What to do with all these photos?


I’ve had my computer for less than two years and it tells me that I have 23,564 photos on it. Ouch. That’s a lot of photos. Granted, many of them are blurry, dark, or otherwise unusable, but still…that’s more pictures than any person needs. Having photos sitting on my hard drive like this is akin to the old dusty shoe boxes full of photos (come to think of it, I have some of those too). The question isn’t whether or not I have enough photos but rather, what am I going to do with them all?

I adore looking through my scrapbooks and all the photos and stories they hold inside, but scrapbooks pose two problems:

1) I will never be able to scrap all the photos I want to

2) When I do scrap, the photos are tucked away inside an album.

So, as much as I love my albums, I want something more. My photos make me so happy — bringing back sweet memories — and I want to surround myself with them. I bet you do too! Here are some ways to get those photos off your hard drive and into an everyday part of your life.

Framing: This options seems obvious and easy enough, but if we are honest we don’t usually frame and change out pictures nearly enough. Enlarging and framing our photos and putting them in places we see every day brings subtle and sweet reminders of happy times. I have a frame cluster of seven frames on a shelf above my desk (holding 10 photos) and I catch myself glancing up multiple times a day and smiling. Team member Katie has an amazing display of photos which she lovingly calls her Hall of Fame.


Team member Kelly is a big fan of printing on canvas. Here is what she has to say, “I love to choose a couple of pictures that are very “us” every year and have them made into canvases to decorate our home. They always stop people in their tracks because they really are “statement” pieces. The nice part? Although they’re not inexpensive, they showcase a great photo like nothing else we’ve found AND you don’t have to hunt for a frame to put them in. It’s a great clean and contemporary look.”

I am totally with Kelly — I had my first set of canvases printed a few weeks ago and I am IN LOVE.


(and I’ll be nice and not brag too much that although I may not have Target and Taco Bell anywhere near me, I can print canvas for pretty darn cheap — about $4 each for a 12×12).

I also have a huge canvas (50 inches long) above my bead. And every time I head upstairs to my room I can’t help but smile and know how blessed I am. And by the way, that is a digital frame and mat I put on the photo before printing!


Other than framing your photos and printing on canvas for display, there are lots of other ways to use your photos!

Custom Photo Pendant — I love both of these!


Photo Mugs (I have done these a few times and LOVE them!)

Photo Books

Photo magnets from Something Blue Studios

Team member Ana recommends these photo cubes (make your own or try HERE for pdf files you can print out)


Photo Puzzles are a super fun idea! My hubby loves puzzles. I am totally going to do this for Christmas!

Playing Cards would make and awesome addition to your game cupboard



So, do you have any fun uses for photos that we should know about?