A Girl Can Never Have Enough Shoes


Last winter, I was scouring the internet for some fun hybrid projects I could make, when I came aross this CUTE paper witches shoe on the Skip To My Lou blog. My head started spinning with all of the possibilities this shoe template would hold. I really wanted a digital version though, so I could use any of my digi papers I wanted. A few weeks ago I emailed Cindy at Skip To My Lou and asked her if I could make her printable template into a digital template and share with our readers. She was so excited and shared that she had been wanting to learn more about digital scrapbooking for a while 🙂 so, she and I will be teaming up in the near future as I teach her (and her readers) about digi scrapping!

Now, lets get busy making some shoes! I converted the printable shoe template into a digital template and made myself a couple of very cute shoes:

img_5286editedHere’s how I did it:

1) Digital part – If you are new to the blog, you might not yet know how to use a digital template (we use them a lot around here 😉 ). You can learn how to use them HERE. The digital supplies I used for my shoes were: Flergs glitter styles for the outside of the shoes (I just added the layer style to the template shape itself, no need to add paper at all), the pink paper inside of the Cinderella shoe is from Zoe Pern, and the gingham paper inside the Dorothy shoe is from Stephanie2.

Once I had the digital paper “cut” to the shape of the template, I adjusted the lightness on the Cut&Fold lines layer, so it wasn’t as visible after printing ( you will still need to be able to see them so you know where to crease your paper). Here’s how:



2) Print – When I do hybrid projects and print at home, I almost always use HP Presentation Paper in a matte finish in 32lb weight (purchased at the office supply store). I have even been able to ModPodge this stuff and it has not run. The colors are always rich and it is thicker than regular paper. For this project a little bit heavier paper would have worked better to hold the treats inside.

3) Cut out the shoe by following the solid lines. Then, you will need to crease/fold by following the dotted lines. For the outside of the shoe, all folds will be done with white side facing white side, except on the tongue of the shoe where you will fold pattern to pattern. Here is what it will look like when you are done:

labels-on-paper-copy4) Assemble outside of shoe: You will want to overlap and glue the heels of the shoe first (so the heel creates a box shape). It will look like this:

img_5253editedNext, apply some adhesive to the top of one of the toe covers and then layer the other toe cover on the other side on top. It will look like this:

img_5254editedNow, you will need to apply adhesive to the flaps on the sides of the tongue and glue those to the inside of the shoe. Here is what they look like BEFORE they are glued:

img_5255edited5) Assemble inside of shoe: You will need to fold the inside of the shoe with the patterned paper facing each other. It will look similar to this:

img_5260editedApply some adhesive to the reverse side of the inside of the shoe and then line it up starting at the toe first. Once the inside is in place, you can start to embellish. For this shoe, I wanted it to look like a glass slipper, so I used some spray adhesive (purchased at the home improvement store) on the outside and then dusted it with silver glitter. Make sure to do this over a trash can to avoid glitterfying your whole house! 🙂


Here is the completed shoe with some pumpkins to remind the princess to be home by midnight:


I also made a Dorothy inspired shoe in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz:

img_5277editedWouldn’t these make fun invitations or party favors? They are super quick to work up and so much fun! We would love to see what you do too, so link us up!

You can download the free digital tempaltes here:


Have a GREAT weekend!


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