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A new month…a new DIGI FILES…and a new set of AMAZING sponsors!  I am so excited to share with you all the amazing designers we have sponsoring us this month! They are a truly talented bunch!  And first up is Fee Jardin!  Fee’s designs are so amazing…I just love all the handmade look to all her stuff…fun doodles, crumpled papers, great alphas!  There is just so much to see!  So let’s start by taking a peek at her contribution to THE DIGI FILES 9!


Isn’t it SO pretty?  I just love the mix of pinks and browns…so yummy!  Here are a few pages from our team using this great kit!

katieultrasoundLayout by Katie: Fee Jardine xo from The Digi Files 9, Template by Janet Phillips (keep it simple) from The Daily Digi store, font is Calibri


Layout by Karen: : Fee Jardine XO from The Digi Files 9; Lauren Reid Oddball Alpha and Month Rounds; Designs by Lili template; Emily Merritt Bubble Wrap stamps; Font is Darcy Baldwin and Lauren Reid Gimme Space
pink-princesses_web1Layout by Janet: XO by Fee Jardin for THE DIGI FILES 9, date stamp by Amber Clegg, alpha freebie by Fee Jardin, fonts are Typewriter Scribbled and Pea Ann Banana

You can get this great kit and a bunch of other amazing stuff all for just $5.00.  Get it HERE!



My name is Fee Jardine and I live in Queensland, Australia.  I have been married for 8 years (together for 15) and we have 3 children.  I spend most of my time chasing after the little ones, designing and doing little bits and pieces on our house renovation.  I have been creative for as long as I can remember and I love nothing more than curling up on my bed with my drawing book and pens.

STORE: Fee Jardin at Sweet Shoppe Designs

BLOG: Fee Jardin Designs

FACEBOOK: Fee Jardin Designs

I’m creatively curious! I’ve tried a little bit of everything…paper scrapping, making teddy bears, millinery, sewing, patchwork…I’ll give anything a go. So when I discovered Digital Scrapbooking it was natural for me to try and work out how to make my own things. One of the best things about designing is that it is challenging…styles are constantly evolving, there are always new things to be learnt and I guess that’s why I find it so addictive. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

I have been selling my designs since January 2006.

Even though I don’t get as much time to scrap as I would like I’m definitely both.  My children love looking back at the layouts and I love watching them giggle as they listen to stories of what they did as babies.

Probably too many lol!  Sometimes I’ll get to do a little bit during the day but the majority of my work is done at night time when the children are asleep.   And usually I stay up way to late to get things finished.   If I wasn’t designing scrapbook products I would still be doing some sort of drawing or design related thing so to me it doesn’t really feel like work.

My favourite product would have to be my Dude Kit.   Usually I do a lot of girly stuff with flowers and girly colors so it was fun to do something completely different.  


Best selling product is Out and About – Bikin.


1.  My family
2.  Iced coffee
3.  Watching Glee
4.  Brand new art journals
5.  Sleeping in
6.  80’s music
7.  Thai Food
8.  Winter
9.  Little kid cuddles
10.  Denim Jeans

1.   Angry people
2.   Spiders
3.   All things laundry related
4.   Clothing stores not catering for tall girls (like me)
5.   Losing things
6.   The long distance between me and my family
7.   A messy house
8.   When my computer throws a hissy fit and goes slooooooooooow!
9.   Being tired
10.  Negativity


Now that we have gotten to know Fee a bit better, let’s take a look at some of my favorite Fee products!










And now for some gallery inspiration! Images are clickable (or credits are given below image)

max-little-dragon-103109Layout by Karen: Fee Jardine Lil Monster kit, Round and Round circle and Silly Billy alpha; Janet Phillips template; Font is Fontologie Messy Bessy

ziggy_450Layout by Amy: Fee Jardine: painted bliss paper, fly little birdie alpha, round and about paper circles, tagged, foxy roxy doodles, photo action by my four hens (Sarah Cornish)







Thank you, Fee, for being with us here at THE DAILY DIGI this month!  Your designs are fun, fresh, and totally inspiring!  I can’t wait to play more!

As a THANK YOU to our readers, Fee has a great coupon for you!