Digi Friends…In Real Life


A few weeks back, I decided to take an impromptu girls getaway trip. A friend of mine came along and then fab friend and scrapper, Kellie (joelsgirl) met up with us. We had two days of food, shopping, and great conversation! It was fun to meet up with someone who, had it not been for digi scrapping, I never would have known. Kellie and I had met once before, and it was fun to see her again years later. Making the jump from online to in real life is a pretty easy one!

Over the past four and half years, I have had the amazing privilege of meeting some amazing people online. Although we may live in different places all over the world, they have become some of my closest friends. So naturally, when I have the opportunity to meet some of these amazing people “in real life,” I jump at the chance! Over the years I have been able to meet some amazing scrappers and great friends! And although we have never been together in person, we chat as if we lived down the street. I LOVE having such a strong common bond.

It has been three and half years since my first digi meet up and with all the great people I have since met, it was about time I scrapped about it!

digi-friends_web1T-B, L-R: Kellie T., Penang (April ’06) Janelle and Jen Caputo, Michigan (Dec ‘06) Whitney Bushman, Colorado (May ’07) Laura Kannady (LauraKaye), Colorado (May ‘07) Kellie Penn and Hollie T, Chicago (July ’07) CHA gang (Kellie, Kim H, Hollie, Jen Wilson) Jen Caputo, Chicago (July ‘07) More CHA (Tracie R, Deanne R., Heather Ann), Chicago (July ’07) CD Muckosky, Las Vegas (Sept ‘07) Steph, Orlando (March ’08) Jacq, Singapore (Aug ‘08), Kellie T., Kuala Lumpur (Oct ’09)

I am so happy to have these memories preserved…and I sure hope I can add to it some day! I love my digi friends…whether online, or in real life!


Some of our artist team members have also enjoyed getting to meet some digi friends in real life

1029-irl-friends-450pxLayout by Ana: Backgrounds Circle of friends, Designs by Lili/Kate Hadfield and Live out loud, Corina Nielsen , Journaling tags Craft 1, Ana Reis, Homework fun alpha, Mushy, Freebie, Template 7, Janet Phillips, Bitty Stitchies 2, Lauren Reid, Flowers CK Collab Kit, Designs by Lili, Fonts: Traveling Typewriter and CK Ali’s Handwriting

I’ve made so many friends through the internet since the first days when I started chatting and participating in discussion forums. Those are just a few of the digifriends I actually met in person. The journaling reads about each one of them and how I got to know them in the first place.”


katiecrop2Layouts by Katie: Templates by Ali Edwards at Designer Digitals, Click kit by Kelley Mickus at The Digi Chick, Font is CK classical.

You can read more about these layouts and read the journaling HERE.


So have YOU met any of your digi friends in real life? Have you scrapped about it?