An Easy (and yet Realistic) Frame

I have had so many people write and ask about the frame I used for this canvas (the frame is totally digital). Did I create it myself? Where did I get it? What shadow settings did I use? Tons of questions and one easy answer!


You will remember that I did THIS post on the cool online photo editor called Picnik. I did the entire frame there and it took all of about 2 minutes and looks totally real.


First I uploaded my full size image (already cropped the way I wanted it)


Then I clicked on the CREATE tab


Then I scrolled down to MUSEUM MATTE (it’s a free one)


I played around with the settings and ended up with the largest size frame and matte


When I was done I clicked SAVE and SHARE

picture-23I saved at 100% at the highest quality possible


And ended up with this.


Most canvas printers only need 100 – 150 dpi for crisp canvas prints so I could make this baby BIG (mine is 50 inches long).

And now I smile every time I walk in my room

(except for the fact that I have no bedside lamps…anyone have an in with IKEA and can tell them that Jakarta really needs a branch?)

Monday Minis {week three}

Spot Lit Wall

We’re back with another edition of the MONDAY MINIS! I love being able to show off what all our fabulous designers are doing in their shops! Here we go…



I could spend all day in Kristin’s store! I often go through, just thinking of everything I would buy if I actually had the time to scrap with it! I did pick up this great kit last week! We are a homeschooling family now and in science we are studying weather. I love the fun colors in the kit and all the cool embellishments. I also picked up the companion to this kit for the perfect weather center for our “classroom.”


Kristin is offering THE DAILY DIGI readers 30% off any of products (excluding dips and scoops) valid until: August 27th/09.




Zoe has this GORGEOUS kit out called Shabby Sugar. I just love all the beautiful colors and cool patterns! She also has a coordinating Name Badge album and a Blog in a Box.





Kaye’s giving us a great coupon for 25% off in both her stores. You can check her out at the Lilypad HERE and at Pickleberry Pop HERE. This is the perfect time to pick up some great products like these!


And don’t forget to sign up for her NEWSLETTER! You’ll get up to date information on new releases and you will also get exclusive discounts! Sign up HERE.




Kelleigh has some great new freestyle albums in her store…both a PRINCESS one and an ALL BOY one. Check ’em out! She also has a new AUGUST GRAB bag that you can get HERE. Check out some sneak peaks and some tutorials HERE and HERE.


Amber is offering 35% off all her products using coupon code


Maybe you can pick up something FRESH like this kit!





Catscrap is celebrating its birthday and you all are all invited! There are great sales (40% off all kits today!!), challenges, new products, and MORE! Don’t miss the celebration!



Creashens also has a GORGEOUS new kit out in honor of Catscrap’s 3rd birthday. I just love all the dainty colors and super fun elements!


Some Random Fast Food Facts


Some randomness today…fast food facts.  I don’t think I have ever quite looked at fast food the same way since seeing Super Size Me a few years ago, but I will admit that there are a few foods I love and that I definitely miss living overseas where fast food is anything but fast.  This weeks UNdigi is a link to some interesting fast food facts such as:

  • Television greatly expanded the ability of advertisers to reach children and try to develop brand loyalty early in life. Today the average American child sees more than 10,000 food advertisements each year on television.
  • Burger King’s Double Whopper with cheese contains 923 calories. A man would need to walk for about nine miles to burn it off. Adding french fries and a large cola brings the total calories to an amazing 1,500 calories (2/3 of an adult man’s recommended daily caloric intake).
  • McDonald’s is the largest purchaser of beef, pork, and potatoes and the second largest purchaser of chicken in the world. Its annual orders for french fries constitute 7.5% of America’s entire potato crop.

See HERE for a lot more facts.  French fries, anyone?


Scrapping about Scrapping


With this month’s amazing collab kit, SCRAPPING & SNAPPING, I want to take some time to encourage you to make your love for this hobby part of your story. For many of us, scrapping (and snapping!) are more than just something we enjoy a few times a year. It is a huge part of our daily routine…everything from the sites we visit, the friends we chat with, and the way we spend our money. Scrapping is part of who we are and it should be in our albums. Back in May I did this post for {inter}National Scrapbooking Day. In it I gave some example of pages I have done on this subject. Because scrapbooking is so much a part of me, I want to make sure that it is a big part of the story I leave behind.

