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We’ve had a few hiccups on my end of life and so we are a bit late getting started in our SPONSOR SPOTLIGHTS for this month.  But no fear…the designers are SO fantastic that I know it was worth the wait.  Today we have the honor of featuring Holly Designs @ Shabby Pickle!  Holly’s work is so creative, so whimsical, and so FUN.  I can’t wait to show you all of her awesome kits.  But first, let’s look at what she created for THE DIGI FILES 7. If you are unsure of what THE DIGI FILES are, you can read HERE for the full scoop!


Isn’t this kit just so cute and fun?  I love the muted colors and fun whimsical elements.  And I ADORE the fact that Holly includes both shadowed and un-shadowed versions of her elements — that just takes the cake for me.  Holly’s designs are perfect for the “fantasy scrapper” but they are also fabulous for a perfectly imperfect “paper”-like scrapper like myself.  Here is a layout I made using the kit.


The kit was just the perfect prompt for me to do a layout I have been wanting to do — all about my kids needing to just be KIDS and not be pulled in a zillion different directions with a zillion different activities.  I just want them to have time to run and jump and play and imagine and be HAPPY AND CAREFREE.

Here are some other fabulous layouts from both THE DAILY DIGI artist team and Holly’s rockin’ CT


You can pick up this amazing kit, as well as a bunch of other stuff, RIGHT HERE for just $5.00.



Name: Holly Griego
Hometown: Santa Fe, NM
Basic Bio Information: I’m 25 years old. I have two doggies, Lola and Riley. I have a B.A in Anthropology from Colorado College. I love spending time with my family and friends.

STORE: Holly Designs at Shabby Pickle

BLOG: Holly Designs

There were several things that got me interested in designing. First, I would often see paper scrapped layouts, advertisements, throw pillows…anything really, and I would think “I wish somebody would make that for digital scrappers,” or “I think those colors would be perfect for a kit,” etc. Then, a little over a year ago, Laura (owner of Shabby Pickle) pm’d me and told me she was going to expand her store and wanted to know if I had ever thought of designing. I was really surprised, as you can imagine, lol, but I thought it would be a great opportunity and if I ever was going to try designing, it might as well have been then. So, long story short, lol, I spent the entire month trying to learn all I could about designing and getting some products ready for my debut one month later.

One year and three months

Both. But these days, I definitely design more often than I scrap, lol. I do have several scrap albums that I want to work on, and many photos that I need to scrap.

It varies. I would venture to say at least 20 hours most weeks.

IHmm…that’s a difficult question for me,lol. I think I always like my most recent kits best, but I don’t know if I can pick one favorite, lol. I suppose my favorites would be:





Hmm…all my kits sell in pretty similar amounts, but I think Bedtimes Stories or Playground Adventures may have topped the charts.

1. My family and friends.
2. Learning something new.
3. Otter popsicles.
4. Rainy nights (I love to listen to the rain, and I love the fresh smell).
5. My dogs (and animals in general).
6. Bookstores.
7. My dvr ( because I never have time to watch the shows I like when they actually come out, lol).
8.  Music.
9.  Quirky boutiques
10. Travel

1. The sound of metal touching other metal (especially flatware, like when knives and forks touch, lol; It makes me shiver. (Same with people biting their flatware when they eat, eek, I get shivers just thinking about it, lol).
2. Bad manners.
3. When I’m running late; I don’t like being late.
4. Really hot weather .
5. Feet (I don’t like feet at all. I like their function though, lol)
6. When I can’t find something.
7. People who are conceited.
8.  Waiting in long lines.
9.  Ignorance.
10. Unfinished business ( I feel uneasy when tasks loom).


And now that we have gotten to know Holly a bit better, let’s see some more gorgeous work from her!  It was so hard to choose my favorites!









And if that wasn’t enough eye candy, check out what some talented scrappers did with some of these kits!








Thanks, Holly, for being with us here at THE DAILY DIGI this month!  We are so thrilled to have you!

And Holly has a special gift for THE DAILY DIGI readers!




