A Sassy Little Hybrid Tutorial by Kelleigh Ratzlaff


This month’s sponsor, Kelleigh Ratzlaff, is having a BIRTHDAY tomorrow. So…let’s


Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Kelleigh

Happy Birthday to you

As a fun little birthday gift to you all, Kelleigh has whipped up a “Sassy Little Hybrid Tutorial” for the purse template she included in THE DIGI FILES 5.


I just love that as digital scrappers, we have the ability to quickly sort through our stash for just the right paper to play with. It’s even cooler when you see a gorgeous piece of paper on your screen and then seconds later you are holding it in your hand. And then, to watch it come to life in the form of a 3-dimensional piece of art . . . well, how fun is that?

As I mentioned in my spotlight, I began designing hybrid templates as a way to make my life a little easier. Creating hybrid projects is a lot of fun, however, when you are up against a CT deadline, it is really nice to be able to grab a tried-and-true template from your stash, add papers, junk it up and go!

All of my templates are pretty intuitive, however I like to create tutorials and easy to understand instructions, just in case you are a hybrid newbie.

First, let me direct you to some pretty good tutorials found at The Hybrid Chick:

Where to Start – offers suggestions for basic materials to get you started with hybrid.

Using Templates – guides you through the process of using my templates from downloading to adding digital paper, and preparing to print.

Borderless Printing – shows you how to find your borderless printing option on your printer . . . or at least get you headed in the right direction.

Now, go grab my Sassy Purse #3 template set (available in THE DIGI FILES this month), add your paper, print it out, and I’ll show you how to assemble it.

The first thing you’ll want to do is score all of the dashed lines. I like to do this before I cut, just because I feel like I have better control of my straight lines. I use a bone folder for scoring, however you can also use the dull side of a dinner knife and a straight edge.

Next, cut out your template. I typically use my craft knife for this, because I love the control I have and after lots of practice, I’m super fast. Micro-tip scissors work great as well!

Make sure you cut on all of the solid lines, including the little snips found in the middle of the purse as shown:


Next, fold all of those scored lines and apply a dry adhesive to the tabs that will be glued to the inside. I use Tombow Mono Adhesive which is basically a double-sided tape runner.


Assemble the box bottom by adhering all of the tabs to the inside of the purse. Then, glue the sides together.


For the decorative purse clasp, apply a dry adhesive to one side and both ends. Fold the two sides together, and sandwich the purse between them, as shown in the picture. I also used an eyelet for some added decoration and to give the clasp a little more strength.


Attach the handle about 1 inch down inside the purse. I used eyelets, but decorative staples or brads would be pretty, too! You’ll want to attach the handle with something a little stronger than regular adhesive if you want the purse to be functional. Not that you’ll throw your lipstick in it and call it a handbag for the next big party, but I’d hate for you to put a present inside and try to pick it up by the handle and have your purse fall apart!


The clasp:


The back:


I added a pretty digital flower and attached the clasp to the front of the purse using Velcro tabs made for paper-crafting projects (found at Walmart in the sewing section). You can also use magnets made for scrapbooking (Basic Grey carries some) or two brads and some string (wrapped around the eyelets in a figure 8).

photo8Credits: Sassy Purse #3 Template Set by Kelleigh Ratzlaff, L’Orange Supreme digital kit by Jen Wilson, eyelets by Crop ‘o Dile, Velcro tabs, Tombow Mono Adhesive, Epson Premium Presentation Paper

If you enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to check out the amazing hybrid inspiration and instruction found at The Hybrid Chick. I have also posted a couple of great tutorials on my personal blog.

Be sure to use my coupon in the month of June to celebrate my birthday!!



Thanks so much, Kelleigh, for this great tutorial. We hope you have a FABULOUS birthday tomorrow!