Here are some different ideas you can use to get you thinking about scrapping about scrapping:

  • Why you scrap
  • Friends you have met through scrapping
  • Creative Teams you have been on
  • How your kids feel about your albums
  • What scrapbooking means to you
  • What you have learned from scrapbooking
  • What you want your children to know through your scrapbooks
  • Digi sites you love


This month’s collab kit is filled with great elements and inspiration for scrapping about scrapping and is perfect creating pages and projects. If you are short on time, you can try one of the 20+ quick pages and templates to get you started! Here are two pages by our team using this kit for scrapping about scrapping:

library-of-memories450Layout by Amy. SCRAPPING & SNAPPING kit, stitching and paint splats by the Powers Sisters

karen-why-i-scrap-081909Layout by Karen

Of course, there are tons of other kits and element sets out there. Team member Rachael made the awesome layout below to talk about where her love of photography came from. She used CAPTURE THE MOMENT by Kate Hadfield and Designs by Lili. The point is, if scrapping is a big part of who you are, it should be a big part of your albums! Link us up to your pages and your favorite scrapping kits and elements! We want to see!



P.S. Thanks for all the comments yesterday. I feel bad for the comment I made about me being about to get $4 12 x 12 canvas prints. I thought most people realized that while I am an American gal, I don’t live in America. I live in Indonesia where although I can’t get many of the things I love, I can get some things much cheaper than I could in the States. Canvas is obviously one of them.

What to do with all these photos?


I’ve had my computer for less than two years and it tells me that I have 23,564 photos on it. Ouch. That’s a lot of photos. Granted, many of them are blurry, dark, or otherwise unusable, but still…that’s more pictures than any person needs. Having photos sitting on my hard drive like this is akin to the old dusty shoe boxes full of photos (come to think of it, I have some of those too). The question isn’t whether or not I have enough photos but rather, what am I going to do with them all?

I adore looking through my scrapbooks and all the photos and stories they hold inside, but scrapbooks pose two problems:

1) I will never be able to scrap all the photos I want to

2) When I do scrap, the photos are tucked away inside an album.

So, as much as I love my albums, I want something more. My photos make me so happy — bringing back sweet memories — and I want to surround myself with them. I bet you do too! Here are some ways to get those photos off your hard drive and into an everyday part of your life.

Framing: This options seems obvious and easy enough, but if we are honest we don’t usually frame and change out pictures nearly enough. Enlarging and framing our photos and putting them in places we see every day brings subtle and sweet reminders of happy times. I have a frame cluster of seven frames on a shelf above my desk (holding 10 photos) and I catch myself glancing up multiple times a day and smiling. Team member Katie has an amazing display of photos which she lovingly calls her Hall of Fame.


Team member Kelly is a big fan of printing on canvas. Here is what she has to say, “I love to choose a couple of pictures that are very “us” every year and have them made into canvases to decorate our home. They always stop people in their tracks because they really are “statement” pieces. The nice part? Although they’re not inexpensive, they showcase a great photo like nothing else we’ve found AND you don’t have to hunt for a frame to put them in. It’s a great clean and contemporary look.”

I am totally with Kelly — I had my first set of canvases printed a few weeks ago and I am IN LOVE.


(and I’ll be nice and not brag too much that although I may not have Target and Taco Bell anywhere near me, I can print canvas for pretty darn cheap — about $4 each for a 12×12).

I also have a huge canvas (50 inches long) above my bead. And every time I head upstairs to my room I can’t help but smile and know how blessed I am. And by the way, that is a digital frame and mat I put on the photo before printing!


Other than framing your photos and printing on canvas for display, there are lots of other ways to use your photos!

Custom Photo Pendant — I love both of these!


Photo Mugs (I have done these a few times and LOVE them!)

Photo Books

Photo magnets from Something Blue Studios

Team member Ana recommends these photo cubes (make your own or try HERE for pdf files you can print out)


Photo Puzzles are a super fun idea! My hubby loves puzzles. I am totally going to do this for Christmas!

Playing Cards would make and awesome addition to your game cupboard



So, do you have any fun uses for photos that we should know about?


