Before I start this post, I want to apologize to Amanda and to THE DAILY DIGI readers. Amanda’s post was scheduled for Friday and set to auto-post. After finishing, I left the house to move. It is only now that I have been back online and see that not only did the post not post, but WordPress deleted the entire post. Just goes to show you, never trust a computer. And now for the post that should have been up on Friday…

Spot Lit Wall

We are so excited to have Amanda Rockwell with us this month here at THE DAILY DIGI! Amanda is a fabulous designer and has been part of the digi world for as long as I can remember. I love her “worn and comfortable” style and her awesome color combos. Amanda is also the queen of helping other designers — she has a huge collection of commercial use items and is very active in teaching others great design tips and tricks. I just know you are going to love her stuff. Let’s start by looking at what she created for THE DIGI FILES 5.


Isn’t it sweet? I just love the colors and I am always a sucker for flowers. You can get this mini kit and a whole lot more in THE DIGI FILES 5 for just a few more days. Here are some layouts made my our team using this kit.

aggieaviso_tdf5_amandarockwell1layout by Aggie

kids_celebrategrandma_05_web1layout by Jacki

awolff_arockwell_4501layout by Amy

ibu-yenni_web1layout by Janet



My name is Amanda Rockwell. I have been married for 10 years and I have 3 children. My oldest is going to be 9, middle child is 7 and the youngest is going to be 5. They keep me quite busy. We currently live in our hometown in Arizona, where we met in high school.

I currently sell at ScrapArtist. You can see my designs HERE.


I started designing 4 ½ years ago when I was on a photography journey. I ended up giving the photography dream away because I loved designing so much!


4 ½ years


I do scrap when I have free time! I shopped recently and really need to use my new items 🙂


Sometimes I only spend 20 hours a week and other times I put in a good 60 hours. I always consistently work no matter what.


My favorite product to date would be my paper party collection.



1. God
2. My children
3. My husband
4. My dog
5. My extended family
6. Designing
7. People who are humble and giving
8. My friends
9. The store I sell in and especially Nancie!
10. Running


1. Liars
2. People who are mean spirited
3. 100+ weather
4. People who are loud and obnoxious
5. Rude people
6. Squeaky wheels at the grocery store
7. Nails on a chalkboard
8. Neighborhood women who love to gossip about the other neighbors. I have one of those…
9. Dogs that bark at you the whole time you’re having a family barbeque. Why don’t the owners come out and stop them?
10. Drivers who zip around through traffic because they’re in a hurry to sit at a stop light!


And now let’s look at some of Amanda’s awesome designs! Like I mentioned above, she has a great selection of commercial use items as well as regular kits and elements packs. But the thing is, even commercial use items are great for regular scrappers. I LOVE having a collection of great paper textures for when I need a very specific color of paper. I just pull out a paper texture that I love and make my own paper. Easy peasy!

All images are linked









And now see some of Amanda’s designs in use…








Thanks so much, Amanda, for being here with us this month! We love all that you create and can’t wait to see more!