Start Those Gifts Early!


I hope yesterdays posts got you thinking about getting Christmas photos scrapped. Just having that one two-page spread from last year completed makes me so excited! I love that I will be able to add it to my Christmas album and the kids and I can enjoy looking at how things have changed and how they have stayed the same from year to year. And now that I have gotten started, there are definitely more Christmas stories that I want to tell! Sometimes we just need a little push.



Now let’s move onto another area that we scrappy people struggle with — gift giving. I think most of us love the idea of giving handmade items to our friends and family. We have huge plans for all the cute stuff we are going to make and all the projects we are going to tackle. We buy all the kits, have all the ideas, and then…well…you know how it goes. That time of the year — between Thanksgiving and Christmas is usually crazy busy. School parties, work parties, family parties. Shopping trips, decorating, baking. Music recitals, dance recitals, basketball games. I think I would be hard pressed to find someone whose calendar had an empty day on it in December. So, as much as we love the idea of giving handmade scrappy items, we often get so busy that it never happens. Or like me, I get started and then don’t finish…like those cute CD calendars above…never got much farther than what you see there. Ugh.

So….I want to encourage us all to start early. To start now. To think about what we really want to make, who we want to make it for, and then get started. There is no reason that it all has to wait until December. Here are some tips and suggestions for getting started:

1. Ask yourself if giving handmade gifts is really important to you? If it is, then you need to make time for it. If it isn’t important to you and you do it because you feel like you should, let that guilt go and don’t stress yourself out about it. Making handmade, while nice, is time consuming.
2. Ask yourself if that person you want to make something for will really appreciate it. As much as we scrapbookers think that scrapbooking and crafty = wonderful, not everyone shares that point of view. There is no use spending hours (or days!) making a gorgeous scrapbook for someone who would rather have a gift certificate to Red Lobster. Think it through…for those friends and family that would really appreciate the time and effort, do it. For those who might like it but really don’t care either way, those gift cards stands are at almost every checkout aisle.

3. Once you have decided who you really want to give gifts to, decide what you want to make. Don’t tackle too big a project or you will never get finished. Here are some great gift ideas that you can use your digi supplies for:

CALENDARS: I think that by far, calendars are the most widely made scrappy gift. They are fun, pretty, and useful. And, they come in all sorts and sizes. Many digi stores have calendars that hit the {digital} shelves around September including quick pages, CD calendars, calendar templates, and more. Start now by starting a folder of photos and kits you want to use. Or, you can reuse a calendar from last year (you know you have one sitting there that never got used!) and just redo the dates. Artist team member Ana made this beautiful (and totally handy!) table top calendar. LOVE it!




Steph made this cute Shadow Box Calendar a few years back.


MAGNETS: For the last few years, people have been enjoying the amazing refrigerator magnets from Something Blue Studios. They are small, sturdy magnets that you can create using a photo, a scrapbook page, or anything else. You can get them in circles and in squares. I have been telling myself to do this for so long and I never get around to it. This is my year…I can feel it 🙂 Here is what team member Katie has to say about them: “These are not flimsy ink-jet printer magnets! They are sturdy magnets that turn your scrapbook pages, photos, or even your children’s drawings into 2 inch square miniature works of art that friends and family are proud to display on their fridge or magnet board. These are always a hit! I think my favorite ones are from my children’s artwork. Such a great way to display a lot of artwork in a small space.”

COMPLETE ALBUMS: This is probably one of the most daunting gift ideas. Unless you plan to just print out pages you have already done, make sure this is something you really have time for. If finished, it would make a great gift. But if the time isn’t there, the album will sit half completed and you will be rushing around at the last minute trying to find an alternate gift.


Glass Tile Pendant Necklace

Personalized Notecards

Photo Pencils

Photo Puzzle Blocks

All sorts of AMAZING hybrid gift boxes/bags by Kelleigh Ratzlaff

Altered Notebook

Personalized Starbucks Tumbler


We’d love to hear some of your gift ideas and/or see pictures of project you have done in the past. Inspire us!


Scrapping Christmas part TWO {Christmas in July}

christmasinjulyThis morning I showed you my method for tackling the {digital} mountain of Christmas photos I have. As a a busy mom to four, the simple and get-it-done approach works well for me. Our awesome artist team has some suggestions and methods of their own! I love the diversity of the digital community and hope that something you have read today inspires you to dig into those holly-filled memories and get scrappin’!



