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The digi world changes a lot..designers come and go, scrappers stop scrapping and start again, stores open and sites close.  As I think back over my four and a half years of scrapping there aren’t a lot of designers that 1) Have been around for most of that time and 2) That I have loved from the very beginning.  Today’s sponsor spotlight, Dani Mogstad, is one of those designers.  I remember buying one of her calendar sets back in December 2005 (just a few months after she started) and I have been a fan ever since. Dani does color like no one else — I have to make sure I actually look at what is in a kit before I buy it because I have been won over on color palettes alone!  I can’t wait to show you some of my favorite Dani stuff…starting with her contribution to THE DIGI FILES 8.


Isn’t it just totally gorgeous?  I love the unexpected color of the Robin’s Egg blue…it just makes those browns and oranges that much more amazing. I don’t even get to experience fall where I live but that didn’t stop me from having a great time with this kit!


And here are some more team layouts

katiethanksgivingLayout by Katie” Dani Mogstad Softly Falling from The Digi Files 8, Template & extras from fei fei’s stuff crazy beautiful template, date font is CK script

max-first-fall-0909Layout by Karen: Dani  Mogstad Softly Falling (from TDF8), Kellie Mize masks; Font is Traveling Typewriter

togetherwebLayout by Aggie: Dani Mogstad Softly Falling (part of TDF8); Cindy Schneider Template; Fonts: DJB Jenna & FG Astrid

so-sorry-garden_450Layout by Amy: Dani Mogstad’s Softly Falling TDF 8, fonts-MTF Lynds, CK ali hand

sayitisntsnowLayout by Kelly: All papers, alpha and elements are from TDF8, fonts- Pea Bev and American Typewriter, Stitching- Bracket Craze from Dani



Hi! My name is Dani Mogstad and I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest all my life and absolutely love it here! I have been married to my high school sweetheart and best friend for eight years and we have a five year old daughter. She is the fiery little red head that originally  sparked my interest in photography and scrapbooking and is  constantly my joy and inspiration.

I am the oldest of four children, three younger sisters and a little brother. Growing up it was pretty much a slumber party around our house and my mom is an extremely creative person. She introduced us to scrapbooking, stamping, and all kinds of crafts growing up. Some of my fondest memories are of my mom, my sisters and me spending a Saturday at CK convention or a Stamping Expo and then coming home with all our new projects to try! My mom is still a constant source of inspiration to me!

STORES: Design by Dani & Sweet Shoppe Designs

DESIGN BY DANI on Facebook

Dani’s Girls Blog

I have always been extremely interested in graphic design, and in middle school and high school I started taking classes to learn Photoshop. By the time high school was over I was sure I knew that I was destined to be a graphic designer and I took a job in Pre-Press. I worked in Pre-Press for about four years before the birth of my daughter. I had always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom so I quit working after she was born, but I soon found that I was dying for a creative outlet! I picked up scrapbooking because my friends at the time were all scrapbookers, but it didn’t take me long to get completely hooked! I didn’t know anything about digital scrapbooking until I started seeing digital layouts online. I have to admit, I thought they were wonderful- but not for me- I was a die hard paper scrapper. I don’t know what I was thinking! On a whim I decided to try it one day and once I started I really never looked back. With my graphic design and software experience it was a perfect fit for me and a perfect creative outlet! Although I loved digital scrapbooking I swore to myself that I had no interest in designing, but the more I scrapbooked the more the bug bit me and with in about six months started selling my designs. I think the motto of my story is “never say never!”

Just over 4 years. I started at my own store in September 2005. In February of 2007 Robin Carlton offered me the opportunity of a lifetime to join the other talented designers at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I have always loved and been in awe of the talent and community there so I jumped at the opportunity! I have been there for two years now and I consider it my digi “home.”

I think I still and will probably always think of myself as a scrapper first. I love scrapbooking and I am passionate about it! I never would have started designing
if I wasn’t a scrapper first, and when it comes down to what I would like to spend an afternoon doing scrapbooking is at the top of the list every time! I also love designing and the deep satisfaction I get from creating something beautiful right before my eyes.

This can really vary. I try really hard to balance my life between mom & wife time and design time. There are some weeks I really will stay away from the computer and other
weeks where I really push to get a lot done. I would say on average when I am working on a kit it probably takes me 12-16 hrs total. I probably spend an extra 2-3 hours a week
answering emails, customer service, promotions etc.

Oh this is always the hardest question! Each kit has a little piece of me! If I had to choose just one right now I would have to pick Pop Goes the World. I designed it thinking of my daughter and her delight in the world around her and every time I look at it I can just see her personality in it! I even have one of the papers from that kit made into a mouse pad for myself and it just makes me happy! 🙂


Its not my all-time best seller but of my current products it  is probably Sweet Cupcake. My all time best seller is a now retired kit “Crazy Love” that I released as my debut
at Sweet Shoppe!


1. All things chocolate!! The darker the better!
2. My pretty pink laptop.
3. Getting lost in a good book.
4. Girl Time with my Sisters
5. Music! I can’t scrap or design without it!
6. All things Fall!
7. Anything and everything flavored or scented Pumpkin
8. Eating Out
9. Pedicures
10.Bubble Baths

1. Housework
2. Driving- Its a necessity, but I’ll avoid it if I can.
3. Whining
4. Grocery Shopping- I’ve been known to put it off for as long as possible
5. My computers- It’s really a love/hate relationship
7. Waking up Early
8. Lexi’s messy room
9. Crumbs on my couch courtesy of said five year old
10. Creative Blocks


And now let me show you some of my very favorite Dani kits!










And here are some gorgeous inspiration pieces from our team and the digi community (layouts are either linked or credits given below)

mika_lovingdaddy_02_webLayout by Jacki: Kit is All You Need is Love and a cluster freebie by Sara Gleason on the Girl Talk blog. Stitching by Linda Gil Bildal.

sam-so-proud-webLayout by Karen: Dani’s Retrospect kit. Photo by Eddy Marenco.

sam-please-touch-carousel-0709Layout by Karen: Dani Mogstad and Jacque Larsen Fun Land; Dani Mogstad Imperfect Stitches circles; Traci Reed Bad Sewing Machine stitches; Lauren Grier Borderline 2; Pamela Donnis paint; Font is Darcy Baldwin’s Merry





Thank you, Dani, so much for being with us here at THE DAILY DIGI.  Your work is truly inspiring! Keep it up!

Dani has a special coupon just for THE DAILY DIGI readers!  Enjoy!