December Daily

this article is a repost from our CHRISTMAS IN JULY series.

for more up-to-date on December Daily, be sure to check out Ali’s blog for her December Daily Q&A 2009


I am sure many of you are familiar with Ali Edwards’ DECEMBER DAILY ALBUM. Over the last two years I have been inspired as I have seen her create — in advance — an album that will chronicle the busy and oh-so-fun month of December. The idea behind it is by getting the time-consuming part of the project done with ahead of time, it is easy to print out photos and add some journaling and end up with one amazing album. The amazingly talented Ali gives some great information on creating an album of your own HERE and HERE. She also has a list of FAQ that you can read HERE and if you want to see the Flickr pool of gorgeous pages created by others, you can look HERE.

As I thought about my own documentation of Christmas, I realized that while I may feel like I “have it scrapped,” I have never really taken the time to chronicle the entire season. I have never looked closely at each individual day, written about the magic of the time of year, or spend time journaling about how I feel during this amazing holiday time. And so, as I thought about it, I knew that a DECEMBER DAILY album would be an amazing project to take part in.

One problem. I never have time in November or December to do anything like this. And so, I figured, “why not do it now?” And so I did.


It was pretty simple to put together and I LOVE the way it turned out. I am so excited to use it this year!

I started my choosing one main kit to work with. I am a kit scrapper, and for a project of this size I knew I would want to stick to one color scheme. I decided on a great, versatile Christmas kit of Shabby Miss Jenn’s — XMAS MARKET. I love that it was 1) big, 2) contained holiday colors and non-holiday colors, and 3) is “my style” — warm and comfy.


After choosing my main kit, I had my eye on a few other things that I wanted to incorporate.



It only made sense that I would use Ali’s 25 Days of December brushes. They were perfect for making journaling cards!


And I just ADORE the Presslines by Paislee Press and knew they would make perfect accents for my pages!



I created a template for myself for the pages. I wanted a half bracket page shape, so after creating the template I clipped on various papers from the kit. I then printed and cut out.

I wanted the jorunaling cards to be separate so that they could be moved around as needed. I have no idea what will happen each day and which page might work best, so by keeping the journaling (and dates) separate, I have a ton of freedom.

After coloring the journaling cards with colors from the kit, I printed them out (reducing the size so that I could get four on a page). I then rounded the corners to mimic the rounded edges of the bracket pages.

I added a pocket to some of the pages so that if there are things I want to save — programs, invitations, cards, etc. — I have a place to put them.


I created the cover by cutting out the word “December” from Ali’s brushes, and then adding the “this is” part of the title. I also cut out the circle element from her brushes, removed the number, and added the date 2009 using Amber Clegg’s Date Stamps. I added one of the word art pieces from Paislee Press and with a little double sided foam tape, voila, my cover was done.


Here are some more of the inside pages. Note that they are all left blank at this point. I want to be able to add photos, dates, etc. to the pages when the time comes and therfore all the pages are interchangeable. LOVE that!





When December rolls around, I plan to take photos (of course!) and journal a bit every day. It will be neat to have my Project 365 and December Daily collide. Some days I may use just one photo — other days I may use a lot. I don’t want to limit myself. I will keep a running document with journaling prompts and hopefully can print photos and journaling every couple of days. The idea, of course, is to have finished album at the end of the month and not feel like it kept me from enjoying all that I am trying to capture. We’ll see how I do!

So how about you? Have you ever done a DECEMBER DAILY album? Do you want to? Is there a month other than December that you would love to capture in this way? Do you have time now to put an album together so that when the holiday season is here you are prepared? We’ve love to hear your stories, see your albums, and read your ideas for how to make this project work for you!