Spot Lit Wall

Welcome to another addition of the SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT.  We have a real treat for you today!  Amber Clegg, designer at Scrapartist, is a FABULOUS artist with some amazing designs.  Her stuff is bold, inventive, and oh-so-fun.  I just know you are going to love what you see.  Don’t believe me?  Check out what she created for THE DIGI FILES.  This is one incredible kit.  And yes, this is ALL in THE DIGI FILES as well as all the contributions from other designers.  Grab it HERE. Amber really rocks the previews, doesn’t she?






Check out what our team whipped up with all this goodness…


You can get this amazing kit as well as things from all of the other designers for just $5.00.  Grab it HERE.



My name is Amber Clegg and I live in Olympia, Washington.  I have been married almost 10 years and we have 4 kids: two boys (ages 9 and 2) and two girls (ages 7 and 4)

STORE: Amber Clegg at Scrapartist


I love art and scrapbooking, so it was a natural fit.  The low mess is perfect for my busy life with lots of little kids running around.


about 4 years


I try to be be both, but tend to be very slow at both.  😀  I am a perfectionist with regards to designing and scrapbooking, so it takes me a long time to design anything.  They both fill different needs in my life.  I couldn’t have one without the other.


Not as much as I would like.  Since my baby has been moving on his own ( for about the last year or so) I have had scale back drastically.   He is a crazy, busy, climbing, no fear, adorable, little one.  When he is awake, I have to be with him or very near him to prevent bodily harm or serious damage to my home. LOL!!


Hmmmm…I usually love my most recent creations.  I love my Blinging
, Swirls, and Frames, Tall and Chunky chipboard, and A li’l Dainty
.  Oh!, and I can’t forget all the quiet books Jacque Larsen and I have
done together, My Book of Colors, My ABC book, and My Number Book (I love
them and so do my kids):











No question…my Date Stamps



my family (especially hugs from my kidlets)
my Savior
foot massages (with lotion)
exercise (love me a little P90X)
chocolate (ice-cream is my favorite, and the more variety of chocolate,
fudge, brownies, or whatever, the better)
my mac
my camera
my paint brushes
clean sheets
the smell of vanilla


when I am craving chocolate and I can’t find any in my house
dirty clothes (especially socks) left on the floor in my living room
(this is harder than I thought)
getting sunburned when I put on 50 spf sunscreen (twice)
bossy people
letting people down
rude people
not being as organized as I wish I were
my lack of knowledge with my camera
wet towels tossed on the floor
my allergies


It has been fun getting to know Amber a bit better and seeing some of her favorite products!  I want to add a few more of my favorites to the list (she already mentioned some of mine — her date stamps end up on about 75% of my pages!)






Thank you, Amber, for being a part of THE DAILY DIGI this month.  Your fun and fresh designs always make my pages fabulous!  I hope our readers love your designs as much as I do!


Time to Shop

School is done for the year and we are getting ready to head out for TEN days at the beach. To say I am excited is an understatement! Ten days with nothing to do but hang out with the family — and hopefully get a LOT of scrapping done. In order to plump up my digi stash, I have been eying a bunch of my favorite stores and designers and have the following on my wish list. Most of these products are new and they ALL leave me wanting to hurry up and get out of here so I can start scrapping.


(all images are clickable)

I just love the colors in this kit by Kristin CB. This kit will work great with the kit she created for THE DIGI FILES 4.


This layered template by Kitty Chen is just perfect. I love that it is pre-embellished…it will make for a quick and easy page!


This kit, SHABBY DADDY by Traci Reed and Scrapkitchen is amazing! With two girls who love their daddy a lot, I am glad this kit is all about Daddy but still has some feminine colors. I can see some fun Father’s Day present emerging…


Michelle Coleman has just come out with this fun and bright kit. I love all the happiness it exudes and those twine clouds and sun are just SO CUTE!


Gina Miller has a bunch of great new templates out. Love this one!


This gorgeous kit by Flergs is called Buttercup. I LOVE the mix of black, white, yellow and green. SO pretty!


It’s summer and my kids will be outside playing ALL day, EVERY day. This kit by MandaBean and Julie Billingsley is going to be PERFECT for scrapping all our fun days of kit flying, hopscotch, and hanging out at the playground.


