the-undigi1I’m a pretty simple person.  I have simple decorations, a simple wardrobe, and notably, a pretty simple scrapping style.  I haven’t always been this way.  In fact, I used to be a pack rat to the EXTREME.  I kept anything and everything, LOVED to shop, and had collections for all sorts of stuff I didn’t need.

Then one day back in 2001 I was visiting my then 92 year old grandmother (she lived until she was 99).  I was at her house and was overwhelmed with the sense of peace I felt in her home.  I couldn’t put my finger on for the longest time.  And then it hit me — her home was clean and simple.  There were just a few gorgeous pieces of furniture and some very tasteful decorations.  It was calm, serene, and gorgeous.

Since that time I have been paring down, getting rid of those things I don’t need, and VASTLY reducing the amount of things I purchase.  Me liking something isn’t enough of a reason (usually) to buy it.  It needs to have a purpose/function, a place to put it, and I have to have the time to do whatever I am supposed to do with it. If it doesn’t meet those criteria, it doesn’t come home with me.

In any case, my desire to be UNcluttered led me naturally to the site,  UNCLUTTERER.  It is full of all sorts of tips to stay calm and clutter free.  One of my favorite features is the UNITASKER WEDNESDAY post where they discuss some contraption that was created for just one task.  You know, the things that take your money and take up space but don’t really do that much?  They post them as jokes, and I have enjoyed a chuckle or two over things that ten years ago I would have “had to have” and things I can totally see some of my gizmo loving friends buying in an instant — especially if it were on sale!  Here are a few of my “favorite’s”:

The Ice Blok

The Dog Umbrella

Bed Made EZ

The Jog A Dog

The Chompr

Electric Paper Plane Launcher

Seriously…who comes up with this stuff?