A 4th of July Hodge Podge


The 4th of July is tomorrow, and for us Americans that usually means fireworks, lots of red white and blue, and tons of yummy food. Even though I am not living in the States right now I am still going to party it up tomorrow…we are expecting about 40 people at our new house! We aren’t totally settled yet but why wait to enjoy it? As I have been preparing for the big day I have come across a hodge podge of great 4th of July ideas that I thought I would pass on to you!

First up are some fun recipes and crafts…


This star garland looks super easy and oh-so-cute!


These fruit skewers look soooo yummy! And I think the kids would love to help with it!


Martha Stewart is rockin’ it with this awesome cake


This ribbon door flag is the perfect project for all the little people heading to our house tomorrow!


And how fun would these be? They are paper confetti poppers…how fun to put hanging from the porch!

Photographing the celebrations…

HERE is a tutorial for getting great fireworks photos

And HERE are some great tips for taking fun sparkler photos


And later when you want to scrap the photos…

(all images are linked)










I’m an Evernoter!


I decided to share with you one of my favorite tools I use. It’s not for digi scrapping, but I have high hopes! I first learned about Evernote a few years ago at Digi Scrap Info. I started using it everytime I needed to write a list for anything or take notes. The search feature has made my life so easy! I don’t have to remember what I saved a document as or which folder it’s in, I can just search on a keyword that I know is in the note. Instead of bookmarking a website, I just drag/drop the link into Evernote and type a keyword to make it easier to find later. I never have to remember which bookmark is for what! I am known for taking my laptop pretty much anywhere that I need to take notes (except church, but I do have my iPhone with me for that 😉 ) because I am an Evernoter! I can type much faster than I can write and being able to read it AND find it later is a big bonus!!

Evernote has a great tagging system that is easy to use, just create the tags and then drag/drop them to the note. This is why I think Evernote would be a GREAT digital scrapbook supply organizer. I will be honest and admit that I don’t use the tagging system at all because I find it just as easy to search for a keyword as I do to take the time and tag things.

One very cool feature of Evernote is that it can search the text in a jpeg. So, you can take a picture of a sign or document and Evernote will search it!! The technology behind that feature blows my mind! This feature comes in really handy with the many phone versions of Evernote!

You can install Evernote on your desktop and have it sync with the web-based appliction so you can access your notes anywhere! If you install Evernote on your phone, you can sync all three together! I have been shocked at how much I have used my Evernote from my phone since installing it!

If evernote would just add a search by color feature and allow png files to be uploaded, then all of my scrap supplies would be organized without having to even tag anything (and yes I emailed their development team about it)! Can you imagine how cool it would be to add your scrap supplies and be able to search on the color red and ribbon and it would pull up every red ribbon?!? (Something similar to what this site offers) no tags, no changing file names, no extra time away from my scrapping! It might be a dream now, but hopefully it’s not too far off!!

The features of Evernote that I have shared here are only a few of the very cool and helpful things Evernote is capable of. If you would like to read more reviews and highlights of features, you can read this post or this post.

If you are an Evernote user, share with us your favorite features! If you are not an experienced Evernoter, then give it a try, it just might be the best organizational tool you have used! 🙂




Here we are…month number SIX for THE DIGI FILES! WOO HOO!

We are excited to have the following awesome designers with us this month. Each of these ladies contributed a small product to THE DIGI FILES 6. Add them together and you get one GREAT deal! Something from everyone for just $5.00 Be sure to check at THE DAILY DIGI for the progressive reveal of the contents…or check back at the end of the month when we show you everything.

Have fun and happy scrapping!

Dianne Rigdon
Zoe Pearn
TaylorMade Designs
Gina Miller
MGL Scraps
K Studio (Kristin Rice)
Sugarplum Paperie

…PLUS you get a free Summer 2009 mini album template set by Janet Phillips

THE DIGI FILES 6 are available from July 1 – 31. After that, the individual products go into the designers shops for full market value


Can you believe that it is July 1st already? As in ONE HALF of 2009 is over? Where oh where did the time go? Sheesh. The summer is flying by, too, (like it always does) and I am prepared for it (at least scrapping-wise). Last year I had the realization that as busy and wonderful as our summers are, I barely get them scrapped. Why? Because we are too busy having fun! I always have zillions of photos but never have time to do anything with them. Then I had the brilliant plan of a summer mini-album and I am forever hooked. I ADORE my album from last year so I am ready to tackle another one this year. As a special gift I have included this SUMMER 2009 8×8 mini album in THE DIGI FILES 6. Enjoy your summer and get it scrapped…fast.