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One of my favorite parts of my job here at THE DAILY DIGI is learning about new designers.  There is just SO much talent out there in the big digi world and I just don’t have time to try everyone. So when someone that is new-to-me is part of THE DAILY DIGI it makes me excited…I get to roam through their stores, admiring all their work!  Ziggle Scraps from Scrap Orchard was a new-to-me designer but I have not been disappointed.  I can’t wait to show you all the fun things I found in her store!  So fun and quirky…LOVE it.  I’ll start by showing you what she created for THE DIGI FILES 8 and then later we will look at some more of her unique designs!


Isn’t this so FUN?  I just love the quirky color combo and fun elements!  Here are some layouts created by the artist team

karen-tom-jen-serendipityLayout by Karen: Ziggle Designs Funky Love, Janet Phillips template (TDD freebie) and Shawna Clingerman bracket. Font is AylaCS Script.
Such a cool story here, too.  Here is Karen’s explanation of the journaling: It’s about a couple that I met through my job. He had lost his wife, I wrote a story about him, a newly diagnosed woman in Montana read it and low and behold… they found each other and got married! The photos are from a meeting in August… The flew to Dallas so that the wife could meet me in person, since she says I found her husband for her! I think there was a bigger force than me moving those two, but it was such a sweet experience!


Layout by Katie: Template by Janet Phillips (keep it simple), Ziggle Funky Love from The Digi Files 8, Font is Ck footnote
Journaling: Seventeen – in some ways 17 was a great age to be, but in many ways it was just so hard to go through. I was trying to find my style (which explains the bleached, streaked hair). I had spent months at home recovering from a major leg surgery and it was difficult to be a junior in high school who had to use a cane.  My recovery took so much longer than anyone anticipated. I had lost a lot of time with my friends and I felt out of place at school. Some old friends didn’t know how to respond to me after being away so long. By the time this photo was taken I was finally getting around on my own without crutches or a cane and I longed for freedom and acceptance. My parents struggled to understand why I had become so “sassy” and “moody” but in my mind I felt like I was totally justified in needing more space and independence. I needed to find out who I was.  That seems to be an integral part of being 17. In reality, my “rebellious” phase was extremely mild, but it still was a trying time for me and my parents though. Thankfully, things got easier and I found a great group of friends and had support from my loving family. While I would still say that age 17 was a difficult age for me, it also turned out to be a year that really shaped who I would become down the road. Having to overcome the physical challenges that my leg surgery brought gave me a great deal of strength and taught me not to worry so much about what other people thought. This time period also solidified my friendship with Jeff (who later became my husband) because he was a true friend to me. When I came to school with a cane for my leg (and a doughnut cushion for my bent tailbone, the result of months of bed-rest) he still thought I was cute and treated me great. He had been a good        friend during my recovery and also accepted the ways that this experience changed me. I will always be grateful that he was part of my life at that time.
– May 1986
kids_grandparentlove_98_webLayout by Jacki: Ziggle Funky Love from The Digi Files 8, stitching by Jackie Eckles, date tag by Kim Christensen

totally-you_web450Layout by Janet: Funky Love by Ziggle Scraps for THE DIGI FILES 8, stitching by Syrin, paper block templates by Emily Merritt.



My name is Kami.  I am 30-something years old and I currently live in Southern California.  I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter (and an adorable new puppy!).  I design as Ziggle Designs and my sister and I are co-owners of Scrap Orchard.  I love photography and digital scrapbooking (yeah- that goes without saying, huh?).  I am an avid reader and I love doing anything crafty.

STORE: Ziggle Scraps at Scrap Orchard

BLOG: Ziggle Scraps

I actually started designing for my photography business.  I loved digital scrapbooking and I wanted to offer some Holiday cards to my clients.  This was before Scrap For Hire Licenses were available, so I had to make the cards from scratch.  I absolutely loved the challenge of it and after I was done with my cards, I just kept going!

I’ve been designing for about 3 years but I’ve only been selling my designs for a little over 2 years.

BOTH!  But I don’t have as much time to scrap as I’d like to.

This is a tough one.  I probably spend 15 hours a week working as a designer.




And now let’s look at some more of Kami’s great products!










And now for some gorgeous layouts using Ziggle Scraps products.  Images are either linked or have credits below.

jo_firehouse_08_webLayout by Jacki: Stop, Drop & Roll

karen-phillies-phan-0908Layout by Karen: Ziggle Designs Cheesealini; Fontologie Textura Empty; Font is Darcy Baldwin Smarty Pants






Thank you so much, Kami, for being with us here at THE DAILY DIGI this month!  It has been so fun getting to know you — and your designs — a little bit more!

Kami has a THANK YOU to our readers as well!

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