I Remember

i-remember_forweb450Credits: Black paper from Snapping & Scrapping, stamped alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz, staples by Shabby Princess, photo from web, font is Typewriter Scribbled

Eight years ago today I was in India, sitting in my school staff room, watching the World Trace Center towers come down.  It was a moment I will never forget.  I sat there in total disbelief, feeling all sorts of emotions — pride, fear, wonder, rage, uncertainty.  It was a day that changed my home country forever.  It was a day that changed me.

Rewind another 15 years to the Challenger space shuttle crash.  I was in third grade, I think.  I sat in the school lunch room, probably ignoring my food, as I watched the shuttle make its launch.  And then, just as soon as it began it was over.  Another day that will always be with me.

As scrapbookers, we record a lot of stories.  We tell stories of good days, bad days, and every day moments.  We tell of birthdays, vacations, milestones.  But what about the REALLY big days?  The days that have changed history.  The days that will end up in our children’s text books.  Have we told the story from where we stood?

For Americans, September 11, 2001 is a day we won’t soon forget. Today marks 8 years since our homeland was attacked.  I am sure it brings back a flood of emotions and memories that should be recorded.  I know someday my grandkids will wonder where I was and what I was doing.  And now they will know.

I encourage you, no matter what your nationality, to take some time to scrap some of the big days in history. Maybe it was an election day.  Maybe it was a day of national disaster.  Maybe it was day that seemed normal and yet changed everything. Whatever it is, tell the story.  Yours is unique and it is worth being preserved.


Lifting a Layout?


When I (Karen) first began to explore digiscrapping, I had never paper scrapped. The only tools I had to get my started were Photoshop Elements (which I quickly discovered didn’t come with instructions) and one old scrapbooking magazine. Once I figured out the basics of how to create a layout, I was anxious to scrap practically every photo I’d ever taken. The problem was I wasn’t really sure what a good page should look like, so, naturally, I began by trying to design pages based on what I saw in that one magazine.

When I discovered sites like DigiShopTalk where people were discussing my new obsession, I realized that I’d been scraplifting without realizing it.

In a nutshell, scraplifting can run the gamut from a nearly identical copy (even using the same kit or supplies) of a layout created by someone else to a source of inspiration for overall composition, color scheme, title work or even just placement of a few key elements.

There are different schools of thought about scraplifting. Some scrappers find it difficult to be “boxed in” by another scrapper’s design. Others find it easier to use templates. Plenty (myself included) regularly turn to scraplifting when looking for inspiration.

There aren’t too many hard and fast rules when it comes to scraplifting. If you’re creating pages that you’ll never share with anyone other than your family, you can pretty much feel free lift away. If you plan to share your pages in online galleries, though, it’s considered proper etiquette to note that your page is a scraplift in your credits. If it’s not a complete lift, you can say “inspired by…” It’s especially nice to link to the original page (if it’s also posted online) and even to leave a comment or send a quick note the scrapper you’ve “lifted.” Most find it quite flattering to hear that someone’s found inspiration in their work!

One of my favorite aspects of scraplifting is that different layout artists can create so many different looks from the same original page.

To demonstrate what I mean, The Daily Digi artists decided to scraplift Janet’s favorite layout:

Check out different pages we created from Janet’s original:

by Amy
CREDITS: Anne deJong Chromaphobia (kraft paper), Tracy Ann Robinson’s Autumn Blossom Aged papers, Tracy Ann Robinson’s Say it with Flowers, Janet Phillips A Little Eclectic template (altered), Miss Mint notebook paper strip, Diane Rigdon’s Brackets, Shabby Miss Jen’s hinge, Julia Makotinsky’s funky tag, Leora Sanford’s starter labels, Jacque Larson’s Cozy Crush alpha

by Katie
CREDITS: Rachel Young Glee, fonts are CK footnote and Fontologie Giggles

by Jackie
CREDITS: Amy Wolff’s Downtown Loft from The Digi Files #7, CD Muckosky’s Serendipity font

by Dunia
CREDITS: Date Stamps by Amber Clegg, Stamped Bracket by Amber Clegg, Falling for You by Gina Cabrera, Zig Zag Stitches by Anna Aspnes, Basic Neutrals Papers by Dúnia (me), Word Art from Curiouser & Curiouser by Paislee Press

by Karen
CREDITS: Stephanie 2 word art, Darcy Baldwin Christy font and Julie Makotinsky Awaiting Autumn kit from The Digi Files #7; Mira Designs Teeny Tiny Typewriter alpha; Audrey Neal Distressed Alpha; Lauren Grier Layered Up in You Edges and Snips; Lauren Reid Big Ol’ Bracket, Cut Ups and Old Trim Stamps; Two Sisters Artist’s Canvas paint; My Four Hens photo actions; Taylor Made Clearly Stuck tape

