Tutorials My Oh My!

If you follow us on Twitter at all, then you have seen some tweets with links to tutorials. I (Steph) have been saving a few of my favorites the last little while to share with you. Some of these are very basic for beginners and others are more advanced, but at least one of them will have something for everyone (I admit that I learned something new from each of them)!! Here they are:

For beginners: Photoshop Crash Course

Misty has this awesome tutorial about loading files into layers (written for PSCS3).

Dawghouse Design Studio has a tutorial for creating an aged photo.

PSD Vault has 5 Highly Applicable, Yes Easily Overlooked Features in Photoshop.

Deke McClelland has this tutorial for layers, but I learned a lot about the Color Range Command from it.

Photoshop Essentials has this great tutorial on Saving, Loading, and Using Layer Styles

Finally, Smashing Magazine has an article on finding offline inspiration (written for web designers, but applicable to us too).

I absolutely love learning new techniques for my programs! Hopefully, you will be inspired to try something new-to-you from one of these articles!