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Funky…unique…cool colors…hand drawn awesomeness…all of that (and more!) is Julia Makotisnky.  We are SO excited to have Julia with us this month at THE DAILY DIGI.  For so long I have admired her work at Little Dreamer Designs…so unique, so full of fun and funky elements, so much creativity!  I can’t wait to show you some of my favorite products, starting with the AWESOME kit she created for THE DIGI FILES 7.  If you weren’t craving fall already, you will be now!


Aren’t those just the richest and FUN fall colors?  And her hand drawn doodles are just incredible!  Here are some layouts by THE DAILY DIGI team (and you will get to see some more peaks in tomorrow MORE WITH FOUR post!)  If you aren’t sure what THE DIGI FILES are all about, you can read about it HERE.  You can purchase this kit (and a bunch more that is inside!) right HERE.

katie_juliamakotinskyLayout by Katie: Awaiting Autumn from THE DIGI FILES 7. Kaye Winiecki template pack 05
jo_thanksgivingretreat_00_webLayout by Katie: Awaiting Autumn from THE DIGI FILES 7. Serendipity by CD Muckosky
mika_wishingforautumn_09_webLayout by Jacki: Awaiting Autumn from THE DIGI FILES 7 and Autumn paper pack by Julia at LDD
max-i-just-love-you-090709Layout by Karen: Awaiting Autumn from THE DIGI FILES 7. Lauren Reid Bitty Stitchies Vol. 2, Cut Ups, Old Trim Stamp, Brush It Vol. 2; Ali Edwards word art
human-horse_webLayout by Janet: Awaiting Autumn from THE DIGI FILES 7. Shmootzy alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz



My name is Julia Makotinsky.

I was born in Russia, Moscow, and I lived half of my life there.  At 18 My family and I came to US, and I lived my other half in New York. I love the City, I graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology as an Illustrator. Best years of my life! I’ve been married for over 15 years, we met in NY and been together since 1992. I love my family, my friends and my 2 cats.

This is my second year with Little Dreamer Designs, and I LOVE it there!!!  I always loved designing, painting, drawing, creating something new, so scrapbook design is my passion. I enjoy the whole process of designing my products, and I have fun with it. I hope you’ll enjoy playing and designing with my kits as much as I do.

STORE: Julia Makotinsky at Little Dreamer Designs

I started designing because I always loved looking through our family albums.  After using other designer’s products to make my photo books more personal I wondered if I could do something similar and even more personal myself.  I began playing with different techniques, textures, learning more, creating more.  There was an Apprentice program at Little Dreamer Designs last year, so I decided to give it a try and learn from the best. Even though I am a designer now, I still keep learning and trying something new every day.

I’ve been designing for a little more than 2 years now, but I’ve been drawing and painting for over 10 years now.

I would say that I’m both: scrapper and designer. I never liked the idea of looking at my family photos on the computer, so I design photo books with my kits.

I spend most of my time behind computer, I design Wedding albums as well. The only time I’m not at the computer is when I paint or draw something new for my next kit. I like mixing digital creations with hand painted elements or papers.

My favorite product would be “Spooky Town”. I always loved Halloween, and dressing up for it, so I had a lot of fun designing this kit.


My best selling kit would have to be “French Country kit”


1. My family
2. Spending time with my friends, especially outdoors.
3. Love my 2 cats, always loved cats
4. Rainbows, always wait till they fade away, I just can’t stop looking at
all the beautiful colors in the sky.
5. Home cooked meals, especially during holidays.
6. Snow, snow, snow, LOVE the snow and lots of it. We don’t have mush of it
here in NY, and I miss it.
7. Christmas Tree, love the smell of fresh Christmas tree in my house, and putting
all the decorations makes me feel like a little girl every year.
8. A cup of hot sweet black tea with lemon, especially when I have a designer’s block,
helps me think 🙂
9. Knitting, especially during winter.
10. Designing and creating jewelry, I love bold designs, big stones and silver, always loved silver!

1. When my computer decides to play “I don’t feel like working properly today” game.
2. Public transportation, sometimes it’s easier to get to the City using subway, don’t like it.
3. Any type of insects, don’t mind them outside, but not inside my home.
4. Mosquito bites, they just seem to love me a lot 🙂
5. Any kind of paper work, paying bills, writing papers, etc.
6. Lack of sense of humor
7. Anger
8. Humid weather
9. Getting up too early in the morning
10. Outside noise, car alarms.


And now let’s look at some of my favorite stuff from Julia’s shop!










And some inspiration…







Thank you, Julia, SO MUCH for being with us this month!  We think you are so incredibly talented and can’t wait to see what you come out with next!