So Very Thankful


Ahhh…Thanksgiving time. Good food, family, friends, and a whole lot of reasons to be thankful! Even if you aren’t American, why not take some time to record why you and your family feel thankful? Our lives are filled with abundant blessings, even in the hard times. We have food. We have shelter. We have safe water to drink and clothes to wear. We have a computer to read this on, the ability to read…and SO MUCH more! We are blessed beyond measure. So why not share why you are thankful?

The kids and I made an album sharing why we are thankful. I started with the templates above and then I used this kit from Dani Mogstad (from THE DIGI FILES 8 but now available HERE)


I had the kids draw a picture of what they were thankful for and then write it down. I then added mine in and put it all together on handmade paper. So easy, so simple, and yet so powerful as we captured this moment in time and what is precious to each of our hearts.




So why are YOU thankful??