An Easy (and yet Realistic) Frame

I have had so many people write and ask about the frame I used for this canvas (the frame is totally digital). Did I create it myself? Where did I get it? What shadow settings did I use? Tons of questions and one easy answer!


You will remember that I did THIS post on the cool online photo editor called Picnik. I did the entire frame there and it took all of about 2 minutes and looks totally real.


First I uploaded my full size image (already cropped the way I wanted it)


Then I clicked on the CREATE tab


Then I scrolled down to MUSEUM MATTE (it’s a free one)


I played around with the settings and ended up with the largest size frame and matte


When I was done I clicked SAVE and SHARE

picture-23I saved at 100% at the highest quality possible


And ended up with this.


Most canvas printers only need 100 – 150 dpi for crisp canvas prints so I could make this baby BIG (mine is 50 inches long).

And now I smile every time I walk in my room

(except for the fact that I have no bedside lamps…anyone have an in with IKEA and can tell them that Jakarta really needs a branch?)