Hybrid Inspiration


I love using my digi supplies in printed projects!! I am always on the hunt for fun and unique ways to print up my supplies and put them to good use! Recently, I hit the jackpot as far as ideas go! Most of these projects include great step-by-step instructions too, so even the hybrid-novice can join the fun!

The first exciting thing I want to share is a site I have been reading and watching for a while now called The Hybrid Chick. It is the hybrid sister site of The Digi Chick and is loaded with ideas for the first-time hybrid scrapper/crafter to the well-seasoned. On the top of the homepage, you can find links to some great tutorials on everything from distressing to Mod Podge how-to. I really liked these projects I found there (images are linked to their tutorials):


I made some pens like this a long time ago, but had completely forgotten about them until I saw this:


I really don’t think these tags by Kristin (RuthsKris) could be any cuter! I LOVE all of the layers and textures!


I really liked this unique necklace as well:


I thought this iPhone case was a brilliant idea! I have some printable fabric that I just might try this with:


Lastly, is a little project I did recently. My family is getting ready to move to a different state and because of connectivity issues with my cellphone provider, we switched carriers. Because if THAT, I splurged on a new iPhone. I honestly am not sure how I lived without one before…but I know I did…haha! That is all beside the point…haha. I have always wanted to make a skin using my digi supplies, but wasn’t sure if the colors would print as well for skins as they do when I print my layouts. So, I decided that I would try it out for all of us and share the results (you know…taking one for the team and all that–wink-wink). I have to say I was beyond pleased with the results. The colors printed exactly as I saw them on monitor (which is callibrated) and I am in love with my $15.00 iPhone skin from skinit. I used a kit from Zoe Pern (my favorite). Here’s how it looks:


I just created the layout in Photoshop and then uploaded it to their site. From there I was able to zoom in/out and reposition it on a rendering of the phone. It was easy to make and easy to adhere to the phone. They shipped quickly and the colors came out amazing! So glad I took one for the team…haha!

Hopefully, these great ideas are inspiring for you to put your digi supplies in print!! I promise, they will never look better!