“I always find myself buying up tons of Christmas kits/elements because I love them so much, and then not having nearly enough photos to use what I’ve purchased. It’s good that I get so caught up in the day that I’m focusing on the time with my family, but I was also thinking that, this year, I will scrap pages for myself early (sort of like my own personal QP album) which can help remind me of photos that I’d like to take during the season. I’ll always continue to scrap the spontaneous, fun photos after the fact, but I can scrap pages around our traditions ahead of time. It should save me time AND maybe even allow me to hand the camera off to my husband once in a while so I’m in a few photos, too.”


Aggie decided on doing a DECEMBER DAILY album (more about what that is on Thursday!) and came out with an AMAZING album which she then had printed into a book by Shutterfly!

“I took pictures the whole month of December and scrapped it the first week of 2008! It helped a ton that I uploaded every single photo I took over at Flickr and jot down notes. Simple sentences were memory triggers already. I used a template given free by Jessica Sprague and scrapped and scrapped. I grouped all Xmas kits into one folder and went from there.”

Here is one of her favorite pages (for December 20):




Dúnia says, “I love to scrap Christmas Pages, but I love the non-traditional ones.
Like my sleepy son waiting for santa, or he with the dogs wearing a santa hat.”

xtmas01-dunia-1Credits: Jolly Holiday Collection by Gina Marie Huff; Font: DJB KellyB

xtmas02-duniaCredits: Jolly Holiday Collection by Gina Marie Huff; Clean & Simple Templates Vol.2 by Dúnia


Katie has this to say about scrapping Christmas layouts:

“I have a hard time scrapping Christmas layouts out of season. I don’t know why that is, but I just can’t get in a Christmas-y mood when it’s hot outside. Guess I would have to adjust to that if I ever moved somewhere warmer, but in Utah I get plenty of winter weather to put me in the mood.
I love the idea of working on holiday layouts in the off-season though because I definitely have more time to work on them. To get in the spirit to create Christmas layouts I look through my blog entries for the past few Christmas seasons and just spend some time browsing through past pictures and layouts centering around that time of year. It really helps me get going!
I have tried really hard the past few years to document the season as it is happening. I may not be scrapping a lot during December, but I keep a detailed calendar and I try to blog as much as possible. It is such a fun time of year to take and share pictures and I’m grateful for the memories I have recorded by writing down my feelings and experiences as they happen.”

And here are some of her favorite pages:

christmas1Credits: Joyful Tidings kit by Shabby Princess; word art “joy” from Holiday Cards volume 3 by Shabby Princess; font is CK Higgins Handprint

christmas2Credits: Ali Edwards layered template No. 13 from Designer Digitals. Digital kit “Treemendous” from After Five Designs. Fonts are Hootie and CK Good Day.


So…what are your suggestions for getting Christmas scrapped? Any tried and true methods? Any ideas you want to share? Let us know!


Scrapping Christmas part ONE {Christmas in July}


It’s Day 2 of our week long CHRISTMAS IN JULY theme. It’s nice to take a break from taking and scrapping pool and beach photos and let our minds go back to the days of evergreens, egg nog, and peppermint lattes from Starbucks. Ah….Christmas….my favorite time of year. I love Christmastime so much that I even chose to get married just one week before the big day. Candles, presents, family, good food, and cozy fires…you really can’t beat it.

One major dilemma that many people have, though, is wondering, “How in the world do I scrap all of these photos?” I know I personally have hundreds of photos from each Christmas and it is easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. Some people tackle the project head on and scrap every photo before New Years and many people (the majority I think) are too Christmased-out and too overwhelmed by the volume of pictures that they run the other direction and dream of warm summer days. And then when those warm summer days finally come, Christmas still isn’t scrapped. Sound like you?

I want to offer a few ways to help you scrap Christmas. For those who celebrate it, it is one of the biggest days of the year and even for those “non-event” scrappers, Christmas is just too big a deal to skip out on. So where do you start? I am going to give you my scrapping solution and then later today, offer a few suggestions/ideas from my team as well. I hope that in this, you can find a way to stop hiding from your Christmas photos and start enjoying reliving the memories of those magical mornings.


