I ♥ Faces


This is just one of those sites that I HAVE to share! So, so, SO cool!

IheartFaces is an awesome photography site. The site was born out of a love for people photos. Each week, they have a theme and there is a challenge to take a picture (or show an older one) that fits the weeks theme. You blog it, flickr it, etc. and you post your link. Then, the photos are judges, winners are chosen, and they highlight some of the best photos for the week. Here are just a few of the things that make challenge rock:

  1. I love all the different themes…so cool to see SO MANY people tackle the same subject, but with totally different results
  2. I love that the challenges force you to think about themes in new ways — to stretch yourself, try something new, and forge a new trail
  3. I love that they allow beginners, amateurs, and professionals to participate
  4. They have some really cool themes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the feet week they just had! Check out what is coming up:

  • Week 30 – Aug 3rd – “My Story In Photos: Summer Edition”
  • Week 31 – Aug 10th – Crazy, Silly, Funny Face
  • (There will be a special “Pets” category during Week 31)
  • Week 32 – Aug 17th – Bubbles
  • Week 33 – Aug 24th – Nostalgia
  • Week 34 – “Before & After”
  • (This will be a non-competition week)
  • Week 35 – Sept 7th – Contemplative
  • (There will be a special “Pets” category during Week 35)
  • Week 36 – Sept 14th – Completely Candid
  • Week 37 – Sept 21st – Blue
  • Week 38 – Sept 28th – Excited!

In addition, the site has some cool things like Fix It Friday (where you can edit a photo and show the results — woo hoo!) and some great giveaways and tutorials.

I’m so stoked about this place…I LOVE a good challenge! Hope you check it out!