A Little Peek

Happy Monday to everyone…it is holiday time in my part of the world so we are resting, relaxing, and scrapping! I have had so much fun playing around with THE DIGI FILES 7 this month! I just love working different designers stuff, trying new things, stretching myself. I hope you have enjoyed this collection as much as I have. We have shown you quite a bit and we still have three more SPONSOR SPOTLIGHTS to show you. If you haven’t already seen what’s inside…you’re gonna love it! We won’t be doing a Sponsor Spotlight on the stuff I created (you already know me!) or what Steph2 created (we already did a Sponsor Spotlight on them!) However, I DO want you to get a peek at what we made. First up are Steph2’s awesome SENTIMENTS collection 3.


I just love the way word art inspires me. Sometimes I get stuck and don’t have an idea for a layout…but word art gives me a starting point and I LOVE that. I usually end up creating layouts that I wouldn’t have otherwise done! This pack and the little phrase, “The Best is Yet to Come” inspired me to create a layout for my daughter that has been brewing in my heart for a while.

thebestisyettocome_web450Credits: Sentiments 3 by Steph 2 (TDF7), template by Janet Phillips (TDF7), 7 Days by Ziska, stitching by Syrin, Date stamps by Amber Clegg, brad by Shabby Princess, font is DJB Janet (custom font).
Journaling (because some readers have mentioned wanting to be able to read journaling): The past was amazing…the present is unbelievable…and I know the best is yet to come. That’s how life is with you sweet girl. At just three months, I was sure I was the luckiest woman in the world with the most wonderful baby in the world. You were smiley, happy, even tempered, sweet, loving, and full of wonder. I didn’t know how it would be possible to love you any more than I did at that moment. And then you grew…in height and in heart. And that sweet nature kept growing with it. Now, at six years old, you are the most amazing little girl I could ever dream of. You are smart, creative, kind, sensitive, helpful, repentant, loving, forgiving, understanding, other-focused and Christlike. I didn’t know so much could be part of one little heart. And so, I know that as much as I love you now, I know the best is yet to come. I know that the heart that is within you will continue to grow and change as you become the woman that God created you to be. And I can’t wait to see who that is and what He has in store for you. You were created for something amazing — of that I am sure. I feel like I know a little of what Mary felt like to be the mother of Jesus…awed, humbled, and totally excited to see what great things are in store.

And here is a peek at the templates in THE DIGI FILES 7:


katie-love_web450Credits: Template by Janet Phillips (TDF7), All You Need is Love by Dani Mogstad, stitching by Syrin, LOVE word art by Paislee Press


And here is another layout using one of these templates and totally inspired by the Sentiments. I definitely feel like my PHOTO A DAY project has helped me celebrate the everyday…every day. I LOVE that!

april_2pageforwebCredits: Sentiments 3 by Steph 2(TDF7), template by Janet Phillips (TDF7), Months by Steph2, Scrapping & Snapping kit (no longer available)

If you haven’t picked up THE DIGI FILES 7, be sure to do so soon! Just nine more days and they are gone! And don’t forget to scrap…it does a heart good!


If you Enjoyed Steph’s Post about Type


If you enjoyed Steph’s post a while back on letterpress and type, you should really check out THIS site.  My kids and I entertained ourselves for quite a while.  The genius behind this is staggering.  The type, the animation, everything.  So fun as I spend the weekend at a Safari Park with all sorts of animals 🙂  Hope your Sunday is a good one!


And while you are reading this, I am probably doing this:





We’re back with another MORE WITH FOUR challenge! I think this is one of my favorite parts of the site! I love seeing what people can do when we reduce product and pump up creativity! By limiting what you can use, you are forced to move beyond “the norm” and try things that may be new to you. The end result is usually a page you love. THE DIGI FILES 7 are just packed with inspiration. I had a hard time narrowing things down to just FOUR products! But here you go! If you want to join in the fun, post a link to your page before Wednesday and have a chance to win a 5 pack of $10 coupons to sponsoring designer stores!


Here is the basic set of guidelines:

  • You will be given four digital products.
  • You are to create a layout or hybrid project using these four products only
  • For a digital layout, in addition to these items you can use staples, paper tears or tearing actions, and fonts
  • You can alter the items shown as long as the item is still recognizable.