Just for Beginners – cropping


Today, I(Steph) thought I would spend some time on one of the questions we received for the “you ask” segments Janet has been working on. We decided it was great information and probably something others have wondered about. We also thought it would be a great addition to our “Just for Beginners” section. Here’s the question:

Can you please create a mini-tutorial on how to crop a photo without losing quality? I’m not necessarily wanting to crop to a specific size like: 4×6 or 8×10, but more to use the same rectangle shape as the original and just crop for a better composition. I just don’t get pixels vs. resolution, etc. Thank you very much.

First off, I found a great article that explains the relationship and differences between pixels and resolution at PhotoshopTutorialsPlus. They compared the relationship to tiling a floor and I am going to expand on that as it relates to digital scrapbooking.

If you have a scrapbook page (or a room) that is 12×12 and you want to tile it with 300 tiles per inch, then you will need 3600×3600 tiles (I would hate to be doing the tile on the floor in that room..haha). If you have the same 12×12 room and want to tile it with 200 tiles (or dots/pixels) per inch, then you would need 2400×2400 tiles. The total amount of tiles needed is the resolution, but that number alone doesn’t tell us much. A 2400×2400 layout could equal 8inx8in if it is at 300 dpi or it could be a 12inx12in layout if it was at 200 dots per inch or pixels per inch.

When you need to crop a photo that you want to use on a layout, the best way to do this without losing any of your pixels per inch, is to put the photo on your actual layout BEFORE cropping. By putting the photo on your layout, as long as you don’t stretch it or make it larger (trying to cover a larger area with the same amount of tiles), then you won’t lose any dots or pixels per inch. The resolution will change because you are changing the size of the photo, but it won’t become pixelized or fuzzy as long as you don’t make it bigger.

There are many ways to crop a photo once it is on a layout. I typically use the method I talk about in this post for rounded corners. You don’t have to use a rounded corner rectangle, you can use any shape you want. You can also adjust the transparency of the photo temporarily (make it see-thru) to get perfect placement and then once the photo is cropped, put the transparency back to 100%.

Hopefully, this is a little helpful in understanding the relationship between pixels and resolution AND how to crop a photo on a layout without making them pixelize at all.


Get Published!

Today’s post is from team member Kelly. Kelly is an award winning scrapper and has been published in countless magazine issues.


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a pat on the back, a “job well done”, or just to be told that you rock. Most of us crave a little recognition every now and then. And while the majority of us would say that we scrap for our families or to preserve our memories, the truth is we’d like to share it with the rest of the world too. Nothing wrong with that, friends. Think of how dull the scrapbooking life would be without inspiration from magazines, idea books and online galleries. I shudder at the thought. And if you’re like most of us, you’d like to share the goodness. And so you should. Today, let’s talk a little about submitting your work for publication. All of the magazines that you love to look at, have editors who all love to look at new and fresh pieces to grace their pages. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking to submit your pages for publication.

  • Be Yourself. No sense in trying to re-create who you are. It’s much easier to consistently turn out great work when you don’t have to try and be something you’re not. If you’re a “simple” scrapper, work it. If you’re the “layer girl”, go for it. Be yourself- no one does it better.
  • Submit within the guidelines. Size your layout according to the submission requirements. Don’t submit more than what’s asked for. Keep a thorough and neat supply list. If you’ve got a new technique or idea on your layout it never hurts to point it out.
  • Think ahead and look back. Most magazines are working about 6 months ahead of the “real time” that we’re in. So, it’s August which means while most people are thinking about heading back to school and such the scrapper submitting for publication is pulling out the great pictures she took at Valentine’s Day last year. The best part about this? It’s ok that you’re not all caught up with your pictures! Just think, you can create the perfect Valentine layout with great new product for that call that’s out there. It also means that you should be thinking ahead about the pictures you’ll want to work with in February and you should be making sure you get the shots of the back to school supplies and fun shopping trips for new school shoes while you can. Always be prepared.
  • Submit consistently. If you’re scrapping consistently, look for pages that will work with the calls that are out there and submit them. Don’t pre-judge them. Seriously. I cannot tell you how many times the layout that I had deemed “not anything they’d want” would get an email request. You never know what’s going to strike a chord with an editor so if it fits the request, send it.
  • Don’t force it. In the end, you want to look back on the pages you’ve created and be happy with them and know that you’ve accomplished what you wanted to for those pictures. Tell your story. Create your art. Hopefully someone else will want to share with the rest of the scrapping world but if not, at least know that it’s done and it’s there for you and your family to enjoy. Not getting “a call” is not the end of the world. It can be something as simple as them needing a page with green and you’ve got orange. Or they want a picture of a boy and you’ve got a girl. Just because your layout isn’t chosen does NOT mean that it’s not amazing. It simply means that it didn’t fit all the tight parameters of that editor’s needs this time.