When I have oversused the above kit, this great collab by Gina Miller, Kate Hadfield, and Rachel Young will be there for me to keep scrapping our summer fun. Fun colors, great doodles, and lots of little extras. Love it!


And when we aren’t playing outside we will be at the pool. Shabby Miss Jenn’s SPLISH SPLASH kits are just perfect!


I am a sucker for awesome solid color paper and I am swooning over these by Amanda Rockwell. LOVE the worn, comfortable feel to them!


Kate Hadfield has done her amazing work again for the June BYOC at The Lilypad. This set of doodles are great for all those afternoons spent riding bikes around. And with three little ones just learning to ride their bikes, I am glad she included some bandaid doodles!


This designers collab from THE DIGICHICK is so pretty! I love all the tones of green and brown with just a touch of pink.


I NEED this kit…those colors — the reds and browns all with a warm texture — are just totally ME. And since it is coffee themed I have a suspision this kit was made just for me.


And finally, the colors of this kit are just calling out to me and I will find some excuse (or two or three) to use that awesome cloud paper. LOVE it!



Happy shopping (and scrapping!) to me!


I Want to Plant a Garden


One of the things on my summer to-do list is plant a garden.  I remember being little and helping my dad plant tomatoes and beans.  I loved watching what we planted (and weeded!) finally come to life.  I get excited when I hear people talk about their gardens and all the yummy things they make with it.  I just have one problem.  I know NOTHING about gardening. The idea sounds so fun but I really have no idea where to begin.  So, the internet comes to my rescue — again.  Here are some great sites that are going to help me jump in and plant a garden!

carrots growing in the soil,

  • This site, called SQUARE FOOT GARDENING, looks promising.  I love that you can do this anywhere — even on an apartment rooftop!  I also love the idea of small amounts of plants.  I want to try a lot of little things rather than a lot of any one thing. The site has a ton of helpful information on getting started, what to plant and when, and making special soil mixtures.
  • A friend told me that she knows a lot of people who plant SALSA GARDENS.  I LOVE that idea.  My husband loves fresh salsa and so I know we would get a lot of use out of all the fun (and spicy!) veggies that this would yield. Tomatoes, tomatillos, onions, garlic, peppers, herbs…YUMMY!
  • I know it is too late for many of you US gals, but for me and my eternally perfect weather, I think I may plant a yummy strawberry garden.
  • And since on my biggest reason for wanting to do all this is because I think it is a great activity to do with my kids,  THIS article is great source of inspiration!  I loved watching and helping my dad and I want to carry on the tradition.

Have you planted a garden?  If so, have any tips for me??



Spot Lit Wall

This month we get the privilege of having the fabulous designer Amanda Rockwell with us.  Amanda has always had great color palettes, fresh ideas, and the perfect amount of “comfortable wear” on all her stuff.  I just love how it all comes together — kits and elements sets that are down to earth and totally usable.  We’ll get to see some of her fabulous stuff later, but here is a sneak peek for you.  This is the mini kit Amanda created for THE DIGI FILES 5.


You can pick up this sweet mini kit as well as a whole bunch more, right HERE in THE DIGI FILES 5.  Hurry! Only a few more days!

And here are some layouts by THE DAILY DIGI artist team


layout by Amy

kids_celebrategrandma_05_weblayout by Jacki

aggieaviso_tdf5_amandarockwelllayout by Aggie

ibu-yenni_weblayout by Janet



My name is Amanda Rockwell. I have been married for 10 years and I have 3 children. My oldest is going to be 9, middle child is 7 and the youngest is going to be 5. They keep me quite busy. We currently live in our hometown in Arizona, where we met in high school. I currently sell at ScrapArtist.


I started designing 4 ½ years ago when I was on a photography journey. I ended up giving the photography dream away because I loved designing so much!


4 ½ years


I do scrap when I have free time! I shopped recently and really need to use my new items 🙂


Sometimes I only spend 20 hours a week and other times I put in a good 60 hours. I always consistently work no matter what.


My favorite product to date would be my Paper Party collection.



1. God
2. My children
3. My husband
4. My dog
5. My extended family
6. Designing
7. People who are humble and giving
8. My friends
9. The store I sell in and especially Nancie!
10. Running


1. Liars
2. People who are mean spirited
3. 100+ weather
4. People who are loud and obnoxious
5. Rude people
6. Squeaky wheels at the grocery store
7. Nails on a chalkboard
8. Neighborhood women who love to gossip about the other neighbors. I have one of those…
9. Dogs that bark at you the whole time you’re having a family barbeque. Why don’t the owners come out and stop them?
10. Drivers who zip around through traffic because they’re in a hurry to sit at a stop light!


Now let’s look at some of Amanda’s other work.  One of the things that Amanda is best known for is her extensive collection of commercial use items.  She has everything you could ever want!  Even you aren’t a designer or aspiring designer, some of her CU items are still great to have.  I LOVE having a collection of a paper textures, etc. to use so that when I need the perfect color paper I can just make my own.

All images are linked











And now let’s see some of her gorgeous designs in use!








Thank you SO MUCH Amanda for being with us at THE DAILY DIGI this month!  We LOVE your stuff and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!


Going on a PICNIK


I’m sure this has happened to you: you are talking with a friend (either in real life or online) and they mention something about your photos. They ask about what camera you use and how they can make their photos look like yours. After explaining a little to them about taking good photos and then making them great with photo editing equipment, they then declare that they want you to teach them to use Photoshop. You would be thrilled to share your love with them except that you know that they are technologically challenged and Phototshop would make their eyes glaze over. What do you do? You want to help them make their photos look great but they need something EASY. There is a solution…go on a PICNIK.

PICNIK is a great little web-based photo editing program. It is fast, easy, and actually has a lot of potential. You can do everything from changing exposure and cropping images to adding text and fun color distortions. The premium membership adds even more potential. I think even my mom could do this (and yes, that is saying a lot).

You can upload your photos straight from your computer or even from web based photo albums like photobucket and your Facebook page! How cool is that? (This is where I will sheepishly admit I have a secret obsession with downloading peoples Facebook photos, editing them, and then thinking to myself, “now that’s what your photos COULD look like!” — most often done with photos that are so dark you can barely tell there is a person there!) The editor is extremely user friendly and with all the options you have, it really is a lot of fun. Here is a picture I uploaded:


It has a pretty good AUTO fix:


And about 10 seconds of quick adjustments gets me this:


I can also crop and resize with just a click


I can change to black and white and add a vignette…


…create other cool effects





…and even make it snow


I can add a border or a drop shadow



…or even frame my creation


I can add text and stickers (there are even fonts in there by digiscrapper/fonter Kimberly Geswein)…


And if you upgrade to a premium account, you can do even MORE cool effects and have MORE control such as using levels and curves.




So come on…give it a try and then tell all of your {perhaps technilogically challenged) friends!


SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT — Kelleigh Ratzlaff

Spot Lit Wall

I am SO exciting to be sharing a fabulous designer with you this month — Kelleigh Ratzlaff.  Kelleigh has found her niche in the digi world, creating AMAZING hybrid templates.  After looking at today’s post you are going to be dreaming of people you can make some gifts for.  Kelleigh makes whipping up something beautiful SUPER easy!  I love it!  Before we look at all the cool things you can make, let’s first take a peek and what she made for THE DIGI FILES 5.  Give this project a try and you will be hooked!


Isn’t it SO cute?  I whipped one up in about 25 minutes.  Gotta love fast and easy…and did I mention CUTE??


purse2CREDITS: Blossom kit by Shabby Princess, Sassy Purse No.3 by Kelleigh Ratzlaff from THE DIGI FILES 5, flower by KI Memories

and here is one from team member Kelly

kelly-kelliegh-digi-files-5-purseCredits: Kelleigh Ratzlaff’s Small Purse from Digi Files 5, Papers- Amber Rockwell’s Sweet Florals, Brads- Making Memories, Ribbon- ????


My name is Kelleigh Ratzlaff and I live in Dallas, Oregon (affectionately called “little-D”), which is just west of Salem, the state capitol.  (I know there are a couple of gals in our digi-community from near Salem, and I’d love to meet up.  I just don’t want them to think I’m a stalker!)  My gorgeous husband (11.5 years), Mitch, and I have 2 seriously amazing little boys.  I mean, they are AWESOME.  Grant just finished kindergarten (and lost his first tooth!) and Cole just finished potty-training (WAHOO!).  I like to call them “my joy” and “my delight” respectively.  The funny thing is, they look NOTHING like me!  My two little blondies take after their father in every way, and that is just fine by me!  They are the reason I scrap, and they, along with their daddy, rock my world.  I get to be a stay-at-home mom, and I absolutely love it.

STORE: Kelleigh Ratzlaff at THE DIGI CHICK

BLOG: Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs


That is such a complicated question!  I started “designing”, I guess, when Dianne Rigdon asked if anyone on her CT wanted to try their hand at creating clusters and quickpages.  That was my first little taste, and it was so much fun for me to see my name alongside hers.  But, that is not what you are asking, right?

I started “designing” when Kara Pierren opened up The Hybrid Shoppe.  She asked me to be on the CT, but I asked if I could create hybrid templates.  She was okay with that, so I made a couple of album templates.  I was already on the Hybrid Creative Team for The Digichick, and when (the previous owner) Kimberly Giarrusso said, “Wish we’d known about you first,” I immediately asked Kim if I could maybe come on as a guest some time.  Then, Kara wrote to me about closing down The Hybrid Shoppe, and the same day, Kim asked me to come on full time, so I said yes to Kim!  It’s crazy how God works!!  I’ve made The Digichick my home, and I just LOVE it there.

So, when and why did I REALLY start designing?  Probably when I created my Fancy Bag Template.  I am so proud of that template, and it continues to be one of my best sellers and one of my favorites.  I created it because I found a creative niche in the digital community as a hybrid gal, weazeled my way onto some great creative teams as a “hybrid CT member”, and I wanted to make my life a little easier!  As a result, I became a “real designer” (and I use that term loosely because I have no idea how to do the cool stuff kit-makers do!) creating hybrid templates.

Whew!  And THAT is why my husband is thankful that I have a blog.  Because I’m a bit of a rambler . . . .


I opened up my store at The Digichick in October 2008.  It is (in my humble opinion) the creative center of the universe for anyone interested in hybrid scrapping.  After all, we have a hybrid creative team, a hybrid forum, and a blog devoted to hybrid inspiration, tutorials and product giveaways called The Hybrid Chick!  Couple that with some AMAZING digital products created by well-known and up-and-coming digital designers, and you can’t lose!  It is such an amazing, supportive place to be a designer.  The owner, Nicole Seitler (Sugarplum Paperie) gets ALL the credit!


Both!  I started out as a paper scrapper in 2003, after the birth of my first son.  I discovered digital in October 2007 (thanks to Jessica Sprague!), and have been slowly feeling more and more confident creating hybrid layouts (thanks, again, to Jessica Sprague!).  I don’t scrap as often as I would like, but I try to stay reasonably current.  I teach paper scrapbooking classes, am on a couple of digital creative teams (Dianne Rigdon, Jen Wilson and Vera Lim’s release team), and write for my own blog, The Hybrid Chick blog, The DST Insider (as Editor-In-Chief) and Bella Scraps Magazine.  With all of that going on, I am bound to get my own projects done!  My busy schedule sort of “forces” me to record my life!


Too many.  Um . . . every waking moment?  Seriously, though, it is probably about 7 hours a day or so.  I do take mornings off to play outside of the house with the boys (to stave off the insanity), but my hours are pretty flexible.  As a SAHM, I’m quite the multi-tasking queen.  I can start the coffee, then hop on the puter to check my email .  I’ll start to download a kit for a tutorial, then run outside to squirt my kids with water guns while it finishes up.  I design while dinner is cooking.  My husband thinks I’m a little nuts, but I think he is just beginning to understand how much I love this!


Besides Fancy Bags?

I’m loving my new Sassy Purse line


And, this adorable cupcake






1 – My Joy, my Delight and my Rock.  My family means the world to me!  (Phillippians 1:15)
2 – A Dutch Bros. Annihilator (a little bit of heaven in a cup – my favorite coffee)
3 – Garage sale trash to treasures
4 – Decorating blogs
5 – When my scrap room is clean and organized
6 – My Mac and it’s HUGE screen
7 – My backyard on a cool summer morning.
8 – Going to my LSS.
9 – Going wine tasting.
10 – Playing board games with my family in the evenings.


1 – Weak coffee
2 – Parents who let their kids get away with obnoxious behavior.  (Please don’t set up that hidden camera in my house!)
3 – When well-meaning members of the older generation give potty-training advice.
4 – The crud that keeps showing up on my beautiful hardwood floors.  Why can’t they invent self-cleaning floors?
5 – Ditto that regarding the “could be pretty” laundry room that refuses to keep up.
6 – When my boys use their shirts as kleenex and napkins . . . after eating Doritos.  Hence the laundry room issues.
7 – The weird low-rise jeans phase.  Did I really want to see that?  Here’s your belt.
8 – When gmail goes down right in the middle of a fun chat . . . and we’re back!
9 – When the ink runs low on my printer.
10 – Whiners.  Who, me?  I’ll stop now.


And now what you have all been waiting for…more amazing templates by Kelleigh!  Warning: You WILL want to break out your printer and scissors and get started!







Aren’t they all so FUN??  I have so many ideas spinning through my head! Good thing summer is coming up and I have lots of time to be crafty!  Look at all the things you can make!








Thank you, Kelleigh, for being a part of THE DAILY DIGI this month!  Your unique contribution to the digi world is amazing and we hope that you continue to grow your business and find all the happiness and creative success you deserve!

Kelleigh’s birthday is this month and to celebrate she is offering a faulous coupon for our readers all month long!



P.S.  Kelleigh has a fun contest going on right now with her cupcake template.  You could win a gift card to her store. Check it Out!

Hybrid Inspiration


I love using my digi supplies in printed projects!! I am always on the hunt for fun and unique ways to print up my supplies and put them to good use! Recently, I hit the jackpot as far as ideas go! Most of these projects include great step-by-step instructions too, so even the hybrid-novice can join the fun!

The first exciting thing I want to share is a site I have been reading and watching for a while now called The Hybrid Chick. It is the hybrid sister site of The Digi Chick and is loaded with ideas for the first-time hybrid scrapper/crafter to the well-seasoned. On the top of the homepage, you can find links to some great tutorials on everything from distressing to Mod Podge how-to. I really liked these projects I found there (images are linked to their tutorials):


I made some pens like this a long time ago, but had completely forgotten about them until I saw this:


I really don’t think these tags by Kristin (RuthsKris) could be any cuter! I LOVE all of the layers and textures!


I really liked this unique necklace as well:


I thought this iPhone case was a brilliant idea! I have some printable fabric that I just might try this with:


Lastly, is a little project I did recently. My family is getting ready to move to a different state and because of connectivity issues with my cellphone provider, we switched carriers. Because if THAT, I splurged on a new iPhone. I honestly am not sure how I lived without one before…but I know I did…haha! That is all beside the point…haha. I have always wanted to make a skin using my digi supplies, but wasn’t sure if the colors would print as well for skins as they do when I print my layouts. So, I decided that I would try it out for all of us and share the results (you know…taking one for the team and all that–wink-wink). I have to say I was beyond pleased with the results. The colors printed exactly as I saw them on monitor (which is callibrated) and I am in love with my $15.00 iPhone skin from skinit. I used a kit from Zoe Pern (my favorite). Here’s how it looks:


I just created the layout in Photoshop and then uploaded it to their site. From there I was able to zoom in/out and reposition it on a rendering of the phone. It was easy to make and easy to adhere to the phone. They shipped quickly and the colors came out amazing! So glad I took one for the team…haha!

Hopefully, these great ideas are inspiring for you to put your digi supplies in print!! I promise, they will never look better!


Easy Sepia Tones


Remember my post, “Better Black and Whites?” In it, we looked at how to take a photo and turn it into a great black and white (rather than a gray and lifeless one) using the gradient map method. Well now we are going to take those great black and whites and make some great sepia-toned images.

Sepia toning, a type of brown/white coloring of imaging, originated from a chemical process that was used to prevent the break down of chemicals in photographs. One of the reasons that many old photos are sepia is because those are the ones that have lasted. It was a preservation process. Today, sepia is still used, but instead of longevity being the reason, artistry is the motivation. Sepia tones give an old and comfortable feel to photos, and for us scrapbookers, sepia toning can be the perfect touch for a page.

Just like with black and white photos, there are many presets and actions that will help give you the sepia look. However, as I said in the black and white post, every photo is different and few photos are served well with a “one size fits all” action. So, I like to do my own seipa coversions. Don’t worry, they are easy!


Since Photoshop Elements users usually get the raw end of the deal as far as tutorials go even though there are more PSE users than PS, I am going to first give a PSE only tutorial. That’s right — this method won’t work in Photoshop. Go figure 🙂

I am going to start with a great black and white. I used the gradient map method to convert it. Here is the orginal photo:




Then the color variations dialogue box will appear. It will look like this:


Click on INCREASE RED > DECREASE BLUE > and then LIGHTEN or DARKEN as you like


This was the result



If you want an easy PHOTOSHOP tutorial, using the DUOTONE method, see HERE. It gives you the basic settings and then leaves you room to play. Using their basic settings, this was the result:


Have fun playing!


Sponsor Spotlight –ah! Designs {Amy Hutchinson}

Spot Lit Wall

THE DAILY DIGI is excited to have our first Sponsor Spotlight of the month!  Amy Hutchinson, creator of ah! Designs, is a talented and creative designer and store owner.   I love her rich and textured papers and her “comfortable” color palettes.  Amy runs the store AFTER FIVE DESIGNS and is a true asset to our community!  I am really excited to show off some of her work! Let’s start off by seeing what she created for THE DIGI FILES 5!


See what I mean about her “comfortable” colors?  I just look at this kit and feel warm and cozy and am craving my favorite chai latte from my favorite coffee shop.  And here are some pages from our team with the kit:

rachel_amyh_andrewbgordonLayout by Rachael

ana-familiacalabresiLayout by Ana
tdf5-amy-dunia1Layout by Dunia

9point5years_webLayout by Janet
tddah_katie_umLayout by Katie
awolff_headofred_450Layout by Amy

You can get this gorgeous kit as well as SO MUCH OTHER STUFF in THE DIGI FILES 5!


Now, let’s get to know Amy!


Above all else, I am a 30-something full-time mom. My husband and I have been married for 13 years, and we have 3 beautiful girls (ages 9, 11, and 15), and one rambunctious son (age 4). We live and love in the music-filled city of Memphis, TN.

I love photography and have been improving my skills slowly over the past couple years. I have been a digital designer for about a year and half now, but I was a scrapper before that. My designer name is ah! Designs, named for my initials but also for the sound you make after taking a refreshing swig of something nice. And, yes, I do enjoy the occasional cocktail! 😉

STORE: ah! Designs at After 5 Designs

BLOG: Sips & Scraps


I began making things for layouts that I couldn’t find elsewhere, then it just grew from there!


About a year and a half.




Lots! Running my store is a full-time job.


Truly Modly Deeply



White Almmond Kiss



-water, sand, and sun (ok, that’s really 3 things!)
-the color pink
-rock music
-House (my only adult TV show)
-did I mention sunshine? 🙂
-cocktails, of course!


-when people say “heighth” (it’s height!!!)
-getting gas
-my teenager’s relentless ability to argue
-picky eaters (aka my kids!)
-dead batteries
-uncooked tomatoes (ick!)
-power outages
-waiting until the last minute (but I’m so good at it!)
-a messy house (again, I’m so good at it!)


And now let’s look at some of Amy’s other designs!










And for more inspiration, check out some amazing layouts using Amy’s designs!









Thank you so much, Amy, for being with us here at THE DAILY DIGI.  Your designs — and the store you run — are gorgeous sources of inspiration!  We wish you all the success you deserve!

As a thank you to our readers, Amy is offering 25% off all her designs, good through June 30.  Check it out!