If you’re looking for scraplifting challenges to try, Sweet Shoppe Designs, The DigiChick, Scrapbook Graphics and Funky Playground Designs all offer regular challenges — some with prizes or points toward store discounts! There are also blogs that are devoted to scraplifting. A favorite of mine has been Scrapjacked. One of Steph’s favorites, which is no longer doing challenges, but still a great source for inspiration and liftable layotus is Lifts With a Twist. Of course, you can always just browse the galleries for a layout that inspires you or even find an old one of your own to lift!


A Few New Features


We are always working to improve things here at THE DAILY DIGI.  We always have lots of dreams and plans and the main one is just to KEEP GETTING BETTER.  One of those ways that we have done that is by adding two new features.

1) YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: This handy little feature brings up past articles, often in the same category, that might interest you.  When a site like ours posts every day, it is easy to miss posts, to start reading late, or to forget about something.  This handy little list of related posts will be at the end of every post, encouraging you to go back and read some stuff you might have missed.  I keep seeing articles I forgot I wrote!

2) SHARE THIS: We’ve had this installed for a few weeks but I just wanted to point it out to you.  At the end of each post you will see a SHARE THIS icon.  When you click on it, this is what you will see


By clicking on any of the icons in the window, you can instantly share great posts, inspiration and ideas via your favorite social media.  Maybe you want your friends to see a layout of yours that was spotlighted — why not put it on your Facebook Page?  Like to Tweet?  There is a Twitter button to share your cool finds.  Scared you won’t remember to come back to the article?  You can email it to yourself.


These are just two ways we are working to make THE DAILY DIGI a great place for you to be!  What else can we do to make this a better place?


A Little About Me

A few people have commented here and there that they would like to know more about me.  I try to keep this blog personable, but not too much “me” in it.  However, as I was reading old stuff on my personal blog I came across a series of posts I did about two years ago called “BETCHA DIDN’T KNOW.”  I did three of them, each listing 50 random things about me.  I thought I would post the first set here for those of you who are curious.  Notes in red are things that have changed since I did this in summer 2007.  The original list is HERE.

