Right Now

right-now_webEvery Life Has its Story from THE DIGI FILES 8, stitching by Syrin, template by Janet Phillips
  • Right now…I am drinking coffee and waiting for the kiddos to get home from PE and music class
  • Right now… I am trying to decide between french toast and chicken tacos for dinner.
  • Right now…I am trying to find cheap flights for Christmas
  • Right now…I soaking in all the beautiful sunshine, blue skies, green grass, and birds chirping. I never want to take those things for granted
  • Right now…I am excited and scared as there are some “news” and “unknowns” in my life
  • Right now…I am wondering why Mac computers come with white keyboards. Disgusting is being nice.
  • Right now…I am avoiding cleaning out my office
  • Right now…I am loving life

What about you? What are you doing/feeling/thinking/praying about/worrying about/enjoying/avoiding/craving RIGHT NOW?