Doing the Happy Dance {reading unread messages in Gmail}


I feel like the woman in that picture.  Yes, I certainly do.  I have found success at my computer today.


You read that right.  ZERO.  I haven’t seen my inbox at zero since oh, I don’t know…OCTOBER??

Here was my problem.  It is so secret that I love, love, LOVE Gmail.  Here is a whole post on it. However, I have had one major issue with them.  For as long as I have used Gmail, I have never been able to find a way to view all of my unread email at once.  Now, in a perfect world, I wouldn’t have any unread email, but this is not a perfect world and I have maintained a steady number of 30 on my inbox at all times. I get thousands of emails a month and I just did NOT feel like wading through a year of email to find those little suckers.  Gmail, though great in every other way imaginable, has totally dropped the ball on this one.  However, once again, the internet came to my rescue.


After thinking, “phew, my email box is empty” and then seeing that 30 still glaring at me, I did a quick Google search: “viewing all unread emails in gmail.”  And ladies and gentlemen, I found a solution!  WOO HOO.

The first site that I read said that to view your unread emails, type

label: unread

into your search box


I was excited as I saw my unread email all sorted together.  Unfortunately, there was another problem.  This filter gave me all my unread messages, including automatically archived emails and folders.  So I was having to wade through tons of “So and So has placed an order at THE DAILY DIGI” emails that normally don’t go to my inbox.  I sifted through them for a while, catching a few little buggers who weren’t TDD orders and was able to widdle my inbox down to about 25.  About to admit defeat once again,  I decided to look at what other results my Google search yielded and I found the golden nugget:

label: (unread inbox)

And then faster than I could blink, the last 25 of my unread emails were all right there in front of me. A few quick glances, one star and archive, lots of delete and voila! EMPTY INBOX.


Please imagine my giddy dance.  I just did it again. Maybe I will video my happy dance and we can all reminisce about this guy