You need to use some of each of the items.

All of these items are part of the THE DIGI FILES 7 and can be purchased RIGHT HERE.


kids_familymemories_03_webLayout by Jacki: Font is DJB MarlaScript

kelly_viewLayout by Kelly: The fonts I used were DJB Heather E and Marla Script.
And I used the staple from PODD School Stuff from the Daily Digi 7

ana_morewithfourLayout by Ana: Staple School Stuff, Pamela Donnis (in TDF 7) and Fonts: DJB Christy, DJB Marla Script and LDJ Whimsey Outline (title)

sam-feels-like-fall-091609Layout by Karen

trip-to-camp_webLayout by Janet: DJB Marla Script; staple by Shabby Princess


Now it’s YOUR turn!


SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT — Julia Makotinsky

Spot Lit Wall

Funky…unique…cool colors…hand drawn awesomeness…all of that (and more!) is Julia Makotisnky.  We are SO excited to have Julia with us this month at THE DAILY DIGI.  For so long I have admired her work at Little Dreamer Designs…so unique, so full of fun and funky elements, so much creativity!  I can’t wait to show you some of my favorite products, starting with the AWESOME kit she created for THE DIGI FILES 7.  If you weren’t craving fall already, you will be now!


Aren’t those just the richest and FUN fall colors?  And her hand drawn doodles are just incredible!  Here are some layouts by THE DAILY DIGI team (and you will get to see some more peaks in tomorrow MORE WITH FOUR post!)  If you aren’t sure what THE DIGI FILES are all about, you can read about it HERE.  You can purchase this kit (and a bunch more that is inside!) right HERE.

katie_juliamakotinskyLayout by Katie: Awaiting Autumn from THE DIGI FILES 7. Kaye Winiecki template pack 05
jo_thanksgivingretreat_00_webLayout by Katie: Awaiting Autumn from THE DIGI FILES 7. Serendipity by CD Muckosky
mika_wishingforautumn_09_webLayout by Jacki: Awaiting Autumn from THE DIGI FILES 7 and Autumn paper pack by Julia at LDD
max-i-just-love-you-090709Layout by Karen: Awaiting Autumn from THE DIGI FILES 7. Lauren Reid Bitty Stitchies Vol. 2, Cut Ups, Old Trim Stamp, Brush It Vol. 2; Ali Edwards word art
human-horse_webLayout by Janet: Awaiting Autumn from THE DIGI FILES 7. Shmootzy alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz



My name is Julia Makotinsky.

I was born in Russia, Moscow, and I lived half of my life there.  At 18 My family and I came to US, and I lived my other half in New York. I love the City, I graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology as an Illustrator. Best years of my life! I’ve been married for over 15 years, we met in NY and been together since 1992. I love my family, my friends and my 2 cats.

This is my second year with Little Dreamer Designs, and I LOVE it there!!!  I always loved designing, painting, drawing, creating something new, so scrapbook design is my passion. I enjoy the whole process of designing my products, and I have fun with it. I hope you’ll enjoy playing and designing with my kits as much as I do.

STORE: Julia Makotinsky at Little Dreamer Designs

I started designing because I always loved looking through our family albums.  After using other designer’s products to make my photo books more personal I wondered if I could do something similar and even more personal myself.  I began playing with different techniques, textures, learning more, creating more.  There was an Apprentice program at Little Dreamer Designs last year, so I decided to give it a try and learn from the best. Even though I am a designer now, I still keep learning and trying something new every day.

I’ve been designing for a little more than 2 years now, but I’ve been drawing and painting for over 10 years now.

I would say that I’m both: scrapper and designer. I never liked the idea of looking at my family photos on the computer, so I design photo books with my kits.

I spend most of my time behind computer, I design Wedding albums as well. The only time I’m not at the computer is when I paint or draw something new for my next kit. I like mixing digital creations with hand painted elements or papers.

My favorite product would be “Spooky Town”. I always loved Halloween, and dressing up for it, so I had a lot of fun designing this kit.