Each year, I tackle Christmas scrapping the same way. I like to enjoy a guilt-free life, so I start scrapping Christmas with doing one layout (often a 2-pager) that summarizes the day. If I can get a good overview of a years Christmas on one (or two) pages, then I feel like I have accomplished something major. If, when that summary page is done, I still want to scrap more photos — I can. But if I don’t want to, or if I don’t have time, I rest peacefully knowing that the day has been preserved and my kids can look back and see photos of each year. Here are my pages from the last few years… (interesting to see how my style has changed and yet also remained the same):


2005Credits: HOLIDAY MAGIC by Shabby Princess, template by Janet Phillips


christmas-highlights-2006Credits: ‘TWAS THE NIGHT by Shabby Princess, template by Janet Phillips



(here are the individual pages)


2007_web_pg2Credits: ‘TWAS THE NIGHT by Shabby Princess, template by Janet Phillips, Stamped alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz, font is Printer Primer by Fontologie.

I love how I can see the day all wrapped-up (pun fully-intended) into one page/spread. It liberates me and makes me want to shout, “I GOT CHRISTMAS SCRAPPED!” Of course, I have done other pages for Christmas, but they were as I was inspired and totally guilt-free. Some of the other pages I have made a point of doing are first Christmas for the kids, Christmas photo shoots, meeting santa, and a few others. BUT…and this is a big BUT…if I didn’t get the time to scrap one more page about a particular Christmas, I wouldn’t feel bad. And that is a GREAT feeling!

Now, I have to admit. While preparing for this week I starting to feel that sense of guilt start to creep in. It is July and I had yet to scrap any of our 2008 photos (of which there were 225 from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as well as another 394 from the timer/remote I had set to take one picture a minute). So, I took some of my own suggestions, downloaded a new kit, and got scrapping.

Here is how I did it: I started by jotting down a few things that were important about that day so I would know what photos I needed to represent the day most fully. After that, I looked through each of the photos and chose to edit a few that I thought best showed the feeling of the day. I chose one or two pictures from each “part” of the day — sitting with Santa (aka dad), stockings, riding bikes, opening gifts, etc. I was ready to narrow my selections down but when I counted, there we exactly 20 and I knew that was a doable amount for a two page spread. I edited away (quick edits since the photos would be so small) and then do what I almost always do — I created a template for myself. By creating a template first, I don’t have to worry about papers or photos — I could just concentrate on the design.


Then I starting adding photos, wrote down some journaling, prettied it up with gorgeous papers and a few elements, added my title and date and was DONE. After just about two hours of total work, I have Christmas 2008 scrapped…and that feels SO good!



christmas2008_pg1_webCredits: JOYFUL TIDINGS by Shabby Princess, brush strokes by Michelle Coleman, Hallowed Out Alpha by Kate Teague, fonts are Typewriter Scribbled and CK Ali’s Hand.


So there you have it…my secret to a guilt free scrapping existence. Well, maybe I can’t go that far, but still, I feel great knowing this special day of ours is preserved for years to come. If and when I get the time, I would love to do some pages such as:

Reading the Christmas Story
Birthday Cake for Jesus
Four kids…same jammies for their first Christmas
Holidays away from home
Our Christmas Meal

…and more.


Want to know MORE about scrapping Christmas?

Then come back at 3:00 p.m EDT today for a special Part Two of our scrapping Christmas…too much goodness for one post!




Welcome to THE DAILY DIGI’S special CHRISTMAS IN JULY week! We are so excited to take a break from our regular posts and instead bring you all sorts of amazing holiday inspiration. While many of you are melting away in the summer heat, you can cool off with cold wintery thoughts of Christmas! We are going to be doing some fun stuff this week including looking at holiday gifts, tips for scrapping Christmas photos, making albums, and MORE! So hold on tight…because this week is going to be FUN!

With all the inspiration that is headed your way, we wanted to make sure you were prepared for the great pages you can make. So I asked our team about their favorite Christmas products (that are available now) and here is just a sample of what they wanted to show off. So come on…gear up….and get ready to celebrate CHRISTMAS IN JULY. And be sure to come back tomorrow when we help you tackle the monumental task of scrapping Christmas layouts!

(all images are linked)

















Taste the Rainbow


If you remember my post a while back, on things I wanted to do this summer, you may have noticed that the first thing on my list was to make Colorburst Cupcakes.  We have been busy tackling the list of fun summer activities (like buying a dog, getting a good family picture, and having a make your own pizza night), but we had yet to tackle the most colorful activity listed. With no plans on the schedule, we decided yesterday was the day.  And oh did we have fun!


Although the recipe listed on the site would have been easier, I don’t have the luxury of boxed cake mixes (or if we can get them, we have to pay about $6.00).  I just used a from scratch recipe for a white cake.  I divided the batter into five bowls and added about 1/8 tsp of gel food coloring.


