Food Photography


I love taking pictures of food. With as much time as I sometimes put into cooking/baking and the fact that the end result only lasts a few minutes, I like to preserve my work in photos. I love looking at pictures of our favorite foods, new attempts at recipes, and fun perspectives of a huge part of our life! Since a lot has already been written on the topic of food photography, I will just offer a few tips and then point you in the direction of some great sites to visit.

My Top Five TIps

1. Turn off the flash! I can’t tell you the number of food photos I have seen that people have posted with bright light spots on them and dark shadows behind. Food photos are best taken during the day with natural light coming in. Food and flash don’t mix!

2. Angle is everything: Food is most interesting/tempting to look at from specific perspectives. Look at the food you are trying to photograph and figure out what you want to capture. Take photos from different angles to see what looks best.

3. Use a macro setting or a low aperture. By focusing on something specific in the photo, it makes the image more appealing. Find a spot you want to focus on, lock focus, and then reposition your camera using the rule of thirds.

4. Take pictures of your favorite foods. Food plays a very significant role in our lives. So much of our time is spent shopping, cooking, and eating. We also spend time and money going out to eat. Why not take pictures of it to share that oh-so-important part of your story?

5. Use pretty backgrounds. No one is going to want to look at your beautiful food if they are distracted by something behind the food. A messy kitchen, toys, a glaring TV, and messy-faced kids can take the oomph out of your photo. Find a plain background with colors that will look good with your food (ie if you are photographing spaghetti, don’t use an orange background!)

Here are some other great sites you can look at:

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And here are few of my recent food photos