My best selling kit would have to be “French Country kit”


1. My family
2. Spending time with my friends, especially outdoors.
3. Love my 2 cats, always loved cats
4. Rainbows, always wait till they fade away, I just can’t stop looking at
all the beautiful colors in the sky.
5. Home cooked meals, especially during holidays.
6. Snow, snow, snow, LOVE the snow and lots of it. We don’t have mush of it
here in NY, and I miss it.
7. Christmas Tree, love the smell of fresh Christmas tree in my house, and putting
all the decorations makes me feel like a little girl every year.
8. A cup of hot sweet black tea with lemon, especially when I have a designer’s block,
helps me think 🙂
9. Knitting, especially during winter.
10. Designing and creating jewelry, I love bold designs, big stones and silver, always loved silver!

1. When my computer decides to play “I don’t feel like working properly today” game.
2. Public transportation, sometimes it’s easier to get to the City using subway, don’t like it.
3. Any type of insects, don’t mind them outside, but not inside my home.
4. Mosquito bites, they just seem to love me a lot 🙂
5. Any kind of paper work, paying bills, writing papers, etc.
6. Lack of sense of humor
7. Anger
8. Humid weather
9. Getting up too early in the morning
10. Outside noise, car alarms.


And now let’s look at some of my favorite stuff from Julia’s shop!










And some inspiration…







Thank you, Julia, SO MUCH for being with us this month!  We think you are so incredibly talented and can’t wait to see what you come out with next!


It’s That Time of Year – Calendars!


As digital scrappers, we LOVE to make and give personalized calendars as gifts! I started seeing posts in the forums about them in July and I also started thinking about what I wanted to do for my calendars this year, shortly after that. Not to mention, we did talk about it a little bit here during our Christmas in July. I know from years past that if I don’t get my calendars totally finished by October, it isn’t going to happen! So, today’s post will hopefully inspire you, help you assemble your calendars quickly, and even answer some questions. This post will be separated into three areas:

  • Calendar Products
  • Making a Calendar (with instruction for the calendar above as well as some types to help it go quickly)
  • Calendar Printing

Calendar Products

I emailed all of our past sponsors and asked them what calendar they have on the market for 2010 (images are linked). Many designers aren’t going to be releasing new calendar products until October and I will include those links after the images. 🙂

Mari Koegelenberg has this template set:


There is also a tutorial for creating this album at The Hybrid Chick:


Wendy has these:




Jacque has this:


Misty just released these babies last Saturday:



Amy Martin has these tops and bottoms which come in both 8.5×11 and A4. Amy is also giving TDD readers an exclusive coupon for these calendars :):

for 8.5x11s
additional 25% off
coupon code – tddcalcoupon8x11
good one time use only on 8.5×11
until 9/30

additional 25% off
coupon code – tddcalcouponA4s
good one time use only on A4
until 9/30alb_2010calendarpreview_450x

I have wanted a simple 4×6 calendar that has a spot for a photo AND the calendar on ONE 4×6, so I pleaded with Janet to make me a set of templates. She was so sweet to accomidate my request with these:


Stephanie was equally sweet to doodle up the months and then some so I could perform digi-magic on the doodles and create some papers to match (and they are 40% off) 🙂



You can also look for new 2010 calendar products coming soon from these designers:

Kitty Chen

Amy Hutchinson

Heather Ann

Shabby Miss Jenn

Michelle Filo (will have some really fun hybrid calendars) and Michelle always gives away a calendar freebie on her blog.

Zoe Pern

Vera Lim Design

Making a Caledar

In the past, I have created many different types of calendars (I made my first scrapped calendar in 1997). There are a few things I have learned over the years (the hard way, unfortunately) that I thought I would share:

  • Only include your family. When I first started making calendars as gifts for grandparents, I spent hours and hours emailing family members begging for photos from them to include their children too. After two years in a row of this, I decided to only include MY children and it made things much easier.
  • Do a photoshoot with the people you want to feature in the calendar, dressed in neutral colors. In the past, I tried to find photos taken during the actual month the photo was going to be in the calendar and it took a lot of time to search for a photo that was taken in May AND coordinated with May on the quickpage calendar I was using. We had a family photoshoot with my family before we moved (we did the photos on the beach with our island we lived on in the background). The photographer that I used (and have been using for the last six years) burned all of the photos to a CD for me and I used those as fillers in my calendar when I didn’t quickly find a photo for that month. This worked out really well and saved me hours (this years calendar was the quickest to create taking me 3 hours for the digital part and 15 minutes for the assembly)!
  • Use one calendar for both sets of grandparents. In the past, I created two different calendars by using photos with each set of grandparents and the kids and it gets quite confusing, not to mention time consuming. Just include your family and that will make all of the receivers happy!
  • Plan ahead. During 2010, when you come across a photo you love and know it will work perfectly for a calendar, copy/paste it into a calendar folder and rename it with the month you will want to use it. I have not ever done this yet, but intend to during 2010 and am willing to bet that my calendars will be a snap next year!
  • Will the receiver appreciate the gift? Don’t go to so much work if the receivers won’t appreciate the time it takes and love the gift (this is when gift certificates are best). That’s all I will say about that 😉