After that, I layered the colored batter in the cupcake holders.  The recipe says to spread each layer out but with four kids eagerly anticipating licking the bowls and the beaters, there was no time for spreading. Really, there was no time for anything other than plopping a spoonful of batter and moving on, with little fingers “cleaning” up behind me.


After the layering was all done, into the oven they went.  And when they were done — it was colors galore!


I LOVE how bright and happy they came out!  We took a break to eat some dinner and then topped them with 7-minute frosting (something I hadn’t made in years!)  The kids loved it because it tastes like marshmallows 🙂



And check out the yummy, oh-so-colorful insides!


And then the moment finally comes…taste testing…


And already, at 7:30 in the morning on the day after…they are begging for more.  So go on, try it yourself and taste the rainbow.


P.S.  Credits for the rainbow title:  Rainbow (recolored) by Michelle Coleman, fonts are CK Ali’s Hand and Evolution

Subscribing to RSS Feeds


Three years ago right now, I (Steph) was pregnant and on bedrest with my youngest baby. It was during that time that my online life was changed…or at least the way I spent time online, all because someone mentioned Bloglines on their blog. They talked about how they were able to subscribe to blogs and be instantly notified when someone updated…..WHAT!? Up to that time, I would go from blog to blog via my bookmarks or blog links from my own blog. It was an okay system, but I hated spending the time checking so many blogs just to see that….nope…that blog did not have anything new posted today either! When I saw Bloglines mentioned, I signed up for an account and my life was forever changed!!

According to my analysis of our statistics, half of our readers are subscribed to our RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication) and the other half of you are not. Of those that are subscribed to our RSS about 68% are subscribed using a Google product (Google Reader or iGoogle), 13% are subscribed using Bloglines, and the rest of you use various other forms of blog subscription applications. So, half of you just might be convinced to try a subscription app today. 🙂

What does it do? Basically, it puts all of the blogs and sites that you subscribe to in one online application, so you can read them easily. When I first started using Bloglines, like I said, I was on bedrest, so I had a lot of time to read blogs. I had an icon on my menu bar that would pop up instantly whenever blogs that I was subscribed to were updated. During that time of my life, no blog entry went unread…almost as soon as it was posted. I am very happy to say, that is not the case now. In Bloglines and Google Reader, the blogs that have updates are bolded and then in parenthesese it shows how many posts there have been since I last looked at that blog in the application. No more surfing from blog to blog to know who has made updates and who hasn’t…..ahhhhh the freedom!!!

In Google Reader and Bloglines, you can easily subscribe to a blog by the click of a button or a drag and drop. You can also sort the blogs by categories, for instance, I have these categories: digital, paper, crafts, decorating, childhood friends, friends, and tech. When I subscribe to a blog, I just select from the drop-down menu, which category the blog belongs in and I am set!

I asked our team which subscription app they use and what they love about it and here is what they said:

Aggie: “I use Google Reader and I love it! I used to use Bloglines but it didn’t update as fast as Reader did so I exported my entries/RSS feeds to Reader and never looked back!

I love how I can “mark it as unread” so I can read it again – certain entries that require focused reading and not scanning Cheesy
And I even catch up on my favorite galleries through Reader, if you notice certain galleries (DD, MSA, SSD) has the RSS button on the URL bar in Firefox – I just go to my fave scrapper’s gallery and add it to my reader too.”

Janet: “One of my favorite things (because I am nosy curious is that when you go to Google Reader you can click on show details and you can see how many people are subscribed to a particular blog.” (Bloglines has this feature too…I am curious too, Janet…heehee! 😉 )

Ana: “I use Bloglines and I love it. I like the feature of “keep new” that you can mark a post if you want it to be there, kinda as a favorite/bookmark.” (I love that feature too!)

Kelly: “Another fun feature of Google Reader is the “next” feature which allows you to click on the “next” button that you drag into your internet bar and then it just takes you to the actual “next” blog that’s updated in your list. This way you can see the actual web blog pages and not just a generic view from your reader. I’m sure that the advertisers on blogs appreciate this too since you miss their ads when you read through the reader. Personally, I love a good ad here and there… gotta keep the economy moving, ya know? Wink (Just doing my part, honey! Don’t look at paypal and we’ll be just fine…)”

Karen: “I love blog readers (I use Bloglines) because I can sort the blogs I read as well as read them all in one place. I read marketing blogs for work and scrappy blogs for fun, and it’s much nicer to be able to have them categorized than having to pick and choose from Firefox bookmarks dropdown.”