  1. I always paint my toenails the same color. It’s called I’M NOT REALLY A WAITRESS. (The bottle I brought with me overseas dried up and I haven’t been able to find it here.  Oh how I miss that gorgeous red stuff!)
  2. I never paint my fingernails.
  3. I have a brother who was adopted
  4. My mom swears she was born with six toes.
  5. I was born in Manassas, Virginia.
  6. By the time I was in college, I had only eaten 4 hamburgers in my entire life.  Now I eat maybe four a year.  (Since inheriting a part time cook, I eat A LOT more hamburgers than this.  She makes the BEST burgers!)
  7. I have never eaten a McDonald’s hamburger.
  8. When I go to McDonald’s, I used to order Chicken McNuggets.  Now I get the chicken selects with Ranch…YUM! (What I wouldn’t give for Chicken Selects right now…too bad they don’t exist here.  You CAN get fried chicken at every McDonald’s though.  Too bad I don’t like it!)
  9. I started drinking coffee when I was 8
  10. Part of a fort that I built with my friends when I was ten is still there today (or it was a few weeks ago when I went to visit)
  11. In high school, I was voted “Late for everything” in the senior mock elections.
  12. When I was in sixth grade I ran for a class office (secretary I think). I lost and never ran for anything ever again.
  13. I played high school volleyball.
  14. I spent hours in the Colorado Mountains waiting for search and rescue to find us (my friend was hurt).  We then walked down a mountain at 2 o’clock in the morning.
  15. I have been to 45 46 out of the 50 states (I think).  I am missing North Dakota, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi or Louisiana, and one of the New England States. (I have now been to Mississippi).
  16. I have been to eleven different countries: US, Canada, India, Israel, Jordan, Holland, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan.  (Make that 13 — add in the Philippines and Indonesia)
  17. I spent a semester in college studying in Jerusalem — one of the best decisions I ever made.
  18. I took gymnastics when I was little and will always regret quitting.
  19. I also played soccer
  20. I was in the first play I ever tried out for — a children’s theater production of Winnie the Pooh.  It was the theater’s first performance.  I was in one more play after that and then chickened out too much to ever try out again.
  21. I played the cello for three years.  Loved it.
  22. I like flavored creamer but not flavored coffee.
  23. I majored in psychology and while I loved it I wish I had majored in something more employable.
  24. I can’t draw.
  25. I was a lifeguard for six years but I don’t like swimming.
  26. I had the name Alaina Marie picked out in high school.
  27. My maiden name is Bryan.  It is now Caleb’s middle name.
  28. My extended relatives all call me Janet Lynn.  My best friend from High School calls me Jan Lynn.  My mom calls me Jan Jan.
  29. I suffered from depression for 7 years.
  30. When I was a senior in high school some friends and I on a whim joined Odyssey of the Mind.  We won second place regionals, first place state, and third place in the World Finals. We won first place for the creative section of the competition, the part that I conceived.
  31. I got a D+ in College Prep English but my teacher made me apply for AP (even though you had to have a B or better to apply). I will never forget her for that. I actually tried in AP.
  32. I kissed my first boy in second grade.  He was “going out” with seven other girls at the time.
  33. I had my first real boyfriend in seventh grade.  It lasted three weeks.
  34. I dated three guys when I was in eighth grade (one of them twice).
  35. I had one boyfriend in ninth grade for four months.
  36. I dated another guy in tenth grade for a year and half and was in love with him for the next six years.
  37. I prayed that the next guy I dated would be “the one”…I didn’t date again (not through lack of desire!) until Jason. God answers prayers.
  38. I have really, really bad eczema.  I am embarrassed to show my legs.  I usually have bandaids on my fingers.
  39. In high school my favorite show was Beverly Hills 90210.  I taped every episode and watched them over and over again.  I could probably still quote them now. (And I will admit to watching a few episodes of the new 90210, just to see what the “old” characters are up to).
  40. I hated loading dishwashers until I figured out the gloves prevented me from touching all the yucky stuff.
  41. The day that I gave in and told God I would consider adoption was the day that my pregnancy with Alaina was dated by. Sometimes He just wants us to give in and be willing.
  42. Jason and I owned goats when we were first married.  We bought two — Billy and Bob.  Bob died so we bought another one — called her Bobby Sue.  We had to get rid of them when we moved to India.  We would love to get goats again. And no, we are not farm people.  Goats are just great pets.
  43. Before digi scrapping all I knew about computers was to write a paper and send an email.
  44. I went six months without buying any digi scrapping materials. I lived off of Shabby Princess freebies and then when I bought my first kit i was her collab with Gina Cabrera — Compassion.
  45. I have a very keen sense of knowing people…I don’t get duped easily and I see through people.  It makes me feel judgemental, but I usually end up being right.
  46. The only time in my life I have watched soaps was my freshman year of college. I watched Days of our Lives and even skipped class if I thought something good was going to happen.  Haven’t watched it since.
  47. I took college algebra for fun.
  48. I use Blistex every day. I have done it for the last 12 years.  I keep them in “strategic locations” around the house so there is always one nearby.
  49. When I was in fourth grade, my mom let my sister cut my hair.  I went from below shoulder length hair to a top-of-the-ear length wedge cut by the end of the day.  My dad cried.  I have never
    had anything above my shoulders since.  Probably never will.  It was humiliating.
  50. I have chronic fatigue syndrome.

And here is an ALL ABOUT ME layout I did back then. Some things never change! Ha!


A Trip Through the Gallery


I will get to scrap sometime.  At least, that is what I keep telling myself.  I have good intentions but life with four kids, homeschooling, keeping the site running, driving all over everywhere getting kids (and adults!) where they need to go, etc. eats up my time.  And sadly, I admit defeat and I finally decided to see what the hype over LOST was about.   Now my evenings, when I have a bit of time, are consumed with wasting time watching an interesting show.  And I seriously need help, because I am only on Season One.  So, the other day I decided that since I can’t get myself inspired with scrap magazines any more (insert very sad face here), what I needed was a nice trip through the galleries.  And it worked…I was scrapping within an hour! Here is just some of the inspiration I found.