Check out these links for current page calls and hit the send button. Go on. Put it out there.

I can’t wait to see what you’re creating!


Power Scrapping — Digi Style


This is a guest post from team member Katie the Scrapbook Lady. You check out more of her writing HERE.

I (Katie) was a paper scrapbooker for more than 20 years before I turned completely digital in 2005. I learned some tricks for streamlining the scrapping process back in those days that have been helpful to me as a digital creator as well. The idea is to work on different steps of layouts in batches depending on the time you have available and the setting you are in. Think of it as sort of an assembly line approach – it revolutionized the auto industry back in Henry Ford’s time and I’m certain it will change the way you look at scrapbooking now. I like to call this “Power Scrapping” because it really makes the most of your creative time and allows you to get a lot of layouts done in a short amount of time.
The basic idea is to break down the act of creating a page into smaller, more manageable steps. I don’t often have a full hour to sit and work on a page or two, I have to steal my scrapbooking time in between the busy times of everyday life. I’m pretty sure it is this way for everyone. Sometimes I work on editing photos while I’m watching a tv show with my family. I unzip and organize files or listening to music. There is no way I can sit down and journal on a page though when there are distractions around me. I need peace and quiet for writing. It’s a bit unrealistic to think that I will be able to find myself in an ideal writing environment every time I create a page and why waste my time editing photographs in Photoshop when I do have a few minutes to myself?

Keep in mind that “Power Scrapping” is most effective when you are working on several pages at a time. See, I told you this was going to be a new experience! I will show you how to work on several pages at once using a 5 step process.

1. Decide which photos you are going to work with. Even if I’m creating a layout where I need to use a certain kit (for a team requirement or a challenge) I always start with the photos first. This is how I decide what story I’m going to tell. Isn’t that really what scrapbooking is all about? If your pictures are already organized and edited, good for you! If not, join the club! For your first go at “Power Scrapping” I suggest you work with some recent photos because you will know where they are and you will be able to remember the details. I decided to look through my most current files. I decided to pick the occasions and/or memories that I wanted to work on the most.

Even if you have only 5 minutes of time, you can look through your files and finish this step. You can jot a list of photos you want to use, or make screenshots to remind you. (Just press the print screen button on your keyboard and save that image) At this stage, I don’t spend any time worrying about kits to use, the journaling to do, or even the basic page design. I am simply selecting the photos I want to use. I have done this with many files all at once, I usually like to plan out several pages at once when I’m in this mode.

2. Decide how many pages you are going to create from these photos. Obviously, I’m going to have a hard time using all 27 photos of our outing to Boondocks family fun center. Now it’s time to decide which pictures are the most important to include. Which ones are the best? Which ones are an integral part of the story?

I decided that there were about 10 pictures I really needed to use to tell about this occasion. If your photos aren’t already edited, this is a good time to work on that if time permits. If not, that’s ok also!

I love all 8 of the flower photos I chose in step 1 so there is nothing further to do there. And there is only 1 pie picture so that will be a single photo layout.

Still not worrying about the papers or the writing. I am thinking about design a little bit because of the number of photos I have selected. The golf layout will probably end up being a 2 page spread since there are so many photos. Again, this step will only take a small amount of time. You can stop here for awhile or just keep going down the list of tasks.

3. Plan the structure of your pages. This is the time to browse through your templates, or look through favorites folders you have saved. Is there a template that will accommodate the number of photos you want to include? If so, use it because half the work will be done for you! If not, think about if there’s a layout you might want to scraplift (copy) or visualize how you want this story to look. If you were putting together a paper layout, how would you arrange the pictures on the physical page? Your canvas is simply a page that is trapped inside your computer.