Amy said this, “I’m still trying to convince my mom to get on a reader…Her main complaint is that she doesn’t get to see all the pretty blog decorations if she reads them in a reader.” Well, Amy, I found a subscription application that would work great for your mom! It is a no fuss, no frills, no clutter subscription application that is just that…for subscriptions. It’s not a reader at all, in fact! It’s called Rososo. Here is what the Zen guy had to say about it. This is how the Rososo guy described it:

“This is the idea of Rososo: How can I follow my bookmarks without a feeling of obligation, of accumulation? Billy and I solved it in the simplest possible way. We present the user with her bookmarks, detecting the updated ones with RSS. But we don’t show the updates themselves. RSS means “Really Simple Syndication”, but we’re not syndicating anything — and the results are more peaceful.

As a bonus, you get to read your bookmarks in context. Compare an article on or to a syndicated article from that site in a newsreader. You lose all the personality. The font, the layout, the whole mood of the site is lost. Rososo lets you read your bookmarks as the author intended.”

If you would like to get started using a subscriber here are some helps:

Google Reader for Beginners

How to get started with Bloglines

I’m excited to see how many of you change the way you spend your on-line time and start using a subscription application!! Go for it! It WILL change your life! 🙂


SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT — TaylorMade Designs

Spot Lit Wall

What is the first thing you think of when you hear, “TaylorMade Designs”?  Crisp? Clean? Warm? Cozy?  I think of all these things and more.  Amanda Taylor, the talent behind TaylorMade Designs, is with us here at THE DAILY DIGI this month and we are so excited!  I just love how serene her designs are — her kits, template packs, quick pages, and word art all bring a feeling of familiarity and softness.  I love them!  For THE DIGI FILES 6 she created a fun paper pack just jammed full of fun (and yet somehow still soft) summer papers.


And here are some layouts by our artist team using these gorgeous papers

katietaylormadeLayout by Katie: Sunny Disposition papers by TaylorMade from The Digi Files 6, francis gothic and century gothic fonts, template by Nina Scraps


Layout by Aggie: The Digi Files 6 – TaylorMade Sunny Disposition; Unscripted 1 – The Good Life by TaylorMade Designs; Fading 3 by TaylorMade Designs; Scrappable Collection Templates 09 by, Tiffany Tillman, Font: CK Solid

sam-and-grandpa-heroes-0807Layout by Karen: Sunny Disposition from TDF6, Janet Phillips CD album template; MandaBean wordart; Gina Miller buttons, stitches and staples; Font is Pea Frankie

roscoe-copyLayout by Kelly: template: Taylor Made Creative Outlet #1, All papers: TDF6, Font:Fontologie Printing Primer In Between

boycolors_webLayout by Janet: Papers by TaylorMade for TDF6, stitching by Ronna Penner, Staples by Shabby Princess, Date stamp by Amber Clegg, Fonts are CK Handprint and Typewriter Scribbled



Name: Amanda Taylor
Hometown: Born and raised in Memphis, TN
Married to: Will
Mom to
: Gage (age 8) and Alyssa (age 3). (Oh, and Layla too. Part Beagle/Part Chihuahua… (age 1 & 1/2) hehehe

STORE: TaylorMade Designs at Oscraps

BLOG: TaylorMade

Going from a full-time career to staying home with the kids, designing was the perfect way to keep my new-found scrapping habit alive while making a little extra spending money.  Little did I know, it would become more fulfilling than any other creative outlet I have ever pursued.

I started designing in August 2007.

Definitely both.  One seems to constantly inspire the other.

Editor’s Note:  Just look at the awesome layout Amanda made using stuff from THE DIGI FILES 6!


This varies depending on what’s going on in “real life”. I usually spend at least 30 to 40 hours a week designing and marketing. Although I don’t have a lot of time during the day with the kids home, I am quite the night owl. Most of my designing is done between the hours of 9pm and 4am, when the house is nice and quite. (I drink a LOT of coffee. hahaha)

My favorite product to date would probably have to be the Composure kit, or maybe the Unscripted word art. Hmmm… it’s hard to choose.


My best sellers (ones that sell consistently no matter how much time has gone by since their release) is the Fading Emotions word art and the Unscripted word arts.


1. daylight savings time
2. windy, sunny days
3. my camera
4. my computer
5. tank tops + jeans + flipflops
6. mocha frappucinos from Starbucks (vinte, with an extra shot of expresso… oh… and no whip. hehe)
7. jack johnson
8. chocolate milk
9. family outings
10. editing photos

1. the dentist
2. cloudy days
3. certain “shortcut” words, such as lil’ for little and pic for picture
4. mean people
5. waking up and realizing that I have no coffee in the house
6. having to stop to put gas in the car
7. coming home to a sink full of dirty dishes
8. my tendency to ramble
9. an unmade bed
10. toys that speak when not spoken to


Now let’s look at some of her other amazing designs…(some of which are FREE so be sure to click on the images!)









And feast your eyes on these…







Thank you, Amanda, for being with us here at THE DAILY DIGI this month!  We have loved getting to know you a bit better and we LOVE seeing your gorgeous designs!

And as a THANK YOU to the DAILY DIGI readers, Amanda is going to mark her whole store off  30% for TODAY ONLY.  Go grab some goodies!


Getting It Done

A few weeks ago, I (Steph) posted this post with some ideas to help us all “get it done”. I asked for ideas for a future post and got several great ones that I would like to share!

Our first tip comes from Rachel (rach3975 in the digiverse):One of my favorite tips is to pre-write journaling. When I download pictures to the computer and mark them for scrapping (which I do by copying the best ones into a scrapping folder), I also take a few minutes to journal in a Word Document. That way I get the memories down while they’re fresh and don’t have to sit at the computer 6 months later with a case of writer’s block thinking, “I wish I could remember the story behind these photos…” I also keep a running list of all the cute things my kids say. I organize it by month. Then if I have a photo from a given month with no story to tell, I can open my Things You Say document and pair the photo with something they said around that time.”

My family took a vacation to Hawaii last fall and I blogged on a private blog each day things that happened while we were on that trip. As I am scrapping it now, (8 months later) I am amazed at all of the little details I had forgotten about. I am so happy to be able to add them to my layouts! I need to follow Rachels advice though, and do it more frequently!!

Sabine had a few great suggestions for us, but I think this was my favorite: “I read Ali Edwards’ book Life Artist, which is a phenomenal book. I love her idea of how twenty years from now, it won’t matter which paper I used, but the fact that the page exists at all. Does everything match perfectly? Perhaps not, but a story got told, rather than being left to fade in my mind. Since adopting this philosophy, I find my pages are more carefree, and loving…so, in other words, better than they were when I agonized over making them perfect!”

I wonder how many memories I could get scrapped if I spent less time deciding which red paper to use (I just made this comment to a friend yesterday…haha).

knittenjen had this great tip: challenges help me get a “start” – sort of like a template (which each site has challenges for!). I have all the photos I need to scrap in their certain locations. Then I create a spreadsheet where I enter the sites and their challenges as they come up. Each page I scrap for a challenge is just as special as if it had no outside prompting, and what with the deadlines and the many, many challenges – I finish more scrapping! And I get ideas to do stuff I would not have otherwise thought to do! I’m not “legalistic” about it with myself – if a challenge doesn’t interest me, I don’t do it. But most of them do! And as a bonus, I end up earning free product after earning a certain number of points.”

Many blogs and sites (TDD is one) give away gift certificates randomly to those that participate in a chellenge, your layout doesn’t have to be deemed “best”, you only need to do a layout to win. LOVE that!!!

Use a calendar to jump-start your memory. If you have a hard time keeping track of notebooks to write things down on, keep track on a calendar by writing keywords and phrases. This will not only help you when you sit down to scrap, but it will also be fun to look back and see when things happened in relation to other events going on in your life at the time (i.e. the baby took their first step the same day that your oldest child had piano lessons and someone else had a doctors appointment, etc).

Sabine had this great organizing tip that I loved, because it is very similar to the way I do it. I don’t want to spend my scrapping time tagging and labeling, so I organize my photos chronologically: “My pictures are well organized. I don’t use a program to do it, simply copy them to my hard drive from the camera, rename the folder, and rotate the pictures. I have a folder for each year, and within, I rename a folder, for example, 2009-06-25 Mom’s birthday, zoo trip. So, they organize chronologically in Windows automatically,(yup, no Mac for me, I’m afraid!) and I have a couple of keywords that remind me what’s in each folder, which makes it easy to find things later on.”

I loved seeing these ideas come into my inbox and have decided to try a few of them and see if it helps me to GET IT DONE!!! 🙂


SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT — Nicole Seitler (Sugarplum Paperie)

Spot Lit Wall

Soft and sweet…cozy and comfortable…little babies and chasing butterflies. Those are things I think of when I think of the designs by Nicole Seitler, better known as Sugarplum Paperie.  Her papers and elements are just so sweet…I think I could design an entire line of baby announcements using them.  I just LOVE all the soft colors and breezy elements…they just make me ready to float away on a cloud somewhere. We are THRILLED to have Nicole with us at THE DAILY DIGI this month. And we are super excited since she just gave birth to a new baby girl…PENELOPE JOY.  Perhaps a new little one will inspire even more gorgeous designs. Lucky us 🙂  Just look at the last few days of the pregnancy inspired…


See what I mean?  Soft and sweet! You get this this gorgeous kit…plus designs from a bunch of designers, for just $5.00 in THE DIGI FILES 6. Grab it now and then you can make pages like this…

tdf6-sugarplum-duniaLayout by Dúnia: Everything from: Pretty Little Picnic by Sugarplum Paperie (TDF6), Font: 2Peas Crumbly Gingersnap


katiesugarplumLayout by Katie: Pretty Little Picnic by SugarPlum Paperie from The Digi Files 6, tan paper by Taylor Made from The Digi Files 6
Template & Stitching by Crissy Armstrong, CK footnote font


tdd_ana_sugarplumLayout by Ana: Pretty Little Picnic, Sugar Plum (TDF 6) and It’s a date, Chere Kaye. Fonts: Amelie and Kindergarten


startingfresh_webLayout by Janet: Pretty Little Picnic by Nicole Seitler for THE DIGI FILES 6, wordart by Taylormade Designs, Stitched border by Zoe Pearn,  Fonts are CK Ali’s Hand and Typewriter Scribbled





Name: Nicole Seitler
Hometown: Sarasota, Florida
Family: I’ve been married for seven wonderful years to my hubby, Travis. We have a daughter, Katie, a son, Joshua, and we recently welcomed baby Penelope to our family.


STORE: Sugarplum Paperie

BLOG: Sweet Little Digital Designs







I was browsing the internet late one night in 2006 when I stumbled upon some digital freebies from the Shabby Princess and 2peas. Before then I had never really stopped to think “All those papers I love at my local scrapbook shop… someone made them. They came up with the colors and the flowers and the swirls and they made that paper! Heck, I think I could make that paper. Wow!” And so I was soundly bitten by “the bug” and obsessed with a new desire to figure out all the ins and outs of Photoshop and start designing things myself.


I usually celebrate my designing anniversary on the day I started my blog, which was two years ago now (July 26, 2007 to be exact). I started the blog as a way to keep myself going and stay motivated to learn new things. I would make a little something, playing around in Photoshop, and then give it away on my blog as a freebie for others to enjoy.


Well, I am a paper scrapper, not a digi scrapper. I do love to play with digital goodies, but my heart still belongs to my paper, scissors and glue stick.


Ooo. I don’t know that I should stay how much time I put into things these days. Ha ha! With my new admin duties as owner of the Digichick, it is certainly a full time (and sometimes “around the clock”) job. But thankfully, it’s also a flexible job that allows me to take time off when my family needs a break. I can work in the morning, I can work at night. I like that flexibility.

If I had to make a guess, I’d say that for myself I put in about 2-3 hours a day either designing, blogging, writing a newsletter or posting my latest news around town.


I think it’s my Meadowlark kit. It’s so soft and sweet and I just love the color green (I have a real addiction to using it in every kit). Plus I pushed myself to try some new things with this kit and the little elements (like the birdie, butterfly, pear, flower, grass, etc.) are all my own designs, playing around with vector shapes.




I would have to guess that it’s my 365 Embellishment Pack





1. Good dark chocolate.
2. Having a date night or a getaway with my hubby.
3. Pixar movies.
4. Trader Joe’s grocery stores.
5. Going out to eat (instead of having to cook dinner!).
6. IKEA!
7. Going to bed on fresh, clean sheets.
8. Relaxing in the pool.
9. Knitting!
10. The sweet way my babies smell.


1. Totally inconsiderate people (on the road, at the store).
2. Humidity (which is why I no longer live in Florida!).
3. When the kids sing something over and over again.
4. When people aren’t honest with me.
5. That it’s really hard to keep the house clean.
6. Going to Wal-Mart; a necessary evil sometimes.
7. Mediocre fast food that leaves me wondering why I even bothered.
8. Companies that put MSG and other additives in our foods instead of making quality stuff in the first place!
9. Not having enough time to do all the things I want to in a day (redesign a blog or write to a friend or start a new kit).
10. Being too far away from my family.


Now I want to show off some of my favorite products of Nicole’s…




















And here are some gorgeous layouts using her products (images are linked for full credits)















Thank you SO MUCH, Nicole, for being with us here at THE DAILY DIGI.  I know you are probably just soaking up all that newborn yumminess, but we just wanted to let you know how much we love your designs. Keep ’em coming!


And for THE DAILY DIGI readers, Nicole has a special coupon for you!





P.S.  And congrats to NETTIE B for winning the random drawing for the MORE WITH FOUR challenge!  Email me using the CONTACT US button on the right side of the page and you can claim your prize…$50 worth of coupons to sponsoring designer store! WOO HOO!



And here is her MORE WITH FOUR challenge page…I love all the bits of paper and fun stitching!



Thanks to everyone who participated!  I loved looking at all your layouts and seeing how you met the challenge.  Recoloring, resizing, fun titles, and more.  Way to stretch your creativity!



Team Play Day


It’s another team play day…yea! For our inspirational Team Play Days, the ladies on THE DAILY DIGI artist team whip up some great layouts by mix and matching items from THE DIGI FILES 6 and/or using other stuff from designers stores. Our sponsoring designers are just so fabulously talented that we can’t help show it all off! I love how all these layouts came together. Be sure to check out the credits to see where to get all the fabulousness!

Layout by Katie — from The Digi Files 6: fade to white alpha by Diane Rigdon, orange, pink, and creme Paper from Summer Sorbet , heart, splotches, and pink flowers from Organic Girl by Kristen Rice; pink splotch from Pretty Little Picnic by SugarPlum Paperie (Nicole Seitler), Template 9 by Kaye Winiecki, font is CK footnote

Layouts by Katie — Janet Phillips templates from The Digi Files 6 , papers by Katie the Scrapbook Lady, Fonts are Calibri and Century Gothic

karen-lisa-b-friend-tdd-team-play-0Layout by Karen — From TDF6: Kristen Rice template; Gina Miller papers, flower, button; Zoe Pearn paper; TaylorMade paper; SBG cloud (recolored); MGL tape; Sugarplum Paperie trim. Also used Katie Pertiet word art and CK Ali’s Writing font.

tdd_ana_ginamillerLayout by Ana — Everything from Young Backyard Bliss, Collab by Gina Miller, Kate Hadfield and Rachel Young ; Except: Messy Staples Rainbow, Kate Hadfield; Block Templates 5, Ana Reis; Datador Carimbos (date stamp), Ana Reis; Font: Rough Typewriter

tdd_ana_playdateLayout by Ana (Scraplift of Tali’s Deep in Thought) — From TDF 6: Background Organic Girl, Kristen Rice; Striped paper and ribbons Summer Sorbet, Zoe Pearn; Hearts and Wordart Pretty Little Picnic, Sugar Plum; Flower and button Rhapsody, Gina Miller. Other: Pippis Dream and Happy Doodles (letters extracted to create title); Messy Staples Rainbow, Kate Hadfield and Stitching, Lisa Whitney; Coloca na fita (date tape), Mic. Font: Traveling Typewriter

lolosfirstlove_taylormade_tddLayout by Aggie — Credits: TaylorMade Designs November Rain Papers, TaylorMade Designs Stitched and Stated Frames, MandaBean And I Quote Grandparents, Anna Aspnes Fotoblendz Clipping Masks No.6. Font: Type-Ra

blue_taylormade_tddLayout by Aggie — Credits: TaylorMade Designs Mere Modesty; TaylorMade Designs Unscripted Not so Great; Anna Aspnes Fotoblendz Clipping Masks No.6.
Font: Myriad Pro

Layout by Dunia — From Taylor Made: Revive Kit, Fading Emotions Vol.3,Fading Emotions Vol.4, From Paislee Press:Press Plate N.5

awolff_teamplay_450Layout by Amy — TDF6 Taylor Made papers, TDF6 Dianne Rigdon’s alpha, Kristen Rice “It’s So Me” ribbon flowers and epoxy tree, Stamp the Date, font-pea jennifer

celebratingyou_web450Layout by Janet — TDF6: Paper and frame by Zoe Pearn, glitter spray by Kristin Rice, buttons by Gina Miller, acrylic bracket by MGL scraps. Word Art by TaylorMade Designs (Unscprited 1).


We’d love to see how you all have played with this months THE DIGI FILES and/or sponsoring designer products. Link us up here!