Letterpress Posters


I (Steph) love the look and feel of  Letterpress posters!!  I think the process in which they are made is amazing!  Someday, I hope to go watch some letterpress machines at work in real life. I’m sure to some that would be the same as watching paint dry, but it sounds simply exciting to me!  I discovered some amazing letterpress posters a while back and posted about one of them on my blog.  I ended up purchasing that poster and it happened to arrive the same day that I was teaching my son about the Guttenburg Press in homeschool history :).  I am now working on getting it framed (affordably) and can’t wait to hang it in my house!

I wanted to share some other fun letterpress posters I found with you.  Enjoy!

This first one is one that we can probably all appreciate 🙂


I love the proverb in this one AND the fun design inspired by hair:


I love the reminder in small print at the bottom of this one:


For those that wear their heart on their sleeve:


For Disney fans, my sister sent me a link for this letterpress poster by one of the peeps we grew up with, there will be a series of them.  You can see some great photos of his process here.


Lastly, if you would like to try making your own artwork from typeforms (okay, we do it in Photoshop all the time, right?) there is this really fun site here (careful, it’s addicting).  Look what I made my first try:


I LOVE type and find it easy to be inspired by it!  I love even more how much feeling and emotion can be communicated through printed words…sometimes even just one word.  I hope you enjoyed some of the letterpress eye candy today as well!