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I love to seeing the craftiness of the digi community!  Not only are there talented designers and photographers, there are also people who do fun things like cake decorating, jewelry making, and paper crafting. Oh if I only had the time!  One of the things that I have to literally keep myself from looking at is crafting with felt.  I love the cute and soft look to all the amazing felted pieces and I just know I could waste spend HOURS playing around making all sorts of fun stuff (and just because I like to pass on too-good-to-keep-to-myself info, did you know that Heather Bailey now has her own line of felt?  Make my heart swoon! ) Anyway, I did have a point here…I love felt and today’s SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT just rocks the felt!  Pamela Donnis…one of those new-to-me hidden treasures that I got to discover through this little site of mine, has the CUTEST felt stuff.  Her kits and element packs are just FULL of fun crafty goodness and her felt pieces make me want to run our right now and buy out the felt shelves and start yet another hobby. I can’t wait to show you some of her best packs.  First though, is showing you what she created for THE DIGI FILES 7.  And don’t you worry…there is FELT (and a really cool alpha and some other super fun stuff!)



You can grab this great kit (as well as a ton of others) for just $5.00 right HERE.

Here are a TON of layouts from our awesome Artist Team!

kelly_junkmedLayout by Kelly: SCHOOL STUFF from THE DIGI FILES 7, template- Photo Overload Set 4 Studio Hillary Scrapbook Graphics, Font- American Typewriter

jacki_jo_1stdaypreschool_99_webLayout by Jacki: SCHOOL STUFF from THE DIGI FILES 7, Font is A Little Pot.
wolfie2008-first-day-of-school_450Layout by Amy: SCHOOL STUFF from THE DIGI FILES 7, Kaye Winiecki’s template pack 14

katie_pameladonnisLayout by Katie: SCHOOL STUFF from THE DIGI FILES 7, template by Janet Phillips collection 14 (also from The Digi Files 7)
fonts are CK footnote and Fontologie Messy Bessy

ana_pameladonnisLayout by Ana: SCHOOL STUFF from THE DIGI FILES 7, stitching, Lisa Whitney; Alpha I Heart You, Ana Reis and Fonts: 2 peas scrapbook and DJB Sweet Robin, Darcy Baldwin

karen_sam-ib-program-091609Layout by Karen: SCHOOL STUFF from THE DIGI FILES 7, Fontologie Textura Empty and Printing Primer Lowfat fonts

rachael_schooldays2009Layout by Rachael: SCHOOL STUFF from THE DIGI FILES 7



My name is Pam Odd and I design under the name Pamela Donnis (Donnis is my middle name).  I grew up in Utah and Washington state, but my current home is in Kentucky.  We moved here a couple of months ago after my husband finished graduate school and was offered his “dream” job teaching English and running the Writing Center at a small 4-year college.  I was very nervous about moving almost 2,000 miles away from our families, but we love it here so far!  Everyone is so friendly and it is so green and gorgeous.  I met my husband when we were freshman in college and we have been married for eight years.  We have a four year old son, a two year old daughter, and another baby girl due on October 1st.

I sell at Little Dreamer Designs
My blog is: Keeping Life Creative
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When I started digital scrapbooking my husband was in graduate school and we were on a very tight budget so I was mostly scrapping with freebies.  After a bit I realized that the many of the designers offering the freebies on their blogs were just learning to design and I wondered if I could do it too.  About that time I saw an ad for a design contest and decided to enter.  I didn’t even make it through the first round, but in the process of creating that little kit I learned my way around Photoshop pretty well and became addicted to creating.  I offered the mini on my blog and received hundreds of downloads.  I was stunned!!  My husband was really busy with school and often had late nights doing homework, so I started spending my evenings (after the kids went to bed) on the computer creating, giving away freebies and entering design contests.  After several months I felt confident enough to apply for some stores, and began selling in August 2008.

I’ve been designing for almost 2 years, but started selling a year ago.  My first store was at Elemental Scraps.  I have also sold at Funky Playground, and now my home is The DigiChick.

I try really hard to be both although I definitely spend more time designing.  Creating pages inspires me to design though, so if I’m in a rut I will scrap some pages and soon be back to designing.  I also attempt to scrap a page or two with my own kits as I am designing them to see if I feel they are useable.

I schedule my design time around my kids.  Most days I work for 2-3 hours in the afternoon during quiet time/naptime.  I usually can take 10 minutes here and there throughout the day to catch up on e-mails, etc. and then depending on the evening I can also get in a couple hours after my kids go to bed (while my husband is grading papers or while we’re watching a movie).

{No Longer} Flowerless
It is full of all my favorite things: bright colors, flowers, felt, doodles, and paper.  I also love it because it is sentimental to me (you can read about why I created it in the product description).  It was very healing for me to create.



Probably my fruit and veggie felt element packs



(besides my family, friends, home, and church)

1. Browsing flea markets, thrift stores, and yard sales
2. Collecting children’s books and reading to my kids
3. The colors red and purple
4. A tall glass of ice water (and crunching the ice)
5. The fresh smell of the steam that comes out of the dishwasher when you first open the door after the load is finished.
6. Eating 🙂 Chocolate fondue, watermelon, french fries, Kosher dill pickles (yes, I am pregnant but I love these all the time too!)
7. The scent of my husband’s deoderant
8. Going out to eat, especially to small local restaurants
9. Planning vacations (even if we never go)
10. Wearing flip flops

1. Potty training
2. White carpet (especially while I am potty training!)
3. Braxton Hicks contractions
4. Dishes (they never seem to end around here)
5. Talking on the phone (sorry to my friends and family if you are reading this), I’d rather e-mail
6. When a crayon gets into my laundry errrgghh…..
7. Slow internet connections
8. Dry scalp
9. Running out of hot water when I’m in the shower
10. Not having enough time in the day to get everything done I want to/need to do


And now some more of Pamela’s wonderful designs. And don’t say I didn’t warn you about the felty goodness.  Paypal, lookout!















Thank you, Pamela, for being a sponsor with us at THE DAILY DIGI this month!  I just LOVE your designs and can’t wait to play around more.  And if I go broke at the felt stores, I blame you entirely.

As a THANK YOU to our readers, Pamela has a great coupon for you!