I decided the 10 Boondocks photos should be very visible and that the pictures and the journaling are the most important thing on this 2 page spread. The story I want to share is a long one so I looked for a design with oodles of space for journaling.

The flower layout is more about the photographs. I only have a quote that I want to use for journaling (it’s in one of the photos) and I might add a few more details. In this case I looked for a page design where I could fit a lot of photos onto a single page.

The pie layout is going to showcase only 1 photo. I like the idea of including some fun baking related embellishments (not sure which ones at this stage) and I still need room to tell the story of why I’m taking a picture of a pie in the first place.

If you need to take a break at this point, that is fine. That is the beauty of power scrapping – you can come back to the project in stages when you have time. I really like to place my photos on the template at this point or on my canvas and then save a working copy. I usually start to get inspired at this point and am eager to go on to the next step.

4. Start browsing for kits or digital supplies that will complement your page and help you bring your story to life. Look through your stash and if needed, go shopping. This is usually the fun part for most digital scrapbookers. This is also the step that usually takes me the longest to complete. You may consider a few different approaches before you settle on one. I try to stay focused on finding supplies that either enhance the colors of the subjects in the photographs, or create a theme that draws the viewers interest to look closer and share the memory.

I realize this looks very plain at this point but I decided to focus on 2 colors to use that would enhance the photos. The green and brown are especially prevalent on the opposing page so I used them to give the spread a cohesive feeling.

When I searched my kits, I picked this one solely on the fact that it had solid papers in the colors that I needed. I completely ignored the embellishments.

Then I got thinking that I really wanted some sort of car or racing elements since my story was all about the go-karts. I found this kit and used some word art and recolored a car.

Now the page is ready for the story.

Time to leave this layout alone for awhile. I knew this one would take me awhile to journal.

Next up is the flower page.

I liked the clean look of the template so I went searching for a kit that had some pink in it and a neutral background. Because I did this layout for a team assignment, I restricted myself to looking through files of the designers who were affiliated with the shop I was scrapping for. Sometimes it really helps to narrow your choices!

I liked the neutral papers but the pink was wrong for my photos. I decided that it would be easy to change the hue on one of them to match my photo.

Usually I wait until the next step to add the journaling, but this one was a no-brainer. You can read the journaling here if you want to. I followed the template design of using a word for the title and just jotted down a quick thought. This layout is now finished!

Now for some pie….

This one ended up being the most tricky to work with. I really wanted to use some cute baking type goodies on those fun little squares. I loved this kit because of the canisters and cookie cutters but the colors of the kit were all wrong with my photo.

I liked the idea of using some red as an accent because of the little red handles on the canister, and that just seemed cozy to me. I browsed through my files and found this kit so I combined them.

and here’s what I ended up with:

still needs journaling but it was time for lunch (pie pictures make you hungry!) so that had to wait. No problem, power scrapping in small steps allows for breaks!

5. Final and MOST IMPORTANT step – journaling! One of the things I love about the team here at The Daily Digi is the commitment to tell our stories in meaningful ways. It’s true that some layouts like my flower page might not need a lot of words to go with it, but I believe that the majority of pages should be focused around the journaling. If you weren’t there to explain the layout, would someone understand what it was about? Will your loved ones know the story behind the photo? Will they realize why you took the time to fancy up a page about a pie? Don’t skimp on this step. It’s tempting to let your pages sit in a file after step 4 because you are avoiding journaling. I really suggest that you get to the journaling as soon as possible or even combine it with step 4 if needed. Your page really isn’t finished until you get those words onto the page.

You can read the journaling here if you want to.

You can read the journaling here if you want to.

The final report: Because I used these layouts to illustrate my power scrapping idea, I used a timer to keep track of how much time I spent on all the steps. When it was all added up I spent 53 minutes to fully complete 4 layouts. Have you ever made 4 layouts in 53 minutes? Now I did spread this 53 minutes out over the span of 3 days (could have been 3 weeks if that’s what I needed) but that’s ok. Over the past 3 days I haven’t had a solid block of 53 minutes to sit down and scrapbook so I would have not finished these pages at all if I waited for that amount of time to open up.
Interestingly enough, this blog post took me 2 hours and 14 minutes to write and put together. It took me more than twice as long to blog about scrapbooking these 4 pages than it took for me to actually do them!


