My Google Reader is Overflowing


Welcome to another week of the UN-digi, where we take a break from the digi scrap talk and talk about…anything else.

It is no secret that I love Google.  I love gmail.  I love iGoogle.  And I love my Google Reader.  For those of you who don’t know, Google Reader is one of many ways to subscribe to blogs. I still kind of chuckle when I think of how long I manually  checked the blogs I loved every day.  I kept them bookmarked and then opened them all in tabs to see if there was anything new.  It is a good thing I only had about ten blogs then!  Over the last year and a half I have enjoyed all the benefits of a blog reader — I subscribe, and then blogs come straight to me.  I have my Google Reader set to show on my iGoogle page (which is my browser home page) and so I have everything I need all in one place — Gmail account, Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter, Weather, Dictionary, Verse for the Day, etc. Oh, but wait, this post isn’t about iGoogle (oh but I could talk about it for days!)

No, this post is to say that in the last few months my Google Reader has started to overflow.  I have found so many great sights around the net…so many wonderful snippets of life and creativity coming straight to me.  I wanted to share some of my more recent finds.

Modern Media Mom — A great site with headlines from the media industry. It is a great to stay caught up on what’s going on in the techy world.

One Cool Pick — a site where the author finds great stuff around the net — Like finding out you get can chalkboard paint in 20 different colors!

Tip Junkie — this site is a one-stop place for all kinds of tips on home decor, crafts, and more. Readers send in their tips and the blog author puts them altogether.

The Creative Mama — beauty and craftiness all in one.  I especially love her recent post on her Two Things Rule

Soule Mama — Wonderful Handmade goodness.  The author also has a new book out called Handmade Home.

Our Best Bites — this site is full of mouth-watering recipes.  I especially want to try the Stuffed Pizza Rolls.

(in) Courage — Dayspring, the Christian offshoot of Hallmark, has gathered together 20 amazing women bloggers to bring one inspirational site.

Becky Earl Photography — I stumbled across Becky’s work about a year ago on I Love Photography but I have just recently been following her blog.  She is my photography idol.

Bakerella – This site is totally full of the most amazing and beautiful baked goods.  Makes me hungry.  Very hungry.

Feed Your Soul — this amazing site offers FREE art prints for you to download, print, and frame.  Amazing!