Why I Don’t Scrap In Order


My brother in law is visiting from the States and one of the perks of having him come is that he can bring us a bunch of stuff that we have been missing! Parmesan cheese, fruit snacks, good English books. Oh the bliss! One of the first things on my list when I found out he was coming was LAYOUTS! Scrapbook Pictures has been running a sale on 8×8’s for just 99 cents (though I now see that they have officially changed their 8×8 price from $1.99 to $1.49, which isn’t bad!) My brother in law brought me about 150 layouts. Yippee! Now the hard part comes — organizing them and putting them into albums. It would be a MUCH easier process if I scrapped in order, but I don’t, and I never plan on starting. I know some scrappers do scrap in order, and that’s great. But here are my reasons for NOT scrapping in order (though I do put them in albums chronologically).

  • If I don’t scrap in order, I never feel “behind.” I take SO MANY pictures every month, and I always have. I didn’t start scrapping until 2004 — if I had gone back to the beginning I don’t think I would have ever been “caught up.” In my trying to catch up, I would miss the stories of the here and now.
  • I think I would get bored. My attention span isn’t long and if I were scrapping the same time period all the time, I know I would lose interest. By scrapping whatever inspires me at the time, I stay motivated to scrap.
  • I get to scrap photos when I am truly inspired and not just because they are “next in line.” Sometimes a photo speaks deeply to me — but I am not ready to scrap it. Sometimes I have a series of photos that I want to scrap but I haven’t found the perfect kit. Often, something I see in a magazine or online strikes me and I can then go back to a photo and scrap it. My favorite pages are the ones I am inspired to scrap, not the ones I “have” to scrap.
  • By not scrapping in order, I get to relive memories whenever I want or need to. Lately, I have been having some pretty bad “India days” (days I miss India) and it has been very therapeutic for me to go back and scrap some of my India photos. It has met a real need in my heart and I love that.
  • Sometimes, the best stories are told past tense. If we ever get “caught up” and then spend all our time scrapping “the here and now” we might miss some of the story. For example, on September 11th of this year I finally scrapped a layout about what September 11, 2001 meant to me. For me, the story was better told with eyes looking behind. All but the real story has fallen away, allowing me to tell the story as is in my heart right now.
  • I make better use of my kits. Because I don’t scrap in order, I can take one kit and use it multiple times. Because the pages won’t fall anywhere near each other in my albums, it doesn’t matter if they use similar items or colors schemes. Be sure to come back on Wednesday when I will share a lot more on using kits multiple times!

So what about you? Do you scrap in order? Why or why not?


P.S. A BIG congrats to Tamara who was randomly selected to win a 5 pack of $10 coupons to sponsoring designer stores for her MORE WITH FOUR layout! Tamara, if you can email me using the contact button above, I will get your your coupons!