There are many scrappers out there that decide to give digital a try for the first time by doing a calendar as a gift. If this describes you, then you can learn about how to create the digital part of the calendar using a template by following the links at the end of this post. If you want to create a calendar using a quickpage, then you can follow this tutorial here.


For this calendar, I used the templates by Janet, Months & Months, and Months and Days Handwritten Words. I also used some adhesive, a corner rounder, some Teresa Collins Bracket Shape Covers, Zutter binding wire, and my Zutter Bind-it-all (you do not NEED this, you could use o-rings and a hole punch instead, found at your office supply store).

After assembling the digital part here is what I did:

  1. I printed on 4×6’s with a lustre finish at my favorite place to print (Costco)
  2. I then punched the bracket covers and my calendar pages
  3. I rounded the corner of the 4×6 cover
  4. Then, I glued the cover photo to the outside of the bracket cover.
  5. Lastly, I bound all of them with the wire and my Zutter


You could dress this up by tying some ribbons on the binding or o-rings, but I wanted my cover to fold all the way to the back, so I left them off.

Printing Calendars

There are many places and ways to get your calendars printed, depending on the size. As I said above, for this calendar, I just printed on 4×6’s at Costco. I prefer to send my printing out because I have found it holds up better and the colors are more rich. You could, however, print at home if you want.

It seems that people have the most difficult time finding a way to print calendars that have custom bottoms as well a tops like Amy’s (pictured above). Here are three options I have found:

Mpix – Just bring in your calendar bottom and send theirs to the back, leaving yours as the one that is visible.

MyPicTails – Several different sizes and options including CD calendars

Artscow – a few different sizes and options, great prices, located in Hong Kong so take shipping time into consideration.

Our team agreed that no calendar post would be complete without mentioning the calendars at Something Blue Studios. I haven’t done these yet, but the team raved about them!! 🙂

Hopefully, you are feeling inspired and ready to start working on those calendars. If you have some unique calendars you would like to share or questions that are still not answered, post them in the comments! We love it when our readers share! 🙂


P.S. If you are a designer and would like the opportunity to be a sponsor at The Daily Digi, please see our “Looking For” page.

Tweet Tweet!

tweet_tdf7Supplies by Holly Designs from TDF7 during Sept,2009 font Giggles by Fontologie

Did you know that The Daily Digi is now on twitter? You can follow us at https://twitter.com/dailydigi

Twitter is a fun and busy place where users exchange information and ideas in short little snippets of 140 characters or less. I (Katie) have to admit that I resisted the whole twitter thing for a long time. I just didn’t “get it” and I saw it as another time-sucking internet wasteland (which it can be). I finally just decided to jump in and give it a try and now twitter is a wonderful part of my inspiration toolbox and I’ve come to enjoy it as a community member as well.

Whether you are an avid tweeter yourself, or if Twitter seems strange and overwhelming, I would love to share some ways that it can be a great resource for you as a digiscrapper and/or memory keeper. I thought it would be most helpful to categorize the ideas into 3 sections based on if you are new to twitter, a somewhat active twitter member, or an avid tweet-manaic like me.

