Making an Alpha out of a Font


Sometimes you are looking for the perfect alpha and you can’t find it. And sometimes you have a font that you just love and want to do MORE with it. Well, it’s easy! We’ll just turn a favorite font into an alpha!

I do want to note that this tutorial is for personal use…the fonts I am going to use are not necessarily for commercial use. I just want to show you how you, as a scrapper (non-designer), can make something for you to use on your personal pages. Using non-commercial use fonts to sell or even give away is against copyright laws and most TOU.

Let’s look at the alpha I made for this page:

nana_web450Credits: Stitching by Syrin, staples and brads by Shabby Princess, everything else was made by me

To make this alpha I started with a blank document and typed out my letters and numbers, adding a space between each character (the font here is Quicksand).


Then, holding down my command key (Control key on a PC) I clicked on the thumbnail in the layers palette. This selected all of the active pixels on that layer.


Then, on a new layer, I went to Select > Modify > Expand and then entered my value. In this case, I chose 25 pixels. This took the selection I had made (the letters) and made it larger.



Once the outline was expanded, I went to Edit > Fill Selection and then chose my color (in this case, a light gray, since this was just going to be in template form).


Then I saved this document in a layered format so that I can use it again. Then I continued.

I knew I wanted “sticker letters” so I changed the gray layer to white and deleted my background. For the letters, I wanted to use these colors:


Using my magic wand tool, I clicked on every fourth character to select the black letter part and once they were all selected, I again went to Edit > Fill Selection and then chose my foreground color which was set to green.


I continued on until all the characters were filled with different colors, then I merged the two layers and DONE! I had an alpha to use whenever I needed it. It is so easy! Here are a few other fonts I have turned into alphas:



So why not take YOUR favorite font and turn it into an alpha for you to use on your page?