Saving the World’s Women

the-undigi1Earlier this week I came across an amazing..truly amazing…article from the New York times about how empowering and helping women can really change the world.  The article is long, but truly worth the read.  It emphasizes things such as by putting money into the hands of women in developing countries (rather than into mens’), more money will be spent on education, food, and medical care.  People who are well-fed, healthy, and educated will go on to benefit society.  Many micro-finance organizations are working exclusively with women for this very reason.  The entire article shows the potential of families, cities, countries — and yes, the world — when women are given the chance to make something of themselves.


Read the article HERE.

New Releases


It has been a LONG time since I have shared some new releases that have caught my eye. So, as you many of you head into a holiday weekend, I wish you happy shopping and happy scrapping.

(All images are linked)










Doing the Happy Dance {reading unread messages in Gmail}


I feel like the woman in that picture.  Yes, I certainly do.  I have found success at my computer today.


You read that right.  ZERO.  I haven’t seen my inbox at zero since oh, I don’t know…OCTOBER??

Here was my problem.  It is so secret that I love, love, LOVE Gmail.  Here is a whole post on it. However, I have had one major issue with them.  For as long as I have used Gmail, I have never been able to find a way to view all of my unread email at once.  Now, in a perfect world, I wouldn’t have any unread email, but this is not a perfect world and I have maintained a steady number of 30 on my inbox at all times. I get thousands of emails a month and I just did NOT feel like wading through a year of email to find those little suckers.  Gmail, though great in every other way imaginable, has totally dropped the ball on this one.  However, once again, the internet came to my rescue.


After thinking, “phew, my email box is empty” and then seeing that 30 still glaring at me, I did a quick Google search: “viewing all unread emails in gmail.”  And ladies and gentlemen, I found a solution!  WOO HOO.

The first site that I read said that to view your unread emails, type

label: unread

into your search box


I was excited as I saw my unread email all sorted together.  Unfortunately, there was another problem.  This filter gave me all my unread messages, including automatically archived emails and folders.  So I was having to wade through tons of “So and So has placed an order at THE DAILY DIGI” emails that normally don’t go to my inbox.  I sifted through them for a while, catching a few little buggers who weren’t TDD orders and was able to widdle my inbox down to about 25.  About to admit defeat once again,  I decided to look at what other results my Google search yielded and I found the golden nugget:

label: (unread inbox)

And then faster than I could blink, the last 25 of my unread emails were all right there in front of me. A few quick glances, one star and archive, lots of delete and voila! EMPTY INBOX.


Please imagine my giddy dance.  I just did it again. Maybe I will video my happy dance and we can all reminisce about this guy


Letterpress Posters


I (Steph) love the look and feel of  Letterpress posters!!  I think the process in which they are made is amazing!  Someday, I hope to go watch some letterpress machines at work in real life. I’m sure to some that would be the same as watching paint dry, but it sounds simply exciting to me!  I discovered some amazing letterpress posters a while back and posted about one of them on my blog.  I ended up purchasing that poster and it happened to arrive the same day that I was teaching my son about the Guttenburg Press in homeschool history :).  I am now working on getting it framed (affordably) and can’t wait to hang it in my house!

I wanted to share some other fun letterpress posters I found with you.  Enjoy!

This first one is one that we can probably all appreciate 🙂


I love the proverb in this one AND the fun design inspired by hair:


I love the reminder in small print at the bottom of this one:


For those that wear their heart on their sleeve:


For Disney fans, my sister sent me a link for this letterpress poster by one of the peeps we grew up with, there will be a series of them.  You can see some great photos of his process here.


Lastly, if you would like to try making your own artwork from typeforms (okay, we do it in Photoshop all the time, right?) there is this really fun site here (careful, it’s addicting).  Look what I made my first try:


I LOVE type and find it easy to be inspired by it!  I love even more how much feeling and emotion can be communicated through printed words…sometimes even just one word.  I hope you enjoyed some of the letterpress eye candy today as well!