New to twitter and not too sure about the whole thing:

  • Start small and don’t feel like you have to “get it” right away. I would suggest you open your own twitter account but you don’t have to do that if you are not quite comfortable with the idea yet. If you do sign up for a twitter account, all you need is your email and a user name. It’s free and you don’t even have to do any tweeting if you don’t want to or you can protect your tweets so no one can see them unless you invite them to. You will probably change your mind about this as time goes on, but this is a good starting point.
  • Follow at least a few people that are interested in the same things you are. In this case, I would suggest that you follow The Daily Digi because you obviously like getting good information and links pertaining to digital scrapbooking and memory keeping in general. If you want to branch out from there, you will most likely enjoy the people that we here at The Daily Digi follow. You can find them here.
  • If you don’t want to open a twitter account you can simply bookmark these twitter accounts to check on, or even add each one to your RSS reader because each twitter account has a RSS feed. You don’t have to be a registered twitter member to read tweets, but you will probably enjoy it more if you are.
  • What now? Just watch the people you are following and see what kinds of things they tweet about. Click on the links they post about because you will find some really fun ideas and great information. We tweet about sales from our current and past sponsors as well as pointing out useful articles and tips for digiscrapping.
  • If you want to find more people to follow, try checking out your favorite users follow lists for ideas.
  • Are you interested in tweeting back? Then go on to the next section. If not, then you will be plenty happy just using these tips to find fun things on twitter.

I’m on twitter now and I’m starting to see why it might be fun to start participating:

  • If you haven’t opened a twitter account, now is the time to take the plunge. Just sign up and pick a picture for your avatar and select one of their backgrounds.
  • If you like a tweet you find you can Re-Tweet it. This means you add the letters RT and then copy the link and put it in your own twitter stream. You will want to keep as much of the original tweet intact as possible and also credit the original tweeter. This is why it is smart to keep tweets under the 140 character limit so they can be easily re-tweeted. Here’s an example of a tweet by The Daily Digi that I re-tweeted in my own account.

This is what The Daily Digi tweeted: Scrapping 9/11 and other historical events –I Remember – http://shar.es/1XQjs #digiscrap #scrapbooking

This is what I did to retweet this information. RT @dailydigi: Scrapping 9/11 and other historical events –I Remember – http://shar.es/1XQjs #digiscrap #scrapbooking

The RT stands for ReTweet. The @ symbol before the twitter name of daily digi means I’m showing where the tweet came from and it also lets The Daily Digi know I’m passing this on.

  • Did you just freak out a little when you saw the strange looking URL? I did too at first! Let me explain a few important things. All URLS are usually shortened on twitter so you don’t use up all your 140 characters on the link. How do you do this? Use a URL shortner like http://bit.ly/ or a separate tweeting program. I will talk more about those in the next section.
  • What about all those # signs? Those are called hashtags and they are a way to let other readers find your tweets based on subject matter. If you search twitter for “digiscrap” then you will find any tweet with the word digiscrap typed in it or hashtagged with #digiscrap. It’s a simple way to keep things more organized. The most useful hashtags for me are the following: #digiscrap, #scrapbook, #scrapbooking, and there are some good hashtags for photographers here. Some photographers also use #togs for short. Don’t get carried away with hashtags though as they can be overdone. Don’t ever use them for spamming which means putting them in the tweet when they don’t belong there like putting #michaeljackson in a post about gardening just to get more viewers.
  • If you want to enjoy twitter as a community, you will need to respect general twitter etiquette. There is a really good article on twitiquette on Global Geek News. Just like anyplace on the internet, it is important to remember that what you type is public, even if you delete it. Use common sense and don’t tweet about things like how much you hate your job because chances are your boss will find out.

I’m right at home with all my Tweeple and I’ve started talking to my family in sentences no longer than 140 characters:

  • It is fun to make friends on twitter. If someone posts helpful links then send them an @ reply saying something like “Thanks for the scrapbook tip @ktscrapbooklady!” Then your message will show up in their twitter stream and they might even message you back a “you’re welcome @dailydigi!” You can always check your @replies in the sidebar of your twitter page. You will want to do a lot of retweeting to establish good relationships and it is also nice to suggest the people you like to follow as recommendations once in a while. Many users will do this on Friday as part of the #followfriday trend.
  • If you are a serious Twitter user you will probably want to use some 3rd party software to help you keep it all straight. I absolutely love TweetDeck which is a free program that helps you stay organized on Twitter and you can even see facebook updates on it as well. Some other great Twitter tools include Social Oomph (where you can schedule tweets ahead of time – I use the free version) and you can also link other services like a typepad blog or your delicious bookmarks to automatically post to twitter. It is literally impossible these days to keep up with all the innovative tools for using twitter. If you are a power tweeter than you should check out mashable’s Twitter Toolbox and Twitter Toolbox 2 posts. If you have an iphone or use a mobile device with applications, you might want to download a twitter app for it so you can tweet on the go.

A final thought to consider:

Twitter can be addicting, especially if you are on it throughout the day or have access on a mobile device or phone. Personally, I think it’s a bit sad when people spend the whole time they are doing something tweeting about it. One afternoon I saw a lady tweet about each step her kids took on the playground and I really wanted to message her and say, put down your phone and go play with your kids instead of tweeting about them! If you tend to get obsessive about technology (I’m guilty of this at times) keep in mind that twitter is something that should be regulated, just like any activity. Don’t let it rule your life.



Spot Lit Wall

Our very own TDD Artist team member AMY WOLFF is here with us this month as one of our sponsoring designers.  I am SO excited to have Amy.  Not only is she a fabulous scrapper, but she is an amazing designer too.  Her deep and rich color palettes totally make me swoon!  There is just something so cozy and comfy about her designs…totally down to earth and they are just so me.  I have a bunch of stuff I want to show you but first I want you to see what she created for THE DIGI FILES 7!


Isn’t it fabulous?  I had the best time creating with this kit. Here is what I came up with:


And here are some more layout from our super talented ARTIST TEAM.

katie_amywolffLayout by Katie: Kaye Winiecki template pack 12, frame by Jen Wilson, CK footnote font and Fontologie Messy Bessy Font
max-expressions-090709Layout by Karen
awolff-tdf7-duniaLayout by Dunia.  Downtown loft by Amy Wolff and Unscripted by Taylormade Designs

You can pick up Amy’s great kit, as well as a ton of other great stuff, in this month’s THE DIGI FILES which you can get RIGHT HERE for just $5.00.  You get a TON of great products from great designers AND you get to help support the site!


Now let’s get to know Amy!


I’ve lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota since I was 3 years old.  My current house  is only a few blocks away from my childhood home and my parents.  I have a very close knit family and my brothers kids are just as important to me as my own.  I’m so lucky!  I live with my husband and three children who are growing up before my eyes!  I just sent them to their first day of 10th, 6th and 4th grades.  I don’t know how that happened?? 🙂

STORE: Amy Wolff at The Lilypad

BLOG: Digitally Designed

I started dabbling in designing as a member of rakscraps.com in 2005.  I really enjoyed that creative side of digital scrapping and worked really hard to develope my skills before going “pro”.  A random conversation with Natalie Braxton in the fall of 2006 revealed an amazing opportunity to start a store with two of my favorite scrappers of all time, Natalie and Amy Martin.  We started The Lilypad January 1, 2007 and the rest is history!

Just over 4 years

I am definitely both.  Of course I struggle like most designers to find a balance of designing and scrapping, but I really try and scrap as often as I can.  It grounds me and reminds me why I do what I do.

Some weeks I can work 60+ hours and when my back starts acting up I try and back off to just an hour a day.  Lately I’ve had to really modify my schedule to allow some much needed healing.  Designing can literally be back breaking work! 🙂

It’s usually the latest thing I’ve released (like my contribution to this month’s Digi Files) but my kit Urban Farmhouse is very me…my favorite colors, some newsprint, acrylic butterflies, a little distressed but not too much


It’s probably one of my Barely There paper packs



1.My family
2.Starbucks Iced White Mochas
5.New music on my Ipod
6.Picking fresh vegetables from my garden
7.Snuggling with my youngest DS before bed (enjoying that one while I still can)
8.My Mom…my best friend and Saturday morning farmers market/Starbucks companion
9.Laughing everyday (thanks to my nephew Will it’s not hard to do)
10. Hearing my kids laugh

1. Flies in the house
2. Photoshop crashing in the middle of a big project
3. Mean people
4. Finding the toilet paper roll empty
5. Slow drivers
6. Forwarded emails that demand a reply “or else”
7. Spiders…not just bug, but terrify me
8. Boys who aren’t careful when aiming in the bathroom
9. My bad back
10. Not being able to own a dog or cat due to allergies


And now let’s look at some of my favorite products of Amy’s!









And some gorgeous layouts…








Thank you so much, Amy, for being with us as a sponsor at THE DAILY DIGI this month!  I am totally inspired by your work and I know our readers will be too!

And as a THANK YOU to our readers, Amy has this great coupon for her store.  Go grab some goodies!



One From the Archives

After over eight months of great daily posts, we know that some of them are worth posting again. As I was looking at all the school-themed kits I have started to accumulate and seeing all the project I am making for my kids to aid in learning, I thought it would be good to repost Steph’s fabulous ABC’s and 123’s post. There are just so many great school-themed kits right now and I just LOVE getting more use out of my kits. So if you want to make something fun with all those new kits, keep reading! And if you want to see some of these great back to school kits, check HERE and HERE.


Originally posted by Steph, February 26, 2009.

Ten years ago when I (Steph) had my first toddler, I wanted to make an ABC Album for her, but I never got around to it. I didn’t ever get around to it with my second toddler either. Finally, a couple of months ago, I finished my first ABC album for my THIRD toddler. Seeing how much my daughter has enjoyed it, sent me on a quest for anything ABC or 123 and I found some really fun goodies! 🙂


First, let me share my ABC album I made for my toddler. I used an ABC album template set by Janet (no longer available) as my foundation. I used papers and embellies from various kits that coordinated with the photos and I also used the ABC border from Amanda’s “Coconut Tree” kit as a clipping mask on each page.

When the album was finished, I printed out an 8×8 and two 4×4 complete albums (at Costco on the 12×36 canvas, matte finish). I put the 8×8 and one of the 4×4’s in actual albums and then the above photo is what I did with the other 4×4. After trimming, I glued the layouts back to front and then laminated (made it toddler proof), punched a hole and put them on a ring. Lastly, I tied ribbons around the ring.

My daughter hauls this everywhere with her and will often ask me to find mommy, daddy, or elmo. It has been so rewarding for me to see her love this album and makes it worth every minute I spent on it!

You can find that cute ABC border in this kit by Amanda:


Even though Janet’s ABC album that I used is no longer available, don’t lose heart! She added a SUPER CUTE new one to this issue of the The Digi Files! This new template set almost makes me want to do another ABC album! 🙂 (Updated note: this template set was part of THE DIGI FILES back in February but is now available HERE.)


If you would like to do an ABC album, but want to make it even faster, this is a great help! Just add some pictures and maybe a few embellishments:


One of the hardest parts of doing my daughter’s ABC album was coming up with words for each letter. How about some suggestions for some of the letters? THIS SITE has links to many lists for everything from baby ABC’s to Disney and occupations!

One of my favorite ABC projects I found while shopping is this one by Mel Wilson:


I also liked this 123 project, I love the little rhymes that help kids remember how to write the numbers:


I think this combo pack has a lot of potential with different games and albums:jlarsen-abcbooks-pr-6

And the numbers too:


Lastly, I think these would make a great memory game and since they are already sized 4×6, you could just upload them to be printed as they are and get double prints and you are ready to go (could it get any easier?!)


So many fun, fast, and easy projects for the little ones that we love so much! Have fun going hybrid! 🙂


Linky Love

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Even *I* Will Listen to These!


A year or two back, my Mother in law gave us a CD called PARTY LIKE A PRESCHOOLER. I will admit that I probably cringed a little bit.  I have a notorious dislike for “kiddy” music and after a few songs of most kids CD’s I am done.  They just great on my nerves and I can only handle so much.  So it’s no surprise that this CD went unlistened to for quite a while.  Why would I want to torture myself with another annoying playlist of songs?  But one day, someone must have found the CD and we put it in…and to my amazement, I LOVED it.


PARTY LIKE A PRESCHOOLER is a great mix of kids songs with really funky tunes that the kids LOVE and us parents love.  I will admit to even putting it on when the kids were not around.  The kids favorite song, the JAMMIE SONG (click to listen to a clip), is played — and danced to — on a very regular basis.  I also really like FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS and IF YOU’RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT.

So if you are like me, and want kids music that your litle ones love but won’t drive you to the brink of insanity, this CD gets my vote.  You can buy it HERE, HERE, or HERE as an MP3 Download.  It is also available on iTunes.