Home Improvement


…and no, I don’t mean the show.

As we have been working hard to get settled into our new home, I have been spending lots of time looking at home improvement sites. We have lived in enough places to know that it is really important to get into a place and truly make it your own.  Some things need fixing and some things just need more of “me” in them.  Thankfully, I have not been short of inspiration.


One of my main time wasters spenders has been a site I got from Jen Caputo.  It is called This Young House and it is FULL of amazing inspiration and information for all sorts of home improvement.  From this site alone I have been inspired to paint my kitchen cabinets, repaint old chairs for a fresh new look, spray paint anything that can’t run away from me,  and get my window treatments sorted. They also have me wanting to get my garden planted, build a firepit,  and create a compost bin. This site, totally geared for do-it-yourselfers and people on a budget, is just totally amazing.

Whether you are moving into something new or your “old” home needs some “new” touches, you are sure to be inspired.  I know I am.