Monday Minis {week two}

Spot Lit Wall

We’re back with our second week of our Monday Minis…where we are doing a mini spotlight on each of the participating designers in our awesome SCRAPPING & SNAPPING collab kit.\


Here are some recent layouts by our team using this fab kit!

max-first-bday-cupcake-071909Layout by Karen
katierememberLayout by Katie. Font is CK Footnote

tdd_ana_sns01Layout by Ana: Block Templates 5, Ana Reis; Father’s day doodles, Kate Hadfield. Fonts: Traveling Typewriter and Nymph’s Handwriting


TaylorMade Designs and Michelle Filo:


The two ladies have put together an amazing collab kit called  Summer’s Dawn.  It is available both at Little Dreamer Designs (HERE) and at Oscraps (HERE).  And they are offering a 20% discount to THE DAILY DIGI READERS using the coupon code TDDDAWN (good at both stores until August 23).



Studio Baersgarten has the CUTEST back to school kit over at Scrapbook Graphics.  I just love all the little touches — the paper clips, the pencil sharpener, and all the crayons!



Jacque is giving THE DAILY DIGI readers a sneak peak at her Tadpole Tuesday item over at the Lilypad.  It will be just $1.00 in her shop!



I know it isn’t Father Day time but I just ADORE this kit by Scrapkitchen!  So perfect for so many layouts about dad, grandpa, or even the little man in your life! I totally want to do a layout about all the times that hung out in my dad’s closet — totally full of suits — helping him pick out the perfect suit and tie for the day.


This mini kit by Studio Ziska is SO adorable!  I love all the funky flower and frames and the colors are totally fun!

Happy Monday to you all!


My Google Reader is Overflowing


Welcome to another week of the UN-digi, where we take a break from the digi scrap talk and talk about…anything else.

It is no secret that I love Google.  I love gmail.  I love iGoogle.  And I love my Google Reader.  For those of you who don’t know, Google Reader is one of many ways to subscribe to blogs. I still kind of chuckle when I think of how long I manually  checked the blogs I loved every day.  I kept them bookmarked and then opened them all in tabs to see if there was anything new.  It is a good thing I only had about ten blogs then!  Over the last year and a half I have enjoyed all the benefits of a blog reader — I subscribe, and then blogs come straight to me.  I have my Google Reader set to show on my iGoogle page (which is my browser home page) and so I have everything I need all in one place — Gmail account, Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter, Weather, Dictionary, Verse for the Day, etc. Oh, but wait, this post isn’t about iGoogle (oh but I could talk about it for days!)

No, this post is to say that in the last few months my Google Reader has started to overflow.  I have found so many great sights around the net…so many wonderful snippets of life and creativity coming straight to me.  I wanted to share some of my more recent finds.

Modern Media Mom — A great site with headlines from the media industry. It is a great to stay caught up on what’s going on in the techy world.

One Cool Pick — a site where the author finds great stuff around the net — Like finding out you get can chalkboard paint in 20 different colors!

Tip Junkie — this site is a one-stop place for all kinds of tips on home decor, crafts, and more. Readers send in their tips and the blog author puts them altogether.

The Creative Mama — beauty and craftiness all in one.  I especially love her recent post on her Two Things Rule

Soule Mama — Wonderful Handmade goodness.  The author also has a new book out called Handmade Home.

Our Best Bites — this site is full of mouth-watering recipes.  I especially want to try the Stuffed Pizza Rolls.

(in) Courage — Dayspring, the Christian offshoot of Hallmark, has gathered together 20 amazing women bloggers to bring one inspirational site.

Becky Earl Photography — I stumbled across Becky’s work about a year ago on I Love Photography but I have just recently been following her blog.  She is my photography idol.

Bakerella – This site is totally full of the most amazing and beautiful baked goods.  Makes me hungry.  Very hungry.

Feed Your Soul — this amazing site offers FREE art prints for you to download, print, and frame.  Amazing!