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It is no secret that I love journaling.  For me, telling the story is what scrapbooking is about.  Although there are times when a photo is all that is needed, I would say 95% of my layouts have quite a bit of journaling on the.  It is just how I scrap.  It is also no secret that I get stuck in a rut with journaling fonts…for a long time it was Century Gothic, dabbled in a few others, and then got stuck on Typewriter Scribbled (ha ha!  So much so that when I Googled the font name, 3 of the top 5 entries were mine — two from THE DAILY DIGI and one from a layout from THE DIGI DARES.)  I also love taking a journaling font and making it BIG and turning it into a title. That said, getting to work with sponsoring designer Darcy Baldwin this month was a great way for me to break out of my rut and try some new fonts…and you know what, it was fun! Darcy has some great fonts out there — I can’t wait to show you!  But first, let’s look at the fonts she created for THE DIGI FILES 7.



You’ve already seen a bunch of layouts using Darcy’s fonts on the MORE WITH FOUR layouts and here are two more!

ana_tdf7Layout by Ana: Font DJB Christy (Darcy Baldwin). Backgrounds and Buttons Downtown Loft (Amy Wolff) and Awaiting Autumn – recolored (Julia Makotinsky). Tag Carefree (Holly Designs). Stitching (Amy Wolff). Sentiments 3 (Stephanie 2). School Days Alpha (Designs by Lili). Template from TDF 6 (Janet Phillips).
first-day-first-grade_web450Layout by Janet: Font (for title and journaling) is DJB Heather E by Darcy Baldwin for TDF7, School Stuff by Pamela Donnis for TDF7, template by Janet Phillips for TDF7


alittleabout-copy6I’m Darcy Baldwin.

I’m the wife of Russ (13 years), and mom to two sweet little men whom we homeschool. We love the learning journey and doing it together. We live near Dallas and embrace our geek lives. Someday – we do hope to move to a small family farm to raise goats and sheep and chickens and grow our own food. Someday…

I love to scrap…started in 2003 after my youngest was born and can’t imagine what it’s going to be like for them when I’m gone…lugging and dealing with the 100’s of albums I’ll probably have done by that time.  Poor guys. I just love the ability to capture our lives and tell those stories of the way we are today….for the future when they really become interested in their history and I might not be able to remember it!

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I was given an opportunity to train under a font legend (Kimberly Geswein) a few years back, and took the opportunity to open my own business to help the family out with all the extras. It’s my passion that families pass on their stories so that in this hectic world where families always seem to live so far apart, we have a way of grounding ourselves with where we came from and who we are. Journaling on scrap pages (especially in your own handwriting for your family to see down the years) is just one way you can do that, and I love being able to help people with that.

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I’m a scrapper…I do design, but I’m a scrapper at heart.

Way too many!

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DJB Angel Baby


1. my boys’ laughter
2. when my husband smiles at me
3. that God truly loves me
4. rainy days
5. books…books…and more books!
6. that I get to be home and learn right along with my little men
7. tex-mex food
8. curling up with my man and a really good movie
9. Sonic Cokes
10. chocolate

1. meanness – in every form
2. that anyone has to suffer
3. having to put away the clean dishes
4. stepping on legos in the middle of the night
5. all 5 million twist ties that come on kids’ toys nowadays.
6. asparagus & cauliflower
7. 4:30 am
8. that I’m at a stage in life where sleeping past 6 am seems to be a thing of the past
9. slugs
10. coconut


And here are some of my favorite Darcy products!


I got a custom font done by Darcy a few years back and I LOVE it.  I save it for my very personal layouts — ones that are my heart on a page. It is good that my handwriting will be preserved on these oh-so-special layouts!








And now for some inspiration!








We just want to take a minute to thank Darcy so much for being here with us this month at THE DAILY DIGI.  We had a last-minute open spot and she jumped right it!

As a THANK YOU to readers, Darcy has a great coupon for you!