Taste the Rainbow


If you remember my post a while back, on things I wanted to do this summer, you may have noticed that the first thing on my list was to make Colorburst Cupcakes.  We have been busy tackling the list of fun summer activities (like buying a dog, getting a good family picture, and having a make your own pizza night), but we had yet to tackle the most colorful activity listed. With no plans on the schedule, we decided yesterday was the day.  And oh did we have fun!


Although the recipe listed on the site would have been easier, I don’t have the luxury of boxed cake mixes (or if we can get them, we have to pay about $6.00).  I just used a from scratch recipe for a white cake.  I divided the batter into five bowls and added about 1/8 tsp of gel food coloring.


After that, I layered the colored batter in the cupcake holders.  The recipe says to spread each layer out but with four kids eagerly anticipating licking the bowls and the beaters, there was no time for spreading. Really, there was no time for anything other than plopping a spoonful of batter and moving on, with little fingers “cleaning” up behind me.


After the layering was all done, into the oven they went.  And when they were done — it was colors galore!


I LOVE how bright and happy they came out!  We took a break to eat some dinner and then topped them with 7-minute frosting (something I hadn’t made in years!)  The kids loved it because it tastes like marshmallows 🙂



And check out the yummy, oh-so-colorful insides!


And then the moment finally comes…taste testing…


And already, at 7:30 in the morning on the day after…they are begging for more.  So go on, try it yourself and taste the rainbow.


P.S.  Credits for the rainbow title:  Rainbow (recolored) by Michelle Coleman, fonts are CK Ali’s Hand and Evolution