Flower Stand by Shabby Miss Jenn and Scrapkitchen Designs. Template by Janet Phillips; stamped alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz