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WOO HOO!  Our first Sponsor Spotlight for July.  And what a spotlight it is!  Mónica Guerra Leiria, aka MGL Scraps, is here with us here at THE DAILY DIGI and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Mónica has a fabulous lineup at products at Scrapbook Graphics and we think you are going to love them.  One of the things I love most about her work is the variety of styles she has — everything from soft and sweet to funk and grunge.  There is truly something for everyone!  We will look at some of my favorite items of hers a bit later, but first let’s see what she created for THE DIGI FILES 6. You can grab this kit (and a bunch of others from our all-star lineup) right HERE.




And here are two layouts created by THE DAILY DIGI team

tdd_mgl_willhaircutlayout by Amy

lightupthenight_weblayout by Janet



I’m Mónica Guerra Leiria, a 29yo portuguese insane woman. 😉 I was born and raised in Lisbon and, despite having moved to the outskirts 2 years ago (I’m still just 15 minutes away by either train or car from the heart of Lisbon), my soul still belongs to that city. I moved because there was a chance to buy a good flat here, and the money we had didn’t allow for Lisbon’s more expensive prices; if we didn’t have children, I wouldn’t have minded getting an older flat – just as long as it was Lisbon! – but the boys deserve a solidly good place, so we had to compromise. I’m a mom to two boys, Apolo (11) and David (2), I’ve been married for 11 and a half years to Vasco, whom I managed to coax into digiscrapping (he designs under the name Moon Scraps, my poor abused hubby, hehe), and I have an awesome 14yo sister, Melissa.
My hobbies include listening to music, going to concerts, reading, writing (Harry Potter fanfiction, lol, I’m a die hard Severus/Hermione fan), roleplaying (tabletop roleplaying games, such as Vampire: the Masquerade, Cyberpunk 2020 and Call of Cthulhu 1920) and console gaming.

STORE: Studio MGL at Scrapbook Graphics

SITE: MGL Scraps


Mmmm, trick question. The truest answer would be, I was always good with computers, was 17, pregnant and really needed a job. Found one making books and brochures, using QuarkXPress, Illustrator and Photoshop and, despite never having used any of these programs, plunged into it. This was 1997, and the design bug hasn’t left me since. I worked in publishing companies and advertising agencies, always as a graphic designer. Then in 2006 I was bitten by the photography bug, and started trying to learn all I possibly could about my DSLR – going to forums, blogs, tutorials, the works – and, at some point (2007, I think), I came across a forum called ILP, where I started going regularly. A while after being there I started seeing the words “scrap” and “scrapbooking” used, most of the times in reference to the look of a specific card or collage, but I had no idea what they meant (when I say I didn’t know what scrapping was I mean I had no clue about any kind of scrapping, paper, digi or anything in between). Finally, I followed a link to DSSA (Digital Scrapbooking South Africa) to grab a free photo editing action, and ended up reading enough of the blog to understand what digiscrapping was. After that I was hooked, and there was no question that I’d be designing while at home with David.


Designing, 12 years. Digiscrap designing, a year and a half.


Primarily a designer – I sometimes like to scrap, I always mean to scrap more but, somehow, I don’t.


It really depends – a regular week would be 40, but sometimes it’s a lot more, while others I procrastinate and it isn’t even half that.


Wow, answering this is harder than I thought! Urban Life is, I think my favourite of the products in my store. My other favourite product is Rock On, but that one isn’t in store yet. And A Midsummer Night’s Dream, my Digi Files contribution, closes my Top 3.




That would be Trap the Spark, hands down



(I obviously love my children more than any of these, but that’s usually a given, so, children aside, this is what really makes me tick:)

– Music – I can’t conceive of my life without it. I love music so much that most people end up asking me if I know how to play any instrument – I don’t, and I think I’d suck at playing, but I’m fabulous at listening. 😉 Favourite band is Marillion.

– Coca-Cola – Not Coke Zero, not Pepsi, not “whatever-they’ve-just-decided-is-the-next-best-thing”, but Coca-Cola.. I’m also a HUGE Cherry Coke fan, but we don’t have it in Portugal, so I have to settle for drinking litres and litres of it when we go to London. Once brought a bottle home with me but, with the new liquids regulations and it having to fly with the luggage, erm, well… let’s just say it didn’t even remotely resemble Cherry Coke when I opened the bottle.

– Gadgets – I’m a complete geek at heart – my new Nokia 5800 Xpress Music is the latest in a long line of gadgets, and I love it dearly!

– People – yes, masses of people, in shopping centres, all around me, everywhere. I’m not one for peace and quiet.

– Console Games, especially RPGs, chief among those Final Fantasy VII – I have an inner Aerith trapped in my much chunkier body 😉

– Severus Snape

– Walking in the rain

– Fountain pens

– Having friends over, for anything and everything – dinner, lunch, sleepovers, general goofiness, you name it!

– Being alive. Seriously, it’s something I’m constantly aware of, how wonderful it is to simply be alive. Every breath is exhilarating!


– Lies. I can stand any truth, no matter how harsh it is. I have no problem being told I’m ugly, insufferable, really, whatever the insult is, to my face, but don’t lie to me. My friends have been known to say I’m the sort of person no blackmailer could ever blackmail, because I say everything out in the open “just like crazy people do”. I’ve never claimed to be sane! 😉

– Cowardice. By cowardice I don’t mean people being afraid to get into a fistfight or something like that, I mean people being afraid to take the plunge and of living their lives the way they actually wanted to live them. While I’d really like to believe in reincarnation, I operate on the assumption that we each only get one life, so we should definitely live it, not just cruise through it windowshopping.

– People who betray their friends – true friendship is sacred in my book!

– Moms (or dads) who tell their screaming 5yos in the supermarket “stop crying and mommy will buy you [insert whatever they’re screaming for here]”. Seriously, I feel like slapping the mom in question, how can they expect their kids to respect them if they’re just going to bribe them at every turn?

– Bullies. Although they’re usually secretly miserable for one reason or another.

– People who feel the need to yell in concerts about anything and everything not concert related, especially during the quiet bits of the songs. Seriously, people, it’s a quiet, dramatic moment, I don’t need it embellished by you asking the lead singer to impregnate you at the top of your lungs!

– Being allergic to metal, including some forms of silver. I love silver-coloured earrings, ack!

– Stairs. Yes, for real, I fell down the stairs when I was like 9 I think, and it was a nasty fall. Not only did I never again skip merrily down a set of stairs, but I also actively dislike them.

– Elevators – I didn’t like those even before I didn’t like stairs, what can I say? A world full of escalators would be awesome to live on!

– Going to the dentist. ::shudders::


Wow…thanks Mónica, for that fun interview.  I love how open you were!  It is so fun to read about other people…find out how different people can be and how much the same.  I totally CANNOT understand wanting to have gobs of people around me all the time but I can TOTALLY relate to some of your other stuff!

Now I want to show off some of Mónica’s gorgeous work. Enjoy!

(all images are linked)










And now let’s see some of the great pages created with MGL Scraps!








Thank you so much, Mónica, for being with us at THE DAILY DIGI this month!  Your are very talented and your variety of